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~ The Passion ~
Readers respond to the Mel Gibson movie

The following is a smorgasbord of viewpoints - a real kaleidoscope - of reader's responses to my review on the controversial Mel Gibson movie, The Passion.

Responses are from knowledgeable Roman Catholics, Course in Miracles students, educated writers, teachers, shamans and wise men and women from all walks of life. You'll also find a bit of the cute, the sweet, the weird - and the amusing.

What you read here may make you think, laugh, cry, ponder, scream, recoil, gasp, gawk - or leave you in awe and amazement at the vast array of human opinion, perspective and interpretation. Namaste'~ Paula Peterson

* For those who missed my review on The Passion just click HERE


Thanks Paula,

As a former Catholic, I found little to like in the Passion. Mel Gibson represents a rather radical sub set of Catholics and there are only a few of them as far as I know. He may or not be in Opus Dei but let’s just say he wants to go “back” to the way it was while nearly 800 million other catholics want to go forward.

His movie does little to illuminate the faith or as you pointed out, the teachings of Jesus. It misses the point entirely. Simply put, he died so that we might have life and have it more abundantly. The Bible puts very little detail to the passion, certainly not the amount of punishment that Gibson put into the movie. As most Catholics will tell you, there are a number of inaccuracies in his presentation.

I’ve done a fair amount of reading about Jesus from the point of view of some very well respected biblical scholars (Paula Fredrickson, Elaine Pagels, Burton Mack and others). They all talk about the importance of understanding the gospels in the context of the time they were written. From that reading, and others, while these authors don’t say this outright, it seems plausible that Jesus never existed; that he was made up by the gospel writers as they were trying to found a new religion after the second destruction of the Temple, 80 or so years after Jesus supposedly died.

Nevertheless, the Gnostic gospels give us some clues as to the teachings of Jesus and if anything, they are the “good news” that we are already saved. The point of the Passion in either the story of Jesus or the actual life of Jesus is that we are already saved because of that passion and death. Dwelling on the details of the passion is not necessary to make the point that it was bad.

I was not at all moved by the film. I found myself being more critical of the acting since I already knew what was going to happen and what was going to be said. I don’t think the film was particularly well acted, overdone on the violence and of little use for the purpose of spreading the faith. Christians would do well to let go of their strangle hold on the form and look to the substance of the teachings.



Hi Paula: I haven't seen the movie and dont plan to. I was born and raised Catholic and although I don't wish to throw stones at the church, I well remember the basis of catholicism. I was raised in going to catholic school etc. was religious, anti-semitic and actually anti-anything other than catholic as far as religion went.

It does seem that Mel Gibson is making a STATEMENT. I have seen previews of the movie and it does seem to go against Christs message of love if indeed we can believe that a man we know as Jesus or Jeshua actually existed. After all the gospels were written a long long time after and have been reinterpreted many times. I dont think there were any contemporary writings done. Didn't mean to make this so long.

Namaste Pat T


Hello Paula,

My name is Micaela and I was raised Roman Catholic in a traditional Puerto Rican household and for eight years attended a Catholic school run by the Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Today my spirituality takes a very eclectic form, mostly from Eastern philosophies. But I agree with you that Roman Catholicism does tend to dwell on the torture and humilitation of Jesus more than on the light and love of his teachings.

Thanks for your opinion piece. It was a breath of fresh air in the current controversy of the film. Mel Gibson as you may know is rumored to be a sexist and a homophobe. He fumed about homosexuality in an interview in a Spanish magazine that made me think that he protests too much:

"[Homosexuals] take it up the a----. [The a----] is only for taking a sh---- ... Who's going to think I'm gay? I don't lend myself to that type of confusion. Do I sound like a homosexual? Do I talk like them? Do I move like them?"

But why he felt compelled to make such a bloodbath of a movie about the Nazarene only he can answer.

Namaste, Micaela



Well, I went and saw Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. Yes, it's a brutal film. Yes, the torture of Jesus by the Romans is painful to witness and the suffering of his mother and Mary Magdalene quite heartbreaking to watch. And yes, the high priests of the Sanhedrin and the Jews in the crowd in Pilate's court seemed brutal and fanatical as they clamored for Jesus' death.

But I didn't think the film was anti-Semitic. It seemed, rather, to be anti-God and anti-human. I couldn't help thinking, "What kind of God would demand or allow his son to undergo such torture, even if he was willing to do so? Certainly, no God I would be inclined to worship. And what kind of religious sensibility would so consistently portray the other people in the film (with the exception of the women and a few of the men) as so despicable? A filmmaker whose religion shows little respect for human beings."

In addition to that, I kept thinking, "Like today's Christian fundamentalists, Gibson has reduced the meaning of the story of Jesus to a narrow focus on his crucifixion and resurrection." When Jesus is seen solely as the Son of God who died for our sins, the meaning of his profound and beautiful life is reduced to that of the sacrificial lamb, in propitiation to a petulant God. There's little of Jesus as the wise exemplar, of Jesus as the loving spiritual teacher and God-realized man, such as you can find hints of (if you care to look) in the Syriac Aramaic tradition or in such places as the Gospel of Thomas. That's almost totally absent.

No, it wasn't the film I primarily objected to. It was this old painful story itself and the fact that, generation after generation, we continue to require that Jesus be nailed to the cross. Only a cruel and spiritually bankrupt culture-not to say, a theologically bankrupt filmmaker-could find the doctrine of Christ the Savior and his horrible crucifixion to be a myth worthy of our belief and not the bloody historical disaster and anguished theological falsehood that it is.

Buried underneath the distortions of the New Testament, I look instead for a different Jesus. This is my faith. This Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God in all of us. He was not a savior, but an exemplar for our true Identity. Sure, he stood up to legalists who would make of religion a fanatic adherence to laws and stood up to rulers who only believed in power and who saw him as seditious. That's why he was killed. But his real message was a call to our spiritual freedom and to our personal responsibility to open up to the God of Love within all of us. That's what has been lost.

By contrast, the Christian doctrine of the Savior and the hysterical demand for our belief in it is precisely the means by which we abdicate our spiritual responsibility, our own true Godhood, our own I AM. Sad to say, Gibson's film is just another tombstone rolled over our true, our real resurrection. And the stone still covers the way out of the tomb.

-Michael M


Paula - I had no intention of seeing the movie, my radar told me to stay away. As it is, I have to close my eyes in any movie that has images of brutality. I appreciate your courage in sharing your thoughts and hope that my daughter, a Junior at a Christian college, will not subject herself to this either. It is all the rage....that basically says it all.

Violence begets violence and peace begets peace.

I love your humor, "...for Christ sake" made me laugh out loud at work.



Paula -- I'm glad you wrote this. I just got an email from a friend of mine near Portland, Oregon, who pretty much said she was forced into seeing this movie because she had to drive her elderly in-laws to the movies to see it (they're Protestant). She sent me an email last night commenting on the brutality of it. Then your message[review] today.

To tell you the truth, even seeing the previews on TV, I don't even want to see the thing. But one thing comes to mind after reading your message. I spent about 3 years studying metaphysics with the Church of Religious Science, and there was one book we read, called The Power of Decision, by Raymond Charles Barker. One of the most profound statements he made that sticks with me to this day (I read this book about 10 years ago, my how time flies), is "I wish someone would paint a picture of Jesus laughing, as I am certain he laughed quite often."

