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Star Kids
Dr. Richard Boylan and the Star Kids Project

* Skip to historical
Vatican Ufology Document

Hope for Our Future

An estimated two million people in America alone have had encounters with an extraterrestrial presence.

Many indigenous peoples throughout the world - including certain Native American tribes - trace their primordial lineage to ancestors from the stars. Throughout the world, very old texts - including the Bible, Sanskrit Vedas, Egyptian tablets, Sumerian and Tibetan texts - describe encounters with visitors from other planets and their spacecraft.

Our link to Star People and their nations has been obscured for thousands of years and most of our knowledge of them, their origins, and their relationship with us has been lost or intentionally hidden.

As our world teeters on the threshold of crisis and transformation, sightings of spacecraft and encounters with Star Visitors has remarkably increased. Or have we simply arrived at a stage of evolution where we can actually see them, interact with them, reclaim our cosmic heritage, and once again commune with our “kin” from the skies?

Discussing such matters is risky business in the American culture, not only because the topic of Star Visitors has become the target for cruel ridicule, horror stories, and debauchery, but because the Star Visitors are the heralds of unprecedented change within all of our societies as well as bringing about disruption to the status quo.

On the upswing of all this is hope for our future - that there will finally be a lasting peace throughout the world and that people everywhere will treat each other with greater respect and kindness. The old way of thinking and behavior will have to fade away and die out, however, before the new consciousness can take firm root. And it will be the children of today that will rise up in their mature years to make it all happen.

But not just any child. There are special children among us that are not only human - but of something far more: something extraordinary and awesome. Be they Indigo Children, the Psychic Children, the Dolphin Children, or the Blue Children - their presence brings heart-opening hope for all of humanity.

Star Kids * are a special group of very advanced children. And it is these kids that you learn more about in my interview with Richard Boylan, PhD.

If you are unfamiliar with his work, Dr. Boylan was recently added to the 20th Edition of the principle biographical reference of Who’s Who in the World which mentions his pioneering work in the field of UFO’s and Star visitors.

As researcher, behavioral scientist, anthropologist, author, and emeritus University Associate Professor, Dr. Boylan paves the way in providing a nurturing and exceptional educational environment for these extraordinarily gifted children.

Aside from his impressive credentials, he is a long-time friend and one of the most courageous, responsible and dedicated people I have ever known. He sets the example that - in spite of the horrific challenges he has endured for persisting in this controversial field - perseverance, dedication, and conviction has paid off. He is now invited to important conferences all over the world as a public speaker along with guest appearances on numerous radio programs - including Art Bell's Coast to Coast.

Boylan's article is right below - or you can go directly to the historical Vatican Ufology document.

with Richard Boylan,PhD
by Paula Peterson
Earthcode International Network

"The saga of Star Visitors' contacts with humankind is the greatest unpublished headline of the Millennium, and the most important missing fact in our history books." ~ Richard Boylan, PhD

Taken or influenced in some way by extraterrestrials, those known as “experiencers,” and in many cases, their offspring, have a unique and crucial role to play in our world.

Dr. Boylan first began working with experiencers in 1989 as part of his clinical practice. By 1992, quite a number had crossed his door, many of whom were parents who talked about the unusual qualities of their children, and in some cases, they brought their children with them. For the most part, they wanted to get some clarity about what was going on.

Even though his clinical skills and anthropological studies were of use, over all, there were and continue to be no road maps for dealing with experiencers. So, over time, as he analytically and scientifically reflected on the commonalities of experiencers, important patterns in the data and a number of changes began to emerge.

One of the dominate patterns of change was a strong increase in ESP and the development of psychic gifts of various natures.

Fear of Star Visitors

Now, there is still much confusion, disbelief even fear among the general public regarding contact with Star Visitors. Dr. Boylan comments that careful and open-minded reading of Church documents actually shows that the ancients were well aware of these visitors.

In fact, Dr. Boylan recently returned from a trip to Rome where he had a very productive dialog with theologian Monsignor Balducci of the Vatican regarding Star Visitors (**document is posted at the end of this article). Boylan points out that it’s interesting that this Italian Monsignor in his 70’s definitely old school in every other way is the most progressive guy in the Vatican on the subject of visitors from other worlds. He has given national television interviews, written articles, as well as educating his fellow priests on the subject using biblical references as support for UFO and Star Visitor reality. He clearly states that the Star Visitors are good guys and nothing to be afraid of.

