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☆ ☆ ☆   Just Ask Paula   ☆ ☆ ☆

* * Sorry . . . not accepting clients at this time* *

By Phone or in Person

A personal session with Paula offers you greater clarity,
healing and insight into important life matters
and the deeper issues of the human spirit

Over 20 years experience

Clairvoyant, Intuitive Humanistic Astrologer, Spiritual-Life Counselor, Past-Life Reader

SESSIONS BY PHONE - Call from anywhere in the world

Clients frequently report a sense of relief, insight and peace of mind
. . . often feeling physically better after the session.

Paula uses direct counseling skills of over 20 years experience. Her ability to see clearly into a plethora of life situations is enhanced through intuition, clairvoyance, humanistic astrology, tarot, higher education and over 10 years in the behavioral health field.

She particularly excels in the areas of relationships (spouse, partners, friends), family, children, health, animals and pets, addictions, spiritual direction, past-lives, spirit guides, Star Seed, Indigo and Star Children, unusual phenomena and dream interpretation. Paula can see and hear your personal spirit guides.

Other areas of expertise are listed below.

* Please view right-hand column for additional bio and professional background

PAST LIFE READINGS CAN BE PARTICULARLY FASCINATING - Paula can view past lives by way of remote viewing. Through reviewing past lives, it becomes possible to understand the original cause of difficult circumstances, repeated troublesome patterns and why certain people are in your life at this time.

Personal sessions are conducted with clarity, compassion, understanding and directness.

"Your knowledge and understanding of addiction behaviors was exactly what I was looking for and gave us the insight we needed to understand why on earth this was happening to us. We were able to find the appropriate help for our son after my session with you. Deep heartfelt thanks from all of us."
---Chloe Meister, Los Angeles, CA.

"My past life reading was surprisingly detailed. I was mesmerized and didn't want the reading to stop. Not only that, I now know why I chose the career I did and also why I act the way I do when certain things happen in my life. Wow ... what a trip! Thank you."
--- Sue Bracket, Washington, DC.

"My crazy relationship actually makes sense after talking with you and now I know what to do. I won't be getting married after all. Boy am I relieved."
--- Jack Mue, film-maker

"That made my day. Everything you said was so right on. I feel a whole lot better, too. If it's okay, I'd like to have another session in a couple of weeks because
talking to you has really helped."
--- Bizzie Williams, Tech Designer

"Thank you, Paula, for being so generous with your time. I asked for a half-hour reading because it was within my budget and our session went on for an hour without extra charge. Bless you. I really needed that and it was worth every penny."
--- Abby Hannah,Toronto, Ontario, Canada

* Phone sessions and fees are explained below

Specializing in the following:

Personal Life Issues
Health-Spiritual Cause of Illness
Family & Friendships
Dream Interpretation
Spiritual Direction
Healing with Sound
Humanistic Astrology
Spiritual Nutrition
Conscious Eating
Health & Healing
Animals & Pets
Dolphin-Human Connection
Angels & Nature Spirits
Akashic Records
Past Lives & Possible Futures
Spiritual Ceremony
Star Seed - Star Visitors
Aura Clearing & Balancing
Sacred & Spiritual Sexuality
Extraterrestrial Encounters & Contact
Phenomena & Other Worldly Events

How to Make a Phone Session Appointment

IMPORTANT: for a more detailed and indepth session, please submit your birth information: day, month, year, time of day and location.


$65 .... for 55 minutes
$45 .... for 35 minutes

CREDIT or DEBIT CARD: You can pay instantly by clicking on the PayPal donation button below for a secure, fast and safe way to make an electronic payment:

*This website uses the #1 internationally trusted and secure PayPal.

click donate button

OR pay by CHECK or MONEY ORDER (see below)

*  * To schedule an appointment, click on the link below to send an email to Paula and type "personal session" in the subject line:


Please include day, month, year, location and time of your birth.


*  * leave a message with your name and phone number at the message center below.

To insure a prompt reply, please include a brief message stating the nature of your call (e.g. "I want to make an appointment").

Earthcode message center: 928-274-2339

Phone sessions are easy to schedule and are accepted from any location in the world.

Appointments are scheduled Monday thru Saturday between the hours of 9:30am and 2pm ARIZONA, USA TIME.

** Special time arrangement can be made for those living in countries with a 12-hour or more time difference **

IMPORTANT: for a more detailed and indepth session, please submit your birth information: day, month, year, time of day and location.

** Sessions are not tape recorded. However, you are welcome to tape record your session with your own equipment if you like.

If you are paying by CHECK or MONEY ORDER:  First-time clients require that payment be received by postal mail before the scheduled appointment date. Mailing Instructions are below. OR

Please make your Personal Check, International Bank Cheque, or Money Order
payable to:

Paula Peterson

Mail to:

Paula Peterson
c/o Earthcode
PO Box 2323
Sedona, AZ USA 86339

Thank you!

Hi.  I'm Paula.
Paula Peterson is a Spiritual-Life Counselor and personal growth facilitator with over 20 years combined experience.

Her counseling skills are enhanced through talents as clairvoyant, intuitive humanistic astrologer, past-life remote viewer, and hypno-therapist.

Years of experience as ceremonialist, health educator, sound-healer, public speaker and author offers additional range of life-experiences to best serve her clients from all walks of life.

Throughout the '90's, Paula was well known as the deep-trance channel for the transformational intelligence of EA, the angelic essence of Alexandria, the healing presence of Shen, and the compassion of Divine Mother.

Before withdrawing from the public scene, she was a frequent featured guest on TV and Radio talk shows. Her work aired nationally in Japan on major network television and sponsored in Japan to large audiences as teacher, speaker, and personal consultant.

She has appeared in numerous international publications and featured in an award-winning documentary on UFO's and celestial visitors.

Founder and Director for 5 years of the Inner Light Learning Center in Northern California.

Publisher and Editor of EARTHCODE International Network.

Author of acclaimed spiritual, fantasy-adventure novel:
The Oracle of Clarion - a Story to Awaken the Heart of Humanity.

You can order the book or get more information by clicking on the link below:

        Oracle of Clarion