It has been my experience when around others that are spiritual, that they always seem to have a great sense of humor. I can't even stand being in Catholic churches with this carcass of a man hanging on a cross all over the place. Is that how you would want to be remembered? I certainly wouldn't. And to tell you the truth, I don't think Jesus would want to be remembered that way either. I wish they would use a statue of Jesus with a happy expression on his face. I'm sure that was more the norm for him. I guess this movie is just another reason why I don't watch most of the stuff that comes out of Hollywood these days.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I still want to remain on your mailing list :)

Cheers, Maureen


I've been your friend for awhile now PAULA. But after reading your e-mail and having you slam a great American action HERO, I can only ask that you NOT remove me from your list.

HELL - you just saved me $5.50!

thank you
LOL danny


BRAVO Paula!!

I couldn’t have put it any better or more succinctly!

There seems to be a feeding frenzy around this movie and I had the identical reaction to it, as have most of my spiritual community.

Thank you for your review!


Tana M


Dear Paula,

I just got back from seeing "The Crucifixion of Christ" Oops! I mean the "Passion of Christ." Why he titled this movie "The Passion of Christ" I'll never know. This movie had no redeeming value for me. I thought I was going to cry with empathy for Jesus, but very quickly I found the movie to be emotionless and lacking any purpose to its content as far as I could tell.

I didn't watch much of the whippings and nail driving sequences. I guess we should expect the next great movie of our time to be..."The Passion of the Fuer" (SP?), where we watch a couple of hours of Hitler and his troops gleefully gassing Jews in the concentration camps and being shown up close scenes of the horrific dying process those people were going through. Okay, I'm done.

Blessings, Tom


Hi Paula,

My advice is never, ever go to a movie without checking a couple reviews or talking to a friend or two. The exception being going to an unknown comedy when you’ve arrived at the theater to find your movie of choice sold out. Our consciousness is too precious to subject to one minute of a movie like you described, much less two hours!

Cold Mountain was a good example of a movie I went to recently all excited to see how it lived up to the hype (and somehow missed the warnings of intensity); then to be subjected to such withering violence! What’s the point? Don’t we all have better things to do as a species than make blood and guts extravaganzas? Anyway I won’t hold my breath for Hollywood to make a movie that comes anywhere close to exploring the real story of Jesus. That movie would be too revolutionary and would be stopped before it started by the powers that be…. You seem to know what I am talking about.

All the best,

Christapher C in CA


Dear Paula~

THANK YOU!!!!!!! I was wondering if I could see the movie without looking at the violent parts. You've convinced me I couldn't. You've echoed thoughts I've held for a long time. Raised in an Irish Catholic [read: fanatical] home, the emphasis on the suffering of Christ was beyond my comprehension. I always hated seeing the body hanging from a cross, blood dripping from His hands and feet. During Lent, us Catholic school kids had to walk down to the chapel on Friday afternoons for the Stations of the Cross. It was so hard to keep from crying hearing the sad melody of the song, "At the cross, her station keeping, stood the mournful mother weeping."

My mother's favorite image of Our Lady was "Our Sorrowful Mother." I have a little alter to Our Lady in my bedroom. My favorite image of her has always been the one where her arms are open as if to embrace, saying "I am the Immaculate Conception." My favorite images of Christ are the paintings of C. B. Chambers, and Hoffman.

The death of Christ is not what liberated us--it was His resurrection. His victory over death. And his admonition to Love One Another, and the Law of Karma [what you reap, you shall sow]. We forget that every criminal was executed by crucifixion in those days, and that olde English hanging-drawing-quartering just might have been a worse manner of execution. Nothing irritates me more than to hear fundamentalist Christians say that Christ's death has purged them of their sins, and they do NOT need to do restitution in order to attain salvation. This arrogance is the suffering of Christ.

No, I don't need to see the skin being torn, the thorns depressing His scalp, nor do I need to touch the wound in His side to know that a lance pierced His heart. I believe that Joshua ben Joseph was but one of several enlightened beings emanating from the Godhead, sent to guide us errant humans to become the compassionate, loving people we were meant to be.

You are what you eat. And what you feed your head is most important of all. I try hard to limit what goes into my impressionable 63-year-old [read: almost maxed out] brain. I miss a lot of modern movies because of the violence. I'm too empathetic. I feel what I see! So, thank you, again. You saved me, I'm sure, from an emotional experience that may have been more than I could handle.

[I worry that, when it comes out in DVD, children will be seeing this movie. Even veteran movie reviewers are saying very clearly: this is NOT a movie for children.] Blessings,


Scotts Valley, CA

Thanks for another great newsletter. I absolutely agree with you regarding "The Passion" movie. I'm glad you spoke your mind on this.

My husband, Tim, is recovering from heart surgery. Please include him in your prayers.

love, Jeremie


Dear Paula,

I live in Australia and so haven't seen the movie yet. In fact after reading quite a few reports like yours I won't be seeing it at all. Seems senseless to pour all that money into something so brutal when he could have made a truly inspirational movie. I used to be a practicing catholic so I guess I know where he is coming from. It's the guilt trip that is laid on all Catholics from a young age so they won't focus on the simple and beautiful message that Yesuha tried to bring to the world, to teach us to stand in our own power,and as another beautiful soul has already said ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE.




Namaste Paula,

Thank you so much for the civil courage to speak from your heart. You took the words right out of my mouth/heart. :) I am a spiritual person (recovering Catholic) tucked away in the dark nodges of the bible belt. I call it 'the black hole of spirituality', Ohio; so I am used to standing alone in my view points. What a refreshing experience this was to read the letters other fellow spiritual, loving, empathic, peaceloving people send to you. Thank you for such a great service.


Chris /Daikini :)


It sounds like typical Hollywood fanfare, which may unfortunately fuel the fire of anti-Semitism and hate. Not what Jesus would have wanted. I also find it disturbing that a movie about Jesus is rated "R" and many family are taking kids younger than 17 to see it.

I agree with you, I'd much rather see a movie that celebrated his life and teachings. But violence sells movies! Bottom line. I'd have to say that I no longer like or have any respect for Mel Gibson. I am not a Christian, but I have respect for those that follow (truly follow) Jesus' teachings, not the twisted "man made" religion it has become.



Thanks much for the review. You saved me the money I might have spent going to see it. :-) I can see what the controversy is about now, and can also see why stupid people would take their frustration out on living Jews.

It sounds like just a typical Hollywood "blood and guts" stupid content-free movie just set in Jesus's time. It's kind of like a porno movie, there's no real interesting script (tho in Jesus's case, other parts of his life would make a wonderful script as you pointed out), just an excuse to hang the special effects on.

And that's what's wrong with most movies these days, they spend all their budget on special effects and very little on making a truly interesting or engaging script. I like movies that typically have few to no special effects, or else they are subtle and truly support the script.

I remember many years ago a woman where I used to work said that what she liked about Miami Vice (it was 'in' back then) was that it had "surrealistic violence". I thought to myself, that's one sick puppy.

Did you ever seen "Green Mile"? I normally don't like Stephen King movies or stories, and I saw this only because I didn't know it was one of his stories. But it was one of the most engaging emotional movies I'd ever seen. I was a total basket case after it was over. All I could say was "wow".