There is also a huge amount of reference material in ancient texts that indicates that humans have not only been contacted all along but also genetically altered by Star Visitors.

The Missing Link

Boylan put it into a brief historical summary. Approximately 350,000 years ago star visitors genetically engineered primates to create homo-sapiens which are not related to the Neanderthals, or to the more primitive species that have been dug up, indicating that we are a hybrid race. The larger brain case and high intelligence is due to cross-splicing of a higher order of extraterrestrial genetic material.

This appears to be the reason for the so-called missing link: the leap from Neanderthal to Cro-Magnon man. There is a missing link because there is an absolute discontinuity between primitive species and homo-sapiens. Traditional archeologists keep trying to find a fairly upright individual who is a little more advanced than “Lucy” but not quite as advanced as homo-sapiens. They cannot find this missing link because there was no evolutionary curve. Instead there was a sudden emergence of a whole race of homo-sapiens round 350,000 years ago in Africa. And that is where the foot prints stop: there is no preceding species to connect us.

But what has become all too obvious to the Star Visitors after some 300,000 years of having a go with these brains that even though we've done some impressive creations of civilization, we still retain some rather unfortunate tendencies toward jealousies, competitiveness, and to resolve matters by grabbing a club and beating the other person over the head. In that way, we’re not much better than our primitive ancestors and other predators on the Serengeti.

Star Kids

Boylan finds that the kids being born in the last eight to ten years are way ahead of the average human and even way ahead of the average experiencer. They have striking abilities and their average developmental curve is quite rapid in many cases: they are lifting their head up, talking, walking, reading, and writing a year, two, or more, earlier than their age-mates.

They demonstrate telepathy at a very young age, and in some cases, they are influencing their environment mentally along with showing other abilities that normal humans don't have.

After compiling all the information from many experiencers, it seems that reproductive material is borrowed from humans - sperm or ovum - altered by the Star Visitors, and then put back.

Inference is that they've done a further upgrade in human genetics so that the kids born later to these parents are way advanced. Hypothetically, if the evolutionary scale of homo-sapiens is rated at 1.0, these kids are at 7.0.

By upgrading the human condition in this manner, it appears that this is one of the ways Star Visitors are helping to create a more advanced version of humanity that will have all of the virtues and strengths that tend to be absent in the average human at this time.

As marriage, inter-breeding - even blood donations - carry forth advanced DNA and ripples out into the general human genome for the next few generations, eventually all of humankind will be functioning at a more advanced level.

Total Recall - or Not

In many cases the parents remember these events clearly. In other circumstances they have only a hazy awareness of strange things going on in the house, or a UFO flying over their car followed by loss of time. If there is a missing chunk of time, then during hypnosis Boylan takes an experiencer back to retrieve the missing parts. When pieces fall into place they have a much more comprehensive sense of what is going on.

According to Boylan, experiencers report that there are two versions of genetic work being done: one of which is upgrading humans to the hypothetical 7.0. The other is doing splicing of human genes to a basically extraterrestrial genome which, in their case, tends to be grown in vitro in a test tube-like environment. Those children tend to look much more extraterrestrial than human. They would never pass for human in the way that Star Kids do. They have more of the extraterrestrial attributes but enough of the human qualities to restore some of the emotional range and heart consciousness that some star civilizations lost when they manipulated their genetic evolution.

In this case, those kids are often raised off world or on board the large ships that become semi-permanent homes for various colonies. Many experiencers have been taken aboard such ships to interact with one or more of these children and in many cases are given the telepathic message that this is their child. These experiencers treasure the short time they have on board to nurture and love them.

I mentioned at this point that some of the Star Kids I've encountered are quite energetic and seemed to be quite a handful. I wondered if the parents of such children have a much greater challenge in raising Star Kids?

Boylan remarked that his grandson is a case in point. He is going to a school in central California that specializes only in gifted children. Even there, he is bored. The restlessness of Star Kids - and this holds true for highly intelligent humans in general - is because they are processing information so fast that the pace most humans plod along at is painfully slow for them. They just get bored, restless, fidgety, agitated, and want to move quickly onto other things.

