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Miracles in Healing, Longevity & Transformation

The In-Home, take-it-at-your-own-pace, on-line Course

* * Sorry - no classes at this time . . .

A long and fulfilling life of good health and personal happiness is a natural state that we all deserve.

The necessary organic elements and natural resources are available in great abundance to help us achieve this once we have the knowledge.

Each of us can improve our state of health, gain greater vitality, eliminate depression, increase life-extension, clear the mind and find new joy in living - even end addictions and heal from serious illness (cancer, asthma, arthritis, diabetes, allergies, heart disease, etc) - without drugs, prescription medications, chemicals or complicated surgical procedures.

We also invest in our future by building greater health now ... so that as we enter middle-age and beyond, we have enough vitality to enjoy life well into our elder years, rather than spending that time and hard earned money on battling illness, premature aging, struggling with senility and breaking down far too soon.

The opportunity is here ... to achieve greater health of mind, body and spirit for today and to build the foundation for a fit and active lifestyle in our sixties, seventies and eighties -- and still have great health in the nineties and beyond.

    "Taking this course from Paula alerted me to the grave and consistent mistake made in this country of not training our medical doctors in the field of healthy nutrition and preventative medicine. I highly recommend this educational and user-friendly in-home course to improve the quality of life. It certainly improved mine."     --- Shiela Wienstein, PhD

The Transformational Diet

IN-HOME INTERNET COURSE   (at your own pace)

NEXT ONE begins . . . .


DISCOUNT for Early Registration received . . .

BEFORE MAY 31  (see fees below)

Learn about health-building foods, rejuvenating techniques, and a whole new way of looking at yourself in an easy, on-line internet course offered by Paula Peterson:   currently a Health Specialist undergraduate with over 16 years as a health educator, medical intuitive and medical astrologer as well as conference speaker, seminar leader and personal consultant.

Learn why diet, life-style, environmental factors, and certain prescription medications are directly responsible for nearly all common diseases, structural weaknesses, degenerative conditions, developmental disorders, disabilities, mental and emotional imbalances - even those conditions that are considered to be hereditary.

Lessons, questions and answers take place by e-mail in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home.

Take the course at your own pace.

E-mail enrollment and correspondence is entirely confidential.

This course includes a free 45-minute private health consultation by phone with Paula:   currently a Health Specialist undergraduate with over 16 years as a health educator, medical intuitive and medical astrologer.

This course also includes a list of valuable references to additional books, articles, quality products, retreats, health-care practitioners, clinics, etc. - to help you continue on your journey toward greater health, well-being, and happiness.

Take the course in your home !

. . . . at your own pace

   . . . . because you will learn how to:

* Create long lasting good health, strength and vitality

* Choose foods that heal the body, clear the mind and balance the emotions

* Identify and use the healing power of true living, life-enhancing foods

* Choose foods and lifestyles that promote life-extension and boost rejuvenation and regeneration

* Build and strengthen your immune system - critical information for these stressful times

* Eliminate the need for unnecessary flu vaccines and minimize or eliminate antibiotics

* End depression and end addictions permanently

* Promote emotional balance and mental clarity

* Reduce or eliminate PMS and menopausal symptoms

* Improve eyesight and hearing

* Learn about preventative measures to reduce doctor visits and reduce or eliminate many common ailments.

* Reduce or eliminate many or all degenerative diseases along with asthma, arthritis, allergies, colds, flu, hypoglycemia, ulcers, headaches, indigestion, digestive and elimination problems --- and more

* Achieve greater happiness, peace of mind, clarity in thinking, increased intuition and more grace and ease in dealing with life challenges.

* Expand consciousness and accelerate spiritual growth

* Slow the aging process, look younger, increase longevity

* Improve skin condition - reduce or completely eliminate wrinkles, discoloration, age spots, blemishes

* Reduce or stop hair loss - grow more hair

* Lose weight naturally

* In addition, you will learn the difference between foods that give you true health-building energy and foods that only stimulate health-depleting false-energy.

You will learn that most medications, prescription drugs and much of today's conventional medical practices actually contribute to dis-ease.

You will learn why humankind's physical and mental problems began when the human diet and lifestyle changed from a more natural, nature-based state to a un-natural, artificially-processed, synthetic, chemical and drug state.

(** disclaimer is at the end of this column)

The Course ~ in your home on the internet (and at your own pace!)

1. This course will last approximately 4 weeks (or as long as it takes to complete the course).

2. You will receive a large volume of valuable, easy-to-understand educational health material - dispersed every 2 -3 days - via e-mail. It is recommended that you print this material out for reading and studying at your own pace.

3. A packet of valuable and educational material will be sent to you by postal mail.

4. The cost of this course includes a 45-minute health consultation by phone with Paula.

5. You will be listed on an exclusive, confidential Question & Answer list where your questions regarding your personal health matters will be addressed. Your name will not be revealed; however, your questions will be shared - anonymously - with all participants on the exclusive list so that others can learn from your experiences.

Question & Answer format will be compiled and sent out several times throughout the course. Along with the educational material and the 45-minute phone consultation, the Q & A format is one of the most valuable facets of the course.

As participants read each section of material throughtout the course, this will likely stimulate more questions. Therefore, there will be no set limit to intervals nor set number of Q & A compilations.

6. With your consent, e-mail addresses will be shared with consenting participants so that you may network with and support others who are also striving to achieve greater health, well-being and happiness in their lives.