Paula, I saw the movie today and agree with you. the movie would have been more powerful if it was mixed with a lot more of his teachings and interactions with the people. I believe that the word "Passion" is taken from the old understanding of the word, (meaning) "suffering": not the current use of the word passion...

The movie missed the mark in my view...but from what Gibson said, this is exactly what he wanted to show...that's why he only focused on the last 12 hours of his life...Too much for me.

Take care, Raven


Thank you. You certainly did not lose me. I have no desire to see the movie. Why should I want to make myself miserable? I hated myself long enough and don't need to do that any more. I refuse to be an enabler to someone that loves to show misery and all those things that humans have created because of a perceived need to suffer and are not happy (never are anyway) until everyone else is miserable.

I love to share LOVE even tho my email may sound a bit angry. Hey, even Jesus got mad (grin). I just need to have the emotion, enjoy it, learn from it and then let it go.

Peace, hope, Joy & Love,

Jim A


Hi, I saw iit yesterday and yes it was bloody but when I read that in the bible this is what I envisioned. I sa a multidimensional view the passion for me was his wavering courage to continue with his mission to release us from the darkness. I felt that everytime he saw the demon the people where becoming increasingly more vilent.Unfortunately in those times they were as crude as that look at the byzantines they killed each other for just the sport and it was based on a game. I came away with how dedicated he was and that violence is not a way to resolve anything in this world.


thanks for your movie review! GREAT!

How about not watching any violent movies at all, and making our voting dollars in the market place make a difference?

Just like you I have not watched or owned a TV since my childhood, and what you wrote about the brainwashing of TV holds just as much true for movies. For the fact that most movies have a vast amount of violence in it, I don't go much anymore. IF I do, I actually hold my eyes and ears shut during any violent parts. I don't want my brain to get these images. Best not to go at all to see any violence containing movies. Just like it is best, as you say, not to expose ourselves to TV and to news.

We are all either stimulated into brutality, or simply as a creature respond best to primitive stimulus. The voting dollar reveals that the mass interest is stronger when hit with hard stimulation. Do you ever wonder why very uplifting movies have such small audiences?

So, maybe the message to a lot of people could be: VOTE with you dollar, if you believe in principles of the higher order, DON NOT go to see movies with a violent content. NO MATTER HOW ESOTERIC! (such as Matrix, the Butterfly Effect, The Last Samurai, etc) Support movies that are uplifting.

THANK YOU FOR airing your feelings! It must have been rather violent to move you so much to be willing to thin out your mailing list.

Yours, Ilona


Paula ... I don't think I could say it any better than Beveryl Hutchinson ( ) comments.

A long time student of the Course, I, too, like to focus on the message of the resurrection. It reminds me that where there is a heart of compassion fear has no place. Namaste, Jerry

In an interview Gibson did with Diane Sawyer on ABC’s Primetime, he said that he purposely focused on just this one moment in the life of Jesus because he thinks it is the most pivotal. For most traditional Christians the thought is that through Jesus’ suffering and death we are redeemed. Jesus, the innocent lamb of God, paid the ultimate price for all of us.

[A Course In Miracles] certainly differs from this focus. We are told to focus on the resurrection rather than the crucifixion. The message of the crucifixion was to show us that in the most extreme example of persecution, betrayal, brutality and even death, love was the answer. We are told that Jesus did not share our perception of the crucifixion but saw it all as a call for love, for which forgiveness was the only choice. We are told that he used this extreme example to show us that even then, “teach only love for that is what you are” was the only solution to such external hell. We are also told in the Course that the crucifixion was the “last useless journey that the Sonship would ever have to take.” We do not have to suffer any longer. God’s Will for us is that we be redeemed through joy not pain.

As we enter this Lenten season which leads us to Easter, let us use this time to focus on our salvation – the resurrection. Let us not linger in our valleys of hate, anger, judgment and death. Let us be resurrected to the joy, peace, healing and life that is the message of Jesus’ life and God’s Will for us.

But, how? We don’t know how to be resurrected – we believe so much in the crucifying thoughts that we see all around us. Therefore, we need to let it be done for us by the One Whose will for us is our gentle healing through love – that is the Holy Spirit. We let him lead the way so we may know the God of Love who is holding out eternal life to us through our joyful awakening not the scars of suffering.


Miracle Distribution Center

Anaheim, CA


FYI to your note in your review below. The Passion title refers to Passion as derived from a Greek term that roughly means Suffer. So it is not like have passion or being passionate, but rather to Suffer. WMU


Dear Paula

I haven't seen this - we watch very few movies today - but I want to THANK YOU for your insightful comments.

It goes against all the media hype we've been subjected to recently and THAT IS A WAKE UP CALL THAT WHAT YOU SAY IS TRUE.

The real question then becomes: Who is being served by this really bloody, messy image of Jesus and ignoring his real Mission and Message?? Because NO film exists that doesn't serve some very powerful very human interests right here in the 21st Century today. Is it to desensitize us to a coming "holy war" ? Or just possibly to raise the mass-emotion level in society, something I am convinced "feeds" non-physical entities (thought-forms if you want) that thrive on all the mass negativity our media moguls love to create and nourish.

Bravo for being willing to stand against the Tide. Now I know why my wife and I had already "crossed off" this film from our limited time & budget list. (after "Signs" Mel Gibson is a laughing stock anyway in circles of anyone who works with energy.

All best

Chet S



I am to the point of looking forward to your commentaries. You have this tendency to expand my awareness that I really enjoy.

While I have not yet seen "The Passion", my objection to it right off the bat is that it is purported to be a true story.

An Australian by the name of Tony Bushby has written two books in the last few years that paint a considerably different picture of Jesus and the Great Pyramid. The first book, "The Bible Fraud", takes up the story of Jesus: who he was and what he wasn't. The second book takes up the Great Pyramid: both the place and instrument of initiation. Taken together, these are powerful books, and they make far more sense than anything else I have thus far seen.

His third book, "The Crucifixion of Truth" is purportedly due out around May, and I can't wait to get my hands on it. I think it's interesting that "The Passion" came out on the heels of these two books---almost like it was on que. Can't have anyone believing the nonsense Bushby puts out. Somehow, I doubt Bushby will be silenced.

In the same vein, may I suggest Tupper Saussy's "Rulers of Evil" and Eric Jon Phelps' "Vatican Assassins", which comes with a CD in pasted into the rear cover containing 13 out-of-print books on Romanism, Puseyism and the Jesuits. Both are written by religious people. But if you can put the religious nonsense aside, there is a wealth of historical information in them, particularly the first one.

Taken altogether, these books put a decidedly different slant on the world we live in. Bushby is not to be missed. Any inquiring mind---and clearly you are---must read Bushby.

Thanks for the commentaries, Paula.



just thought you'd like to know!



Hi Paula,

For every person on earth who sees The Passion, what happens when they walk out of the theater, and their gaze is drawn to look up into the sky. And what greets their gaze, is a mothership. A craft originating from another planet. And what emerges from this craft are thousands of Beings, as evolved as was Jesus, or perhaps more evolved. Or maybe to start with just three or four Beings.

Although I love Mel's movie making in general, I see him as part of the Illuminati, who are desperate for the status quo to continue.

Open Contact is just around the corner. We are getting reports from all around the world in ever increasing numbers, of sightings.