Unfortunately, they often get slapped with labels like Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity, and it really isn't fair since they’re not loaded with neurological anomalies like the true ADHD kids are. In truth, they’re just a square peg in a round hole and often have a rough time of it.

Also, that sense of being different makes it tough. Kids always want to blend in with other kids and be accepted. However, because of the way they think, behave, and the different way they see things, they get labeled by the other kids which makes it harder for them to make friends

You can imagine that when Star Kids reach puberty and adolescence that unless they have help, it can be an extremely challenging time for them. Without help, they can become isolated and feel like misfits in society even though they are extraordinarily gifted.

Hope for Star Kids - Hope for Our Future

There is special help and support for these kids and it’s called the Star Kids Project©. It’s quite ambitious and Dr. Boylan has developed a ten-year plan that includes multiple Star Kids Workshops across the United States, and in strategic regions of Canada, Europe, Mexico, and Turkey. Workshops in the United States are already underway.

This plan also includes establishing a Star Kids residential school, a mentor program, a graduate curriculum as well as training for faculty.

In the workshops, a special place is created for grade school kids, adolescents, young adults, and those who are basically grown-up Star Kids. Of course, parents and family are welcome since it’s important that family members understand these special kids so that they can assist in their development rather than be at loose ends.

The curriculum will include revisionist history of which a tiny slice was discussed above along with a different kind of physics: electro-gravitic, magnetic-gravitic, anti-gravity, and so forth that transcends the speed of light.

In nearly every one of the subjects that are traditionally taught to young people, a revising, upgrading, and cosmic overlay will take place. These kids need a foundation where they don't have to unlearn what they were previously taught and then relearn at a later time. If they can get it right from the beginning and then build on that knowledge, then kids with that kind of foundation are really going to soar as they mature.

The activities also cover why these kids are the way they are, where they come from, who the Star Visitors are, and so forth. We spend a lot of time on the various abilities and differences of Star Kids and Star Seeds - like different body temperatures and what that means. Or why they have cross-specie communication, telepathy, other sensitivities, and so on.

Remote viewing is practiced as well as other skills that use the mind. Other tools are used like the dowsing rods or the pendulum as a kind of magnifier of mental energies. A variety of other strategies are used to amplify the power of the mind and practice with it. Then there is discussion about using these abilities for doing social good and not as a reason to show off.

Special Nature of a Star Kid

Star Kids are very sensitive. One of general hallmarks of a Star Kid or a Star Seed is transparency: how one is on the inside shows on the outside. In addition, there is greater personal sensitivity, and group sensitivity. They do not abide by social pretense. Instead, they tend to see things as they really are and to call it as they see it. In addition to that, it’s been found that many of the participants have nearly all of the 42 signs of a Star Kid (at Boylan's website) while others have a lesser amount.

These attributes make sense in a mental-telepathic world, and is obviously a cultural value among Star Visitors since there is not much to hide mentally anyway in an empathic shared world. Besides, the transparency is a group-wise sensitivity. All of the ESP gifts for example represent either sending out energy or receiving energy and being highly attuned to that.

For a Star Kid or Star Seed, it’s not very easy to set up barriers to such sensitivity or to tune it down: it’s basically part of how they are made. Many of these kids are overwhelmed in noisy and violent environments: they just run away and hide in a closet. If any one is being petty or cruel in a social setting these sensitive people just want to melt away, because they can feel it on an energy level and it just grates on them. They don't seem to have the thick skin that many “1.0 humans” cultivate and seem to take pride in. But neither do they seem particularly interested in having it.

Boylan is optimistic that things will get better on earth so Star Kids don't have to deal with such harsh vibes. Coincidentally, many of them dedicate themselves to careers that involve making the world a better place for all.

Does It Show?

Boylan can spot a Star Kid or a Star Seed from across a crowded room by the energy that emanates from them, the way their eyes look, the way they talk, the way they carry themselves, and the way they relate.

What’s fascinating to him is that the latest batch of Star Kids coming in now - the very little kids still in baby strollers - are cranked up even higher than the older Star Kids. It will be quite amazing to see what they’re going to be like when they grow up because they will blow the current Star Seeds right out of the water.

