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Hi. I'm Paula Peterson.  Welcome to my website.

Thank you
. . . for visiting my website

I'm Paula Peterson and you're invited to have a look around.

EARTHCODE was officially birthed in 1988 and registered in Nevada County of California. The newsletter was mailed out by "snail-mail" in paper envelopes back then which seems soooooo long ago!

With the arrival of world wide access to cyberspace, I took Earthcode to a new level by providing an internet environment in which to share revolutionary insights and the awakening paradigm of new thought and new ideas.

I created this website as a forum of illumination for the seeker in all of us and as a way of reaching out to those around the world who sense that a major shift in human consciousness is on the rise.

Humanity is on the threshold of radical transformation on the physical and spiritual levels. This critical shift has been long-predicted throughout all cultures - from ancient times unto the present.

It is an era of great planetary change as a major cycle of human evolution comes to a close. A renaissance of civilization is upon us and we can look forward to a bright future in spite of the critical upheavals of the current world situation as it appears today.

A reawakening of our spiritual-identity is at hand. Many of you reading this already know it, feel it, and have come to realize that there is far more to the physical world and human existence than we have been taught to believe.

The universe is a grand field of unlimited potential and creativity filled with miraculous possibilities when the mind and heart are open.

This website is dedicated to exploring many mysteries: offering wisdom and insights to assist the avid seeker - as well as the mildly curious - to embrace a whole new way of viewing the world and to become more fully alive.

Through opening the mind and awakening the heart to greater awareness of knowledge and realities that were once hidden - or long-rejected out of fear and misunderstanding - we awaken more fully to reclaim our spiritual heritage.

Our basic nature is spiritual and we are free to explore the wonders of this universe - the inner, personal universe - as well as the outer. Each of us holds the key to the future and how we will invent it.

Check out the menu bar to your left under Amazing Discoveries and you will find provocative articles along with my intriguing interviews with extraordinary scientists, researchers, doctors and political leaders who are the true pioneers of our times and paving the way for the rest of humanity to follow.

From Elsewhere is my captivating interview with world renowned scientist, Dr. Patrick Flanagan (of Pyramid Power fame). His unusual, yet fascinating life and his amazing, cutting edge discoveries are mesmerizing to read.

Also under Amazing Discoveries, check out The Bock Saga to learn what is being un-earthed in Finland regarding a forbidden culture that may forever change long-established views on human origin.

Dolphins are so much more than mammals that live in the sea. Please check out the Dolphin-Human Connection to learn about convincing research that shows how humans are biologically and neurologically related to them - far more related than humans are to apes. You'll also find other great articles on dolphin and whale communication, too.

In viewing Heart Math-Power of the Heart under Amazing Discoveries, you will find out why achieving a heart-centered existence is the path of our individual and collective spiritual evolution and the reason why humans are here on planet earth.

The world will not end - it will transform. Read inspirational articles under Indigenous Wisdom which features profound perspectives from highly respected researchers, and Native American and Mayan elders.

Ancient secrets are revealed in Holy Grail: Found - an extraordinary and controversial commentary that is packed with intrigue while going well beyond the Da Vinci Code. You'll find it under Amazing Discoveries.

We are not alone in this universe and never have been. A look under UFOs & ETs reveals remarkable interviews with internationally renowned ufology scientists and researchers which reveals some startling discoveries about visitors from other worlds.

Take another look under UFOs & ETs and you will find that the advanced Star Kids are among us - bringing transformation for the future.

Find the links to many leading edge thinkers and innovators of today by going to Best Websites & Sources under MORE.

Throughout this website, you will find interviews with extraordinary individuals and their amazing discoveries that greatly contribute to the healing, enlightenment, and upliftment of humanity.

Unique ideas, thought provoking concepts, and leading edge developments await - to awaken your mind and heart - to stimulate new thought and higher consciousness.

The "commercial advertisement-free" newsletter subscription is yours - just for the asking - at no charge! So do check it out. View the column to your right or go to the menu bar and click on Newsletter for more information.

This website will continue to grow with more intriguing articles and enlightening topics - so DO come back and visit.

Thank you again for visiting. Enjoy your exploration and have a great day.


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Sedona,  AZ
86339 USA

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