Of small and large craft. NASA is just about to tell Us finally the there is water on Mars. Water is the basis for Life as we know it. Imagine the can of worms that's going to Open.

The debate of the religions on earth will pale into insignificance once the whole populace of Mother Earth realize that Jesus is half Human and half Star Visitor. As the good DrB [Dr Richard Boylan] tells Us. You would know that of course, as I have read your interview with him.

Love your work.

As you would also know, it is not far away from when the Dolphins and the Whales will recom- mence communicating via telepathy with Us. Wondrous things, are not far away. Rather than coming around the corner, I think where entering now into the finishing straight.

Love & Blessings, Brenda



Just a quick note offering my gratitude for your so visably and thoughtfully addressing Mel Gibson's "Passion". I've read a number of reviews of the movie rendering it, at least for me, not only pointless to attend but purposefull for me to avoid it. It simply feels, based on what I've read (including some positive reviews), highly emotionally manipulative of a Judeo-Christian context in which to view the life of Jesus. The movie appears mostly to be the outward projection of a talented, gifted, actor and filmmaker's inner spiritual conflict. And I feel no need to immerse (I suspect a better word may be assault) my senses in his bloodrite. I personally celebrate Mel Gibson's obvious talent and will simply leave well enough alone with re to his latest work.

Thanks again for you perspective.

Peace, Andy M


In my opinion, Mel Gibson is empty artistically. The films he chooses to co-create are exercises in form, devoid of real substance. This was never more apparent than in the film SIGNS (which is the point where I decided to give up on him): a golden opportunity to transcend typical Hollywood pandering and offer to the general public some genuine metaphysical insights and revelations is passed by. Instead it descended into pedestrian pandering and fear-mongering, and just plain uninspired, hack writing.

He is cruising on his past laurels with nothing original or particularly substantive to say. He is, at this point, merely a tool for the buck-rakers who happily employ him to exploit the modern human fascination with video sado-masochism.

Randy M


Thanks Paula, I have not seen the film but I think the most important part of your largely thumbs-down review was in the next to last paragraph - that it could be a "catalyst for change and growth". If this is true, two hours of pain may be well worth it. The mass consciousness needs a powerful jolt!

Goodwill to you,



thank you always for your viewpoint and your truth. I refuse to see the movie. I don't believe it will serve me in any way to see the violance and pain one human inficts on it Jesus or any other being.

You are right in the opinion that the important message of Christ was lost... the beautiful message of love, kindness and honoring of the other. That would be a movie to up life the hearts of one and all...

however we live in a time where violance is expressed in our media so causally, we become numb to what we see in the suffering of it the nightly news or the most current movie for the masses...

again thank you...blessings Peggy



I agree with your disdain about the movie, and I am straight up distugsted with it. As far as I can see attempting to illustrate the suffering of jesus 'bceause he so loved the world' that he took on the sins and pain of humanity, this is not a portrayal of any such concept.

There are tomes of information available about the final days of jesus that could restor our faith in his workings, words and message that could have been protrayed.All we appeared to have witnessed as a result of this film is one man's interpretation and ideals around his own belief in Jesus.

I am appauled at the cinematic conventions used to illustrate the pain that Jesus may have endured. I became physically ill during much of the film.

I consider this film to be propoganda, so far skewed and pushed so as to leave a viewer assailed with pure dread and emotion. This movie is not to be seen, even if you decide to 'see it just to see it' Rent a good(or bad) slasher movie and get just as much out of it. There is no social repsonsibility exhibited by Mr. Gibson. He certainly does not contribute to or enhance the message of christianity. If the message that Mr. Gibson conveys is at the heart of the Catholic message, one should truly consider the perrenial teachings and purpose of the church. If it is his vision, then he may have it. But to put his own personal vision of such an intense cultural and spiritual subject Is like watching someone's home movies of their vacation to hell. This author is not inspired by those vision of the screen produced by Mr. Gibson.

IN Lak'ech,



Dearest Paula

I have not seen the film but have heard many views from those who have. However, it was refreshing to read your words and I concur with them wholeheartedly. Of all of the words of Jesus that stay with me, his view of what he came to show us resonates most with me (to paraphrase) “As I do so shall you – yet even greater still”. That I believe was his challenge to us – to take what he had done into our modern day lives and to teach others his truth. God bless you for all that you do.

In Love, Light & Laughter




Thanks for your movie review. I agree with you completely. Charles and I just saw alot on the news about this movie, about it being too goory, bloody, etc. I agree that I would like to see something uplifting, passionate, etc. We have not seen the movie yet, and well, along in here, though I don't want the long lines.

We have noticed that there is alot of fixation in the movies on blood and gore, war, etc from the Last Samuri, Master and Commander, etc, goes on, and on - teaching more about war, hate, than about love, compansion, how to live in harmony, etc. How are people supposed to learn about these higher principles, when there is so little shared about it.

Always - Linda


I am a Course In Miracles Student and know Christ's life was about unconditional forgiveness and Love and Life forever.

Thank You,


Bruce R


Dear Paula:

Thank you for putting into words the reason why I am not going to see Mel Gibson's, "The Passion." I feel there's no redeeming value in watching human beings inflict suffering on anyone. Mel Gibson himself said he wanted to portray the depths of the evil within us, and I guess he succeeded. What is needed today is a formula to uplift and inspire instead, a focus on expression of the positive aspects of humanity -- which is exactly what Jesus was about. But that might not sell tickets.



Dear Paula,

I want to support your Earthcode report on the Passion Movie. I agree more than 100%. But dont you know that gore, killing, torture is part of the darkside energy? Yes, you probably do know this. This is no excuse for them, just a statement of fact. Anything sensationalistic attracts those humans who have no emotional understanding and are ignorantly attracted to emotional stimulations of the negative type. This is what the media plays to. Mel Gibson is in this for the money and his ego, as are ALL other actors, specially if they make movies of violence. Any movie maker or actor (gov. arnold) creates violence because they know the public will pay for it. Its all about the money they take home. Its time to report on the successes of the Great Mission of Jesus Christ.

I believe this Great Being - is alive and well, taught only Love, Wisdom and Light and does not need to EVER BE PORTRAYED in any movie, this way again, yet the medias still keep creating this junk about this Great Being. The Media is riddled with the violent, negative energies. I didnt even have to see the movie, just the clips gave the true purpose behind the movie - violence, ego and money. Well, just my opinion.

THANK YOU for speaking (writing) out on this kind of junk, the Passion movie.

In Love, viv


I'm in total agreement with your conclusions--that the emphasis should have been on his teachings and his resurection, and not on his suffering--over emphasis at that.

I had made up my mind before I read your review that I would wait until it came out in DVD format, so I could see it in my own livingroom with plenty of breaks. I'm not quite sure what you were trying to say here though.

Did he suffer so that we should focus on his suffering - and then live lifes of suffering in repentance and guilt? I don't think so!

"...and then live our life in suffering, repentance and guilt?" Is this what you meant to say? Aside from that one phrase, it's well written. I cannot understand why many ministers are promoting this film...Some are giving away free tickets.




Thank you for you critique on The Passion. I think from what you said and what other people have told me about the movie, I do not care to see it. You just affirmed my decision. I cannot understand that this brutality is to be portrayed. We have enough horrors on earth now and why anyone would want to see brutality for entertainment purposes is beyond me. Thank you again for saving me the price of a movie, albeit...poor entertainment.