Star Kids are really quite remarkable young people. And as our society becomes more and more populated with them, it’s going to be a very wonderful place to live. Many of the problems that have plagued our societies in the past will dissolve as this new crop of children grows up to achieve positions of influence and become the new leaders in our world.

Boylan is inspired to work with these special kids because they are the future. He believes that if he can help as many as possible get properly launched that it will greatly benefit the societies they will help shape as they come of age.

Many of Star Kids are now only a couple of years away from adult lives and careers that will include positions of great responsibility and increasing influence. Even some of the adult Star Seeds that Boylan has worked with are moving into positions of leadership and initiative. In the kind of work that he is doing it’s about building a better future with the kind of people who are going to be making a lot of that future come about.

Getting Involved

Good wishes and enthusiasm are always appreciated. However, any one who is interested in getting involved will have to know what they’re dealing with. So most importantly, the first step is for people to get educated about the topic.

Number two: Boylan believes that it really takes a Star Seed adult - with an insider perspective, awareness and experience - to help a Star Kid. People can certainly help with contributions, too. And they can help to get the word out so that more parents are aware and start looking to see if they happen to have a Star Kid. For parents who are struggling with clearly extraordinary kids and who don't have the faintest idea how they got to be that way, the need for understanding is imperative.

Boylan’s aim is to decode the puzzle, take away the mystery, and have the parents achieve acceptance as well as an understanding of why their children are so different. Once they realize that it’s all okay, then they can become the best possible parents they can be.

Getting their kids connected with other kids and adults who have the same background and who can help them find their way is the goal of the Star Kid Project: it serves in creating an environment that helps these kids move ahead fast instead of thrashing about in trying to make sense out of a world that isn't built for them.

Being at one of the Star Kids weekend workshops is a wonderful experience: the loving, wise, and aware energy emanating from so many people in a room sharing in this way is a heart consciousness experience and a whole new world.

Star Visitors have said that this evolutionary stage of humanity is much like that of a gangly, awkward adolescent: we’re leaving childhood behind but we haven't arrived at full adulthood yet. Boylan is convinced that these Star Kids are here to help with this transformational process and move us all forward faster.

A Sense of Urgency

A sense of severe time urgency motivates Boylan and practically every Star Kid and Star Seed he works with, to a greater or lesser degree.

He is persuaded by the Native American and other indigenous people’s oral traditions which say that all their prophecies have come true regarding the signs that have appeared right before there is a mass return of the Star Nations.

The Mayan Calendar states that by 2012 the old ways will have ended and a whole new culture and society will have clearly emerged by that point.

We are now peaking as a materialistic civilization and presently immersed in what Native Americans call the fourth world. In 2012 the fifth world will be coming in.

There is not much more time before fourth world will be rapidly fazing out and fifth world will be obviously manifesting. A lot of blood, sweat and tears will occur before then.

Prophecy states that there will likely be upheavals in the very near future. It will be a time of great shaking up literally and figuratively in and of society and our culture. It will be a time of great testing but also a time of great opportunity.

Those who can accept the Star Visitors and can attune to these matters, as well as those who have some psychic gifts and are open minded, will be in a much better place to cope with the changes than those who think this is all a bunch of hogwash and ignore the advice and the warnings.

It is also increasingly important for people to practice greater discernment: to be able to separate the truth from dis-information. As people practice that kind of discernment they will move more towards the kind of folks who are in tune with a real reality that includes the Star Visitors and Star Seeds that are among us.

You never know when you’re going to stumble across a closet Star Kid or Star Seed. There are a lot more out there than you think: an estimated two-million in the US and proportionately as many in the rest of the world. Even those who seem to be buried in some of the most hide-bound traditional cultural settings are really quite with it. So, it pays to have an open mind.

Once the topic of Star Visitors stops being ridiculed and denied by the government, and once people feel safe and more free to speak openly about their truth, people everywhere are going to be astounded by the number of folks who step forward and say, “I'm one of them, too.”