7. You will receive a list of highly recommended books and other references to further assist your research and education in building valuable health.

Paula believes that this information is highly important and should be available to everyone free of charge. However, to compensate for extensive time and effort involved in offering this course - in addition to covering the cost of materials - there is an inexpensive fee for this course which is adjustable for those on low income.

** Course is open. You are invited to sign up now ...



- a great way to honor your self and create a happier, healthier life.

PAYMENT PLAN - need to make payments? Let's create a plan.


TOTAL COST of this 4-week internet class:

$145 EARLY-BIRD DISCOUNT if paid in full before MAY 15.

$165 MIDDLE-BIRD DISCOUNT if paid in full after MAY 16 and before MAY 31.

$200 LATE ENROLLMENT if paid in full on or after JUNE 1.

IMPORTANT: please send an e-mail announcing your reservation (scroll down to the link below)

PAYMENT PLAN - need to make payments? Let's create a plan.


Money Orders are preferred, but checks are accepted (see postal mailing instructions below) ...

OR you can use #1 Internationally Trusted PayPal with your ATM or Credit Card. Just use the DONATE button below. Thank you!

* * If you have any trouble at the PAY PAL Donation site after submitting the proper information, please report it to Earthcode by clicking here mailto:

(*click in the space below if you don't see the PayPal icon button)
click above


Send your Personal Check, International Bank Cheque, or Money Order payable to:

Paula Peterson

Mail to:

Paula Peterson
c/o Earthcode
PO Box 2323
Sedona, AZ USA 86339

TO ENTER YOUR RESERVATION, click on the link below and type in "transformational diet" in the subject line:



leave your name and phone number at the message center below. To insure a prompt reply, please include a brief message stating the nature of your call:

Earthcode: 1-928-202-4688

** DISCLAIMER: important!

This course contains material regarding Paula Peterson's personal experience in healing and achieving remarkable improvements in health. This course also includes health commentaries, recommended foods or products, references, and other educational material.

Suggestions and recommendations made within this course are not meant to be a replacement for medical treatment that participants may be undergoing at this time.

Everyone is free to choose which methods he or she uses to achieve improved health and healing for themselves. However, before eliminating any prescription medications or medical treatments in favor of using alternatives, please consult your doctor or health care professional first.

I was a real mess. Doctors said that I would likely end up in a wheel chair for the rest of my life - that's how sick and weak I was.

Born with a life-threatening case of bronchial asthma and seriously debilitating allergies, I also struggled with depression, a severely weakened immune system, speaking difficulties and later struggled with partial hearing loss in one ear, blurred vision, chronic fatigue, hypoglycemia, borderline diabetes, intestinal/colon cancer, PMS, weak knees, and stiff, achy joints.

I was allergic to a long list of foods; any animal with fur, hair or feathers; grass, pollen, synthetic fragrance, house dust, cigarette smoke and sensitivity to temperature fluctuations.

Eating only one peanut or a few soybeans brought on anaphlatic shock so severe at times that it resulted in many a trip to the emergency hospital to save my life.

Yes ... I was, indeed, a real mess. It was a rare day when I was not sneezing, coughing, wheezing or just plain feeling tired and lousy.

I never knew a well day in my childhood and young adult years. Illness and depression was a way of life for me - I did not know that it could be any different.


Thankfully, I not only recovered from all of the above ailments, I now enjoy a state of health, energy, enthusiasm for life, contentment and personal fulfillment that I thought would never be possible for me.

If you were to compare the "old" me with the "new" me of today, you would hardly recognize that I am the same person.

I no longer have asthma. All of my allergies have disappeared except for reactions to peanuts and soy beans. I happily enjoy all animal contact now. I sail through the "pollen season" with ease - no sneezing, no watery eyes, no coughing or wheezing.

I can hike strenuous mountain trails with no breathing difficulties, no pain, no knee troubles and I no longer have stiff, achy joints.

My immune system is now so strong that I rarely get "colds" and never get the flu.

Cancerous polyps were eliminated through natural means.

PMS completely disappeared. Menopausal symptoms have been minor.

I threw away my glasses and contact lenses. Threw away all my medications, too.

My hearing returned to normal. And even though speech difficulties pop up now and then, I went on to become a counselor, public speaker and conference presenter for many years.

My energy levels increased as my blood-sugar levels balanced out. No more hypo-glycemia.

My teeth are in great shape and never get yellow, never get plaque -- and there are no more toothaches (haven't been to a dentist in over 25 years).

I successfully overcame or avoided many ailments common in my family/relatives history:  a variety of critical surgeries; malfunctions of the pancreas, stomach, colon, and gall bladder --- as well as a history of hysterectomy and other reproductive conditions commonly found among women.

No more depression and no more emotional instabilities.

My enthusiasm for life has grown and personal happiness and peace of mind has increased remarkably.

I am deeply grateful for all the experiences that led me to discover the knowledge and apply the healing methods, remedies and spiritual practices that pulled me through.

As a result of the miracles in healing that occurred for me, it is now most important to me to share with others what I have learned ... and to be a source of encouragement, education and support for any level of improved health and well-being that any one strives to achieve for themselves.

Now, with over 16 years experience as a health educator, health intuitive, humanistic astrologer -- and currently a Health Specialst undergraduate -- I am bringing my vision to fruition as an assistant to those in pursuit of greater health and happiness.

THE IN-HOME INTERNET COURSE ~ read all about it in the left-hand column.
Hi.  I'm Paula.