Hi Paula,

First of all thank you for sending your newsletters. Honestly, however, I am choosy on which ones I read. This one got my attention. I have not seen the movie and have considered seeing it. Now, I know that I won’t. I commend you for being courageous enough in expressing your sincere opinion. I have loved the idea of Christ since my childhood and vividly remember the old movies. While I was not raised under any particular religion, I was drawn to the Christ’s story and his life. I cried at the idea of his crucifixion. Like you, it was his ideals, his purpose in his life that offered me hope. I believe in Him. For many lightworkers, I believe “we belong in the heart of all things”, and that heart, is the heart of Christ.

Lyn V



Dear Paula:

My response to your review is YES YES and again YES! I can't agree with you more about the need to celebrate Jesus' LIFE and teachings rather than focus on his suffering and death. I'll take your word for it; I don't feel any desire to see this GORE. The most positive aspect of all this discussion - is to promote further dialogue and introspection on one's personally held beliefs about Jesus.

Have you read Stephen Simon' review of this movie? If not, I've included it below - with resonates very closely with what you had to say.

The most significant excerpts of Simon's review (for me) were the following:

"Gibson has made nothing less here than a recruiting film for ultraconservative Roman Catholicism. The physical suffering of Jesus is the total focus of the film. The violence is as gruesomely depicted."

RELIGIOUS and SPIRITUAL are NOT SYNONYMOUS! THE PASSION is a classic example of Religious Cinema, whereas a film like WHALE RIDER is a great example of Spiritual Cinema"

"Jesus the extraordinary visionary who came to life as a human being to show us the beauty and potential for our humanity"

"..... the time has come for us to stop being martyrs. Stop dying for our beliefs and live for them. And exalt our humanity as a species who consciously loves and forgives without needing to feel guilty or ashamed."





As with many old religionists - Mel is not enlightened about his faith-illusion and where is came from. Even as a moral person, he is like so many disempowered souls - well intending but brainwashed by the Hegelian dialectic and false history.

What the world hungers for is a responsible body of “light-hearted” seers to align IN PUBLIC DECLARATION upon a SINGULAR uplifting vision for all humanity to see, feel and act out in everyday living.

TRUE LEADERSHIP in other words. What a novel idea !!! Everything else is irrelevant to the matter at hand and in the Universal scheme of things.



---I totally agree and not having read your piece, I had decided the same thing. We are addicted to suffering on this planet,... It is time to MOVE ON. It is time to remember WHO WE REALLY ARE.

Many blessings to you.

Namaste... Libby G


Thanks for your comments on the film, I have no desire to or any intention of seeing this film, I abhore gross violence of this nature and can see no advantage in putting myself through such an experience. I have tried to read the bible a number of times but can get no further than the first page thern I have to throw it away. I believe much of it is made up by the ancient monks to create a religion so that they could exert power over the people etc, anyhow that is what I think about the bible. Keep up the good work.

Love Don


Hi paula-

Thanks for speaking some sense about this rediculous show of guilt, pain and suffering. I am actually angry with Mel Gibson for being so irresponsibe and manipulating people in this way. It almost seems like the church (which is pretty desperate) put him up to this. Personally, I think its disgusting and there is no excuse for it. People need to read "'The Davinci Code " to get some perspective on this whole thing. Lets start separating some truth from fiction, and grow up about our attutudes towards religion and God.


gloria r


Dear Paula,

What a wonderful surprise I just got! It's been a very long time since we've corresponded, and my job as a Lightworker takes me to many sites and keeps me in touch with so many wonderful people. I get so much mail, though, well, I don't have to tell you! And I don't even have my site up yet!!!

But I had to respond to your words about The Passion. First, though, I must say, I hadn't been to your site in forever!!! It's become a wonderful and beautiful place, and I thank you for all that you (we) are doing at this so important time and (s)p(l)ace.

I'll get right to the point now because you'll probably get a deluge about this. These are my feelings and the parts of your review that made me write.

Firstly, I can't say I have any idea what Mr. Gibson was thinking; this is not a criticism, just a statement of fact. Even Braveheart seemed a bit too violent, but that's coming from a dyed-in-the-wool pacifist. Or should I say died-in- the-wool? Have you ever noticed that all the great pacifists of the world tend to die, and horribly? Besides Christ, many come to mind, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and my old pal John Lennon are the ones that spring immediately to my mind. But not to dwell on that; I so agree, it's their LIVES that we ought to be considering and emulating. Why always the focus on the negative and dark side?

I agreed completely and loved the way you put it. We should focus MUCH more on Christ's writing than his writhing. (By writing, I of course mean what was set down by others.) I'm a very spiritual person, but wouldn't really describe myself as practicing any one religion...I take it like the old style Chinese menu; I pick some from Column A and some from column B, C, and so forth. I feel each belief system has something to give to each and every one of us. But it is just as valid to subscribe to one religion that holds The Truth for you. That's what matters.

And why is the focus always on the sad and bad parts? Why always this obsession with suffering, and blood and blame? I don't get it and hope I never will. There is a saying I love that is a quote from, I believe, Pope Innocent I: "In the face of our obsession with original sin, we often forget original innocence."

Whether or not Christ was a God incarnate, a great leader, or just an immensely spiritual and loving man doesn't really matter, I believe. The point is his LIFE, as you so wonderfully wrote. What he accomplished changed the way we humans behave towards each other forever and in such a wonderful way. We all need to focus on that, on the teachings and on his mission of peace, hope, and joy, rather than dwell upon the violence and the horror, as unfortunately us humans are often wont to do.

Thanks, Paula, it was wonderful to read your words, wonderful to see your beautiful site, and wonderful to write to you once again. In peace always,





Nicely written. I haven't and won't see the thing.

>>> it was two full hours of watching Jesus get beaten up and tortured in the most horrid way. <<<

From : "The Active Side of Infinity" by Castaneda : don Juan : We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. They took over because we are food for them....... .......the predators have given us our system of beliefs, our ideas of good and evil, our social mores. The predators gave us their mind which becomes our mind.

If you've read, "Bringers of the Dawn" by Barbara Marciniak, you've seen this theme before. As you point out, this was an amplification of SUFFERING - by parasites, for parasites.

By writing as YOU have, YOU have TRANSDUCED a major component of this energy - Well Done.



Dear Paula,

Yours is the only review of "The Passion" that I was willing to read - I knew you would have a higher take on all the hype.


Anne H


Dear Paula,

Though it is difficult to read everything I get via email, I have REALLY enjoyed your last 5 newsletters!

The one I comment on now is "The Passion". I agree with you 100% on everything you stated in your review of the movie.

The Illuminati DOES LOVE bloodletting, and it shows up alot in Hollywood. The term Hollywood derived from "Holy Wood" and there is NOTHING HOLY about Hollywood !!


Gloria T


Dear Paula,

I too went to the first showing on the first day of the movie. More out of curiosity than anything else due to all of the controversy. I was lucky enough to have seen a Diane Sawyer interview with Mel Gibson a week before and the word Passion is used in its literal sense which is a Greek word meaning "to suffer". Mel said he chose the last 12 hours of Christ's life to focus on, that there is ofcourse more to the story, but he wanted to concentrate on how much this man had to endure during his last 12 hrs here on Earth.