A Heart-Centered World

The entire interview with Boylan was wonderful and uplifting. When I thanked him for the pioneering work that he is doing with these kids and with the adults as well, he responded by saying:

“It’s such a heart-centered work with a heart-centered community. So, it’s work that I'm glad to do. Working with these special people is much like having a family - and that’s the beauty of this work.

“The fifth world society that we’re building will be much like a large extended family in the same way. That’s the feeling that we get in the Star Kid weekend workshops. Everyone feels like family at the end. And you can imagine what a lovely society it’s going to be when we all learn to live this way with each other.”

Characteristics of Star Seed and Star Kids are listed below including Dr. Boylan's website.

Paula Peterson, the author of this article, is an "experiencer" who participated in Dr. Boylan's regular group meetings.

©by Paula Peterson 2003

You may link to this page by using ~   ~ Thank you!


(** Monsignor Balducci's Vatican document on Star Visitors is posted below ~ courtesy of Dr. Boylan)

* Characteristics of Star Seeds and Star Kids

According to Dr. Boylan, "A Star Seed is an adult; a Star Kid is a child. A Star Seed/Star Kid may be defined as an adult/child with both human and extraterrestrial origin. The extraterrestrial contribution may come from reproductive material, from genetic engineering, from biomedical technology, and from telepathic consciousness linking, as well as from directed incarnation of a Star Visitor into a human body."

A Star Kid can have some or all of the following characteristics (all 42 Signs of a Star Kid are posted at Dr. Boylan's website):
Paranormal abilities ~ This includes telekineses (ability to move objects with the mind), teleportation (moving one's body in space), levitation, precognition, telephathy, clairvoyance, invisibility, ability to expand or dilate time, and so on. They also are able to influence and to heal others, mentally or through the use of pranic energy.
Striking appearance ~ They tend to have an appealing, dynamic appearance, a knowing gaze, and a mature look, and in adulthood may appear much younger than their years.
Biophysical changes ~ These include increased cranial size, lower body temperature, and immunity to common childhood diseases, including colds and flu.
Shared consciousness ~ This includes spiritual insight, the ability to link with other Star Kids and with Source Consciousness, and the ability to download information from off-planet.

Dr. Boylan also states, "They most often are imbued with a missionary zeal to make people wake up to their highest and best potential. These Star Kids also want to change the world for the better, be it by working for peace, spreading compassion and kind deeds, working to heal the Earth's pollution injuries, or telling people about a larger family we have out among the stars."

Richard Boylan, PhD, MSW, MSEd, is an author and a noted researcher of the Star Visitor and Star Children phenomena, and is director of the Star Kids Project ©. His biography was recently added to the twentieth edition of Who's Who in the World, with mention of his pioneering work in the field of UFOs and Star Visitors.

To find out more about Dr. Boylan's work and books please visit:

Dr. Boylan's Star Kids Project

(Once at the website, scroll down on the home page to find several articles about Star Kids and Star Seeds. The site also includes factual research and information on UFOs and Star Visitor contact, and about the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET). You can also write to Dr. Boylan at P.O. Box 22310, Sacramento, California 95822, phone or fax him (call first) at 916-422-7400, or contact him by email at

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written by Vatican Theologian, Monsignor Corrado Balducci
Pescara, Italy, June 8th 2001

The following is an English translation of the unprecedented paper Monsignor Balducci gave to Dr. Boylan at the historic meeting in Rome in December 2002 (photo at right).

In this seminal work, the Monsignor Balducci - theologian of the Vatican and the Pope's choice for the Archdiocese of Rome/Vatican itself - not only makes an air-tight case for the reality and acceptability of Star Visitor contacts with humans, but argues that these Visitors are more highly intellectually and spiritually evolved than humans.

The historic meeting was the meeting of a Vatican theologian who is a Star Visitor expert with a Star Visitor research expert who, as a former Catholic priest, is very versed in theology and the Bible's content about the Star Visitors/"angels."


Over the last 150 years it has appeared sequentially and with an increasing spreading and frequency rate, two types of manifestations and phenomena, very different between them, but both so interesting, controversial and fascinating to divide public opinion into two different aspects: or everything is real, or well everything is false. These are spiritualism and ufology. It shouldn't surprise us this approach, because it's related only to the reactions and behaviour of the public before these two phenomena and not to their contents, obviously quite different between both of them!