I was born Catholic and changed my own beliefs by the time I was 11. I now consider myself a non-traditional pagan. I believe in the story of Jesus of Nazareth, his message of unconditional love and forgiveness. I believe he was a prophet, but not the only one. And I too believe his teaching have been blow out of proportion. Still Mel said he wanted to shock people and he did. It provoked in me extreme compassion for Mary having to endure watching her son being crusified. Thanks for the letter.


Monica J


Dear Paula, Brava! What an intelligent and timely piece on The Passion. I can't imagine anyone who receives your newsletter could object to your comments. Thank you so much for your fine work.

Geri M


I agee, I have not seen the movie but given what little clips I have seen it seems far too graphic for my taste. I am Catholic and knowing my religion, ( I take the good of my religious upbringing and seek other ways to praise and honor the good of life without the guilty, suffering etc.), I figured they would focus on the suffering versus the inspiration. So that is why I have decided not to go to it.

Thanks for confirming it since I like to focus on the good of Jesus not the negative.

Namaste, Carmen



I have not see the movie yet but wanted to say "thank you" for giving your honest, open opinion even if you think it might "hurt business". I always respect the right of people to express their opinion in an open fashion. The only thing that we have to fear, is fear its self.

Love the EarthCode. Always something interesting.

In Joy,



Dear Paula:

This is actually one of your best writings. This is bold and moved by your spirit, that is free from the acceptance of social quick-sand-correctness.

I have not seen the movie yet, ( never feel drawn to see it. ) However I do have my point on this historic Jesus... Worshipping Jesus and making his the only son of G-O-D is actually betray his teaching and betray our inmost knowingness. Does the movie ever mention about Who Mary Magdalena Is? People do not need to be responsible for their "holy poops" because there is a Jesus who died for their sins...

Why churches do not teach about the miracles - that is the quantumn science - of this Jesus to their fellows. Had Jesus said to his beloved people that all miracles he had performed could be achiveved more by the future generations...and we shall do greater?

So, who is really betraying his teaching?

The Cosmic Christ is in us all. It is a state of mind. In this state of mind we are transcend the limmitation of All That Could Be Dreamed Away...and the body followed the mind, that is the science of resurrection and immortality.

The blind could not lead the blind, the dead could not lead the dead...however, we do see the blind follows the blind, and the dead follows to dead...a different state of mind.

There are much more to be said. I am not the only one saying it. In stead of saying more, I am living it. It is golden outside, time for a good walk.

Blessings to your work, Paula.

Omni P


Hi Paula,

I just read your review on the "Passion"! I've not seen it and actually have no intentionsn of doing so....heehee even out of curiosity! :)

What you wrote expresses my heart-felt feelings/intution!! I totally honor your speaking your truth regarding this movie! I totally 'n completely concur!

Thank you for BEing and re-membering!!!! Most refreshing!!! :) Much love, blessings and heart-hugs to you, Dear siSTAR,



Dearest Paula,

As usual, you have put all my beliefs in a nutshell - thank you ! I follow the WAY of Christ centred on his LIFE - Which was and is still an excellent example of how we can achieve the miracles and abundance for ourselves ! I have witnessed this Life Force energy in action many times and seen people turn around their lives, non- Christian people, at the sight of the Living Avatar ! I live with such great joy in my heart in living this Way !

I have felt the suffering of Christ, too. In a Good Friday church service, ten years ago, I had my whole life turned around, by experiencing what Christ felt on the cross - The congregation were asked by the minister to imagine that they were at the crucifixion and spontaneously, as I closed my eyes, I became Christ on the cross. What filled His being was not his own suffering, but humanity's collective pain - which is indescribable and His deep compassion for us. Also His recognition that if we are not prepared to process our own pain and collected energy from many past lifetimes, we will remain "lost".

After this experience I have dedicated my life to opening up to the potential of all that I am and I have become a therapist, teacher and healer. I left the church, knowing that "sin" was only our missing the mark for ourselves - it is the pain we carry collectively, because we are generally unequipped to deal with ourselves and this agony.

Seeing the physical suffering of another only upsets us further and can be of no benefit to us psychologically at all. This does not deal with our personal woundedness. A movie like The Passion can actually have a devastating effect on people and add to the already vulnerable state they find themselves in at present.

Speaking your truth, I believe is the Christ Spirit in you shouting out - "STOP IT, IN THE NAME OF THE CHRIST SPIRIT in you all ! Stop the pain, humiliation and cruelty to each other ! Stop using Me, as a furthering of this ! Centre on My life and not on my suffering ! Live with love in your hearts in service of the Great Creator ! Love your neighbour as yourself... Love yourself, by letting go of all the past devastation and pain that is continually repeating over and over again. ....."

Thank you again.

Diana van der Westhuizen


I pulled this off a web page:

I respectfully submit a rendition from the American opera Porgy and Bess:

"It ain't necessarily so The things that you're liable To read in the Bible Just ain't necessarily so."

[Carl Wilson] I, personally, am a great fan of the Seth material channeled by Jane Roberts. In that material, Seth claims that the central historical personality that has come down to us as Jesus was, in fact, not crucified. That one was, indeed, wise and able enough to be beyond such. The one crucified was a pseudo-Messiah (of which there have always been many) who inserted himself into the proceedings.

Remember the times. It was not so easy for authorities to identify particular people. The Seth material states something to the effect that only a culture hung up on guilt and punishment needed a myth of crucifixion. One of the criteria I use to judge Biblical material is this: How prevalent was a similar story in other, prior "mythologies"? For instance the virgin birth. Many examples (I've been told) prior to Christianity. Similarly with the sacrificed god.


Dear Paula,

in order to be a critic of something you should first have at least as much knowledge about the subject as the one being criticized. I am not defending Mel's movie, because I also take exception to the hidden Catholic inferences. However, you also are wrong in stating that "nowhere in the Bible does it tell how Messiah was tortured". If you read Isaiah 52:14 it says his Visage was marred more than any man, (remember, this is Elisabethian English)Visage in the original Hebrew means, His outward appearance. Marred, in Hebrew from the root word, shachath, meaning to batter,ruin,spill,utterly waste.

Now that is just a few of the places, you can read further down in Chapter 53 and see some more. But, in reality, that isn't the problem with your critique. The problem is YOUR own personal relationship with Messiah. Your god always seeks to circumvent the suffering of Messiah in the flesh, because it is that suffering that bought our freedom, insuring satans'demise, and provided the means for a Ressurection. It was because Messiah was without sin, that He was able to pay for our sin, by suffering in His flesh. That was why He came out of the grave, because satan had no legal right to hold Him. The resurrection is a mute point and worthless, without the previous suffering and death. You will have an opportunity to face this same Messiah, to give an account of your rejection of Him for your New age religion and perversion. I pray that as you read this the Spirit of YHVH brings such conviction that you are not able to resist.


( * * Paula's note: I am aware of this passage in the Bible as well as the others. However, even though Jesus was badly thrashed and horribly treated, these verses are not specific and do not state clearly to what degree Jesus was "marred." To be "marred more than any man" is a vague statement since there is no example of which we can make a comparison.

I stand by my original statement which is supported by research studies on the Shroud of Turin as well as through logical conclusion: that the pointless act of brutalizing Jesus beyond human endurance thwarts the intention of the Pharisees, which was to publicly humiliate him by forcing him to carry a huge and heavy cross through the streets of the city amid throngs of hostile citizens. It would not serve their ends to brutalize Jesus beyond human endurance - which is the way his punishment is delievered in the movie. Any one who sees
The Passion and knows the written verses relating to the scourging of Jesus by the Roman guards will easily see that Mel Gibson takes extreme liberties and assumes that certain acts were committed that were not even mentioned in the Bible.)


Paula, Read the last section of the Urantia Book... it will be the most enlightening book you have ever read on Jesus.. fills in all the holes!


My dear Paula,

Thank you so much. I was planning to see the movie today. I am so glad I logged on and read your comment. I believe as you and I am fully confident your opinion is similar to mine. I was hoping the movie would be about the passion of Jesus Christ and be inspirational to us as a reminder that we co-create with the creator and not to idolize anyone. Of course, we all know suffering exists, but as the Buddhists remind us, it is how we reacte and learn to respond in ways that are uplifting.

As I practice what I have learned throughout the years, I have watched how when I let go of judgment, expectation of how things should be and make choices that are beneficial for me, it is almost always evident how it is beneficial for all. It is when I forget and fall into victimhood consciousness and blame others that I truly suffer and inflict suffering on others. I was hoping the movie would serve as a reminder of these truths. Thank you for your review and thus not needing to subject myself to watching violence, which I abhor, in order to see something that I thought would be inspirational. Thank you again for sharing with us.

Many blessings to you.

Osha R


Dear Paula,

Your reaction to 'The Passion' is a duplicate of my own. In fact, from the promos I decided that it was not my 'cup of tea.' Long since has the Christ been taken down from the cross. So this movie must have a purpose, spiritually, to help those who had not taken him down from the Cross, evolve through 'something' although I cannot 'see' exactly what that is, and know that the Christ has long since been resurrected.

Could it be that this movie will help some people remove Christ from the Cross? I hope so. I do really hope so! There are no accidents -- are there! Much love to you for the wonderful newsletter I look forward to receiving. I am holding the light in the middle of rural Arkansas and am recharged by your newsletter and the Sedona Journal of Emergence.

Thank you dear one,

Caryl B Of Mena, AR


Hi Paula,

My Aunt wanted me to forward her e-mail in reply to your Passion Earthcode. It is below. Personally, I thought your comments were right on target. Thanks for a fresh perspective.



Dear Paula,

I have read your commentaries about the "Passion". First of all, Passion in a theological term means "suffering" it also means "passive". Jesus suffered meekly. I am a Roman Catholic but not a traditionalist like Gibson. I follow Vatican 2. I hear the Mass in English and in Spanish (my native tongue). Occasionally we sing in Latin (a beautiful language) in my church.

I agree with your statements about the movie being so bloody and graphic (although I haven't seen it but some scenes) and the lacking of Jesus' beautiful message of love, hope and peace. However, I disagree with you last paragraph. People didn't invent christianity. Jesus set the groundwork for the apostles to establish His church.

He gave Peter the keys of heaven. It is in the New Testament. Mel Gibson may have overdone the bloodshed. But, with His blood our sins were washed. Jesus came to earth to bring His Kingdom to us, a new covenant!


Beatriz S


Thanks Paula...that's what I wanted to know before I made my choice to see it. I make it a point to avoid gory movies anyway and I was not interested in seeing gore with Jesus as the center. I saw the documentary of the shroud. I am away crying. You got the message by the forensic expert pointing out various wounds and what would have made them. It wasn't necessary to inundate the senses with empathetic pain for two hours. If this is what it takes to make converts to Christ, God help us.


Right on Paula! I cannot imagine how someone could make a film about peace loving Jesus that is totally fixated on insane violence! Have they not heard about the power of positive thinking? I love that quote of Jesus which says 'Who do you say that I am?'. It's like saying- we see in others what we are ourselves. Too bad - it would've been cool to see a Jesus movie that was full of spiritual insight and light.




Hi Paula,

I really appreciate your well-stated comments on The Passion, and I agree completely. Still, I wonder if I'm wimping out on seeing an important movie. I know many people who refused to see "Schindler's List," because it was sad and brutal--and I think they missed a masterpiece and an important learning experience.

I asked my brother what he thought. He is a psychotherepist with a minor in theology. Here are his comments, which also make sense: "I agree that that level of violence may not work for everybody, but having seen the film, here are a few reactions:

Too often (I think) Christianity has gone to a diluted message that presents just the positives. Having seen quite a few persons in counseling whose life has been nothing but continuous torture, it is my experience that "putting a happy spin on things" does not work for them -- any movement toward a "fix-it" cure or even encountering their spirituality from a "post-resurrection" hope of new life does not tend to take root.

What I find is that first there must be a validation of what they have gone through (an understanding of the pain and suffering -- and often torment and torture -- they have endured). And then, they can be more open to any other options, messages of hope, etc.

So in that light, they need to know of a Saviour who has experienced this, who can seriously identify with the level of disintegration and obliterating invalidation they have gone through themselves (for instance, being molested by a priest -- a so-called "man of God"). Then they can begin to integrate or re-integrate at some other level, perhaps even reaching a point of forgiveness and healing...

Probably other more oppressed peoples around the world will be drawn to the crucifixion even more initially than to the message of the resurrection or of God's grace (which is what the "good news" is all about). I mean if you can't trust this man who went through this ordeal the way Jesus went through it, then who can you trust -- there is an empathy with the victim who went through the victimization.

I think in the American culture, we tend to so homogenize stuff and package it up in "Hallmark-card-fashion" and easy sound bites that we avoid going under the surface to anything painful that really needs to be worked through in order to move on. For instance, a pill that you can take to not get fat, and then eat whatever you want. Or an easy answer to one's grief and loss, then back to "let's go shopping!" One of the weirdest ironies for me was a few days after 9/11 when Bush told all good Americans to serve their country by "going back to their normal shopping and buying habits" -- what!!!!!!?? totally bizarre!

We don't like to encounter suffering or deal with shame or fear or sorrow -- most just want it to go away and if there is some platitude or promised remedy to make it so without us having to move through it with pain and suffering, I think we grab for that.

I think Gibson's violence probably will get under the skin of people's superficial lives in some way, good or bad. And maybe that is okay.... By the way, there is a "happy ending" to the movie, albeit brief!

Anyway, those are just a few of my thoughts. I would encourage you to see it firsthand. Tell me what you think!"




Thanks for sharing!

Here is my review...

I think it is phenomenal and it is the Passion! It is important for people to understand and it is profound! Because Jesus died for the sins of the world we may rejoice in knowing that we have a Savior and a way to heaven! He died for us... for you and for me! Praise God for the boldness that Mel Gibson has for sharing this with the world! His conviction is profound and I am proud that he showed such an accurate portrayal of the last days of Jesus. Jesus took on the sins of the world! What a wonderful life we have in Jesus!


Tasha Ann


Paula, A simply heart felt thank you for your comments. Greater detail is not required.


Barbara Z


Amen to that! I haven’t seen the movie nor do I intend to. There have been mixed reviews, of course, but you and I both know that Jesus did not die on the cross, that the Jews were not responsible for the crucifixion, and that Jesus lives in our hearts! After the cross, he went on to teach in the Americas, Egypt, India, and probably more places than we can think of at this moment.