Regarding spiritualism, this is a practice for which there are testimonies across the centuries; in 1847, with the sisters Fox in Hydesville (New York), it had a special remark and spread rapidly in several countries. Very soon there was an explanation for the phenomena connected to such practices, even by the scientists: the souls of the disincarnated, better said of the dead people, are the cause of this. This was called the spiritualist hypothesis, against which theologians soon opposed to the so called demonic hypothesis.

Only by the end of XIX century there were made the first attempts to look for a natural explanation, and finally in 1922, with the thick book of the French scientist Charles Richet, "Traitè de Mètapsychique," it began officially the so called Metapsychics, nowadays better known as Parapsychology.

When I began with my demonic and metapsychic studies back in 1950, I found myself in a period when, since two decades ago, it was denied the existence of spiritualist phenomena (and not only by some scientists, but also by a very wide public opinion), that represented at that time the most abundant cases of Metapsychics.

The same is valid since some decades on regarding Ufology.

After this premise, we reach our subject, for which I have two very brief clarifications to expose.

• The acronym UFO (Unidentified Flying Object), is used here in a wider sense, or even better, including also the existence of living beings in other planets.

• The aim of my intervention is to underline that something real must exist in the phenomena, and how this does not contrast at all with Christian religion, being considered positive even among theologians.

Let's divide the speech in three points:

I. Something real must exist.

II. Theological considerations on the habitability of other planets.

III. Some testimonies favourable to it.

I - UFO: Something real must exist.

This is a statement coming out from basic considerations based upon common sense, human rationalism and upon a normal and possible course of our lives, considering not only individual and social aspects, but also religious.

In fact, today there is a great amount (still increasing) of testimonies regarding the so called flying saucers or spaceships and the extraterrestrials; and among them there are some coming from reliable persons, with a culture and initially non believers. There are already hundreds of thousands of eye witnesses in the world that state to have seen UFO's at least once. There are so many, even in a smaller amount, the testimonies coming from the so called contactees.

If we consider this, it seems impossible to deny at a rational level that something real does exist! A totally sceptic behaviour is not justified at all, because a priori seems to be against to the elemental prudence suggested by the good sense.

It is also real that we could think rationally that so large average of testimonies could be due to illusions, hallucinations and to states of intense suggestion. In other cases it could be also due to particular light effects or well to atmospheric phenomena, such as clouds that over the mountains may show a shape similar to the flying saucers; we could use as an example the so called ball rays or well globular flashes of lighting.

Other times UFO's could be confused with certain types of round-shaped aeroplanes, that were certainly built in USA since the so called Cold War (it is also certain that Russia built some aeroplanes of this type). This promoted in the period after World War II, the spreading of the idea that flying saucers were nothing else but new inventions with warring aim, obviously kept secret.

But these are always inaccurate explanations and considerations to explain the number of testimonies and the wideness of UFO phenomenon. The most severe and hard criticism could reduce largely this number, but never will be able to eliminate all of them.

We also have to remember that in several countries exist places, organisations and associations that collect evidences and testimonies on tape, in order to make them examine and study by experts and scientists as necessary; after that the whole set is catalogued in explainable and non explainable phenomena. It is not any longer a secret the existence of the so called "Area 51" in the United States, within a zone in the hearth of the Nevada desert; an enormous land area that has a larger construction underground than on the surface. In France is famous the SEPRA association; in Italy there is the CUN, "Centro Ufologico Nazionale" (National Ufological Centre), already on its 36th. year of existence, and with Dr. Roberto Pinotti as President since long ago; also in Italy there is since 4 years until now the CIFAS ("Council of International Federation of Advanced Studies") dedicated to study the relationships between man and extraterrestrial space, which President is still Gen. Salvatore Marcelletti.

Regarding the existence of something real within UFO phenomenon, I must add another consideration that was left for last to better underline its importance. And this is, that a generalised, systematic and total incredulity finally would weaken and destroy the value of human testimony, with serious and unforeseeable consequences, because that is the base of life not only individual and social, but also religious.

In fact, testimony is a form of communication of our faith in our partner. This is a widely spread way on daily life (when listening news, spending, buying, etc.). Let's imagine what could happen on individual and social life if the value of human testimony was weaken, with the logical decrease and disappearance of that faith many times is essential for daily life!

After this, I have extended such inconveniences to religious life; in fact, also Christian religion is based upon human testimony, being the Divine Revelation an historical fact.

In 1937 Jesuit theologian Herbert Thurston wrote on purpose: "From a logical point of view, christians that accept miracles and other episodes related on the Gospel... they cannot reject in an obstinate way the reiterated testimonies of modern and reliable witnesses, that relate what their eyes have seen... All our Apologetic system is based upon the belief in the Truth said in the Gospel" ("Church and Spiritualism"; Milan, 1937; p.p. 179). For that: "systematic demolition and discredit of human testimonies regarding simple fact data, seem to me contrary in principle to all belief on the historic seriousness of Gospel, and indirectly, to every belief on Christian Revelation" (Op. Cit. p.p. 157).

II. Theological and biblical considerations on the habitability of other planets.

First of all a clarification: we should exclude that angels use spaceships, due to the fact that they are merely spiritual beings, and that they are wherever they want to be, and in the rare cases when they show themselves, they don't have any difficulty to assume a visible form.

The very same we can say about dead people. Holy Virgin, in the very few cases when she could consider to be in contact with human people (very exceptional episodes and to be confirmed in their authenticity), continues to choose other very different ways to transmit us her maternal affection, to manifest us her urgencies, to communicate us her maternal claims or to give us her sweet reproaches. Even keeping their angelic nature, we shouldn't think about the devils at all, because they are connected in their liberty to God on their extraordinary activity, and in that way they are disabled to express their terrible and malefic hate regarding us. Let's remember St. August: "If the devil by his own initiative could do anything, even a single living being would not stay on Earth" (ML 37, 1246); let's remember also to St. Buenaventura: "Is so large the demon's cruelty, that he would swallow us in every moment, if Divine protection don't guard us" ("Diaeta salutis," tit. 7 c.1, Verona 1748, p. 183).

Therefore, when speaking about extraterrestrials, we must think in beings like us, or well and preferably in other types of living beings, that in their spiritual part they have associated a material one; better said, a body in a better state than the one existing for us as humans.

There is not a scientific certainty yet about this problem, even if this seems to be closer and closer, thanks to the progress of science and study. Regarding the theological and biblical aspect of this matter, we can remark three points, three affirmations in favour from the various considerations:

1. Before all, that exist other inhabited planets is something possible. In the Bible there are not specific allusions to other living beings, but neither is excluded this hypothesis, that for this stays as possible, if we think that God's omnipotence and wisdom have no limits, being infinite.

2. Furthermore, the existence of other inhabited planets is something credible. In fact, there is a great diversity between angels, merely spiritual beings and us, composed by spirit and matter; better said, soul and flesh, but a soul that cannot act if don't use the body as an instrument; a body that makes with its passions and capital vices conditional the soul to the point of make human person so fragile, and more devoted to evil than to goodness. Therefore is credible that this enormous distance between us and the angels could be reduced by the presence of beings that, having also a body (even if more perfect), their soul is less conditioned on their intelligent and volitional acting.

If necessary, there is another confirmation upon the very ancient saying of Lucrezio Caro: "Natura non facit saltus"; a very famous phrase (that I found on the "De rerum natura") and quoted - regarding that argument - also by some theologians.

Another consideration is taken for the aim of the creation, or well the Glory of God, a concept that you can find several times on the Bible. For instance, Psalm 18 begins by saying precisely: "heavens sing the glory of God." But only human person is able to give this glory to God in a conscious way , because it has intelligence and free will.

Precisely for this, several theologians say, is not only possible but credible, that in the spaces that are distant and inaccessible for men and his scientific instruments, do exist other beings able to know God as their Creator, and also they give Him this Glory, that for them and their worlds represent the aim of Creation.

Jesuit Father Domenico Grasso, Professor of Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University wrote on purpose: "Why all the perfection God has spread so widely in the universe should be kept hidden without singing the glory of God? Wouldn't it be a discordance unsuitable for God? Who writes a book knowing that it will never be read by anyone, or well who paints a painting to hide