Please do not remove me from your list!!!!




A Qabalistic And Rosicrucian Perspective On "The Passion" and More

As a Hermetic Qabalist and a Rosicrucian (One schooled in Hermetic Science and Esoteric Christianity) I felt compelled to see The "Passion'..Enclosed is a "review from a fellow Light worker with whom I essentially agree..However let me share some of my thoughts on this emotional subject and movie..The first thing to obviously realize is that this is a movie written and directed by a seemingly devout Roman Catholic.

Up until very recently The Roman Catholic Church had held the Jewish people collectively responsible for The "Death" of Jesus...The result of this pronouncement created wide spread Anti-semitism throughout medieval Europe and the "death' of countless Jewish souls which climaxed with the Holocaust... I am sure we do not need to go into the profound failings of The Roman Catholic Church vis-a Vis Women, Pagans (witches), and other non-believers including Jewish how can we rational and /or,justify an institution which was responsible for such an atrocious track record (inquisitions,crusades etc..) particularly in light of the fact that the Church was the mainstay of Christianity..(Churchianity)..Hmmmmmm..Difficult and painful question(s) indeed.. Questions which call for answers!?...

So today we see the release of The Passion..bloody, gory,exhausting film which focuses primarily on the torture and Murder of Jesus as a sacrificial lamb devoured by the existing Power elite of the Day because in truth Jesus The man was anchoring a profound New energy for Humanity The energy Of The Christ .. The energy of Love, Compassion ,and Forgiveness along with the deeper understanding about man's essentially doubt the ruling elite were terribly threatened by this emissary of Love wisdom and Power..and for this he had to be removed from the scene..

Gibson's Passion is making many people in the Jewish community nervous..This nervousness (justified from an historical perspective) is quite understandable....It is a known spiritual fact that Jesus did not die on the Cross..also if we look into the profound miracle of his resurrection(ascension) we can all uniformly agree that Jesus did not die at all.. the grand illusion resides in the fact that Jesus did not "die "on the cross and the fact that the Christ, the inner self of man, is eternal and indestructible..Thus the idea that anybody "killed"Jesus Christ is of itself patently absurd...

Thus in light of these truths we can all let go of the illusion that anyone in deed was responsible for his "death" ...Instead we can all acknowledge the fine acting jobs by all the players in this intense drama and the perfection of the roles played in that there was and is a profound inspired teaching bequeathed to all humanity ...To be more specific let us examine the great musical and artistic masterpieces that were created in response to the Crucifixion and resurrection ...

In concluding,we can honor the memory and love of the resurrected Christ (qabalistically speaking The Archangel Of Humanity That which was ,Is and Shall Be) )by genuinely letting go of the past and forgiving.. The Jewish priest Craft ...., The Romans ,the R.C. Church for all alleged perpetrations real and imagined..It is time for all of us to let go forgive and awaken to our magnificent multidimensional creative selves and become our real selves as God- Goddess All -That Is Intended us to be!!! so beautiful exemplified by the life and teaching of Jesus The Christ and other great masters...

Now back to the Passion..Immediately after seeing this movie I encountered a Church group milling about the theater and asked them about there feelings about the movie.. No real response as they were still processing the film..however the head of the group asked me what I thought..My response was that this is a great film in support of banning capital punishment..WHoa!..

Blessings, Da Vid, MD


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My Review of THE PASSION


This may be one of those newsletters that thins out my mailing list. However, it seems to be an important issue to raise regardless of what your beliefs are. Its also a little too soon to send out another newsletter. Nonetheless, I was compelled to stop right in the middle of a ton of work so I could write my commentary and review of the controversial Mel Gibson movie, The Passion.

I attended the movie on its opening day, hoping to be inspired in some way. Frankly, I was greatly disturbed by what I saw, and I left the theater wondering why some one would make a movie like that.

Why this movie was named The Passion is a mystery: it was neither about the passion of Jesus' mission nor was it inspirational. In brief, it was two full hours of watching Jesus get beaten up and tortured in the most horrid way. In the typical Mel Gibson style, there was plenty of blood and brutality.

Gibson is reportedly a devout Traditionalist Catholic and no doubt he believes in his heart that he has done the world - and his religion - a great service. Excuse me if I offend any Catholics on my network, but why is it that the Catholic Religion focuses more attention on the suffering of Jesus rather than on his resurrection and restoration?

Jesus is healed and whole. He's alive - for Christ's Sake! (oops ... sorry)

Isn't his LIFE more inspirational to celebrate rather than his horrible suffering? I like Mel Gibson - and I very much liked his movie Braveheart because it was a fairly realistic portrayal of a real hero in history. But Gibson seems obsessed with the gory, bloody scenes. The Passion actually has far more bloody scenes than Braveheart.

I've participated in many different religions over the years and I've read the Bible cover to cover. Even though it does mention that Jesus was flogged and spit upon and that he suffered, nowhere does it mention to what extent he was beaten.

In Gibson's movie, the beatings go well beyond human capacity to survive and seems a senseless act if the idea was to publicly humiliate Jesus by forcing him to carry a huge, heavy cross through the streets to the crucifixion site.

In addition, many scholars agree that the partially restored Shroud of Turin was the actual burial cloth of Jesus; and even though blood stains do exist on the shroud - which correspond to the scourging of his body as mentioned in the Bible - there is no evidence of the kind of brutal thrashing inflicted upon Jesus as seen in The Passion.

So why the gruesome, gory and ghastly depiction of Jesus's demise in The Passion ... for two full hours? Wasn't the heart-crushing scene of the crucifixion enough?

Grumble .... grumble .... yes, I'm grumbling. It bothers me greatly as to why there wasn't greater focus on the parts of his LIFE that were uplifting, joyous, inspirational, moving, thought-provoking or truly spiritually passionate? I've always been a person that got far more inspiration out of the LIFE of Jesus and in his surviving and thriving - instead of his writhing.

Isn't it possible that Jesus was an amazing, highly evolved being - a God-realized man - who was born with a passion to actualize a beautiful and far-reaching vision for this world but who knew full well that he would be persecuted in the end? Nevertheless, he came here anyway because he knew that ideas and teachings on love and forgiveness would set a powerful blueprint for how life could be lived on this planet in a way that would end suffering - and to bring about greater happiness, lasting peace and deeper fulfillment for all of humanity. In other words - to instill knowledge, wisdom and behavior that would resurrect the world.

Did he suffer so that we should focus on his suffering - and then live lifes of suffering in repentance and guilt? I don't think so! Jesus embraced his humanity and eventually suffered so that he could resurrect himself and live again - so that we could learn to resurrect ourselves from suffering, too. It seemed to me that the message of his life was not only about love - it was also about moving beyond our pain - and that there is life after death. His mission was an incredibly bold plan that took far greater courage and compassion than any one can possibly imagine.

And because of what we now know about him in modern times, it was never his intention for us to deify him, make him a savior nor to create dogma or religion in his name. People did that.

The Passion will surely give rise to many arguments, commentaries and viewpoints from all over. And maybe in that way The Passion will serve as a positive catalyst for change and growth that will free us from old imprisoning beliefs that just don't serve us anymore.

Thanks for reading this. Namaste' ~ Paula Peterson

©by Paula Peterson 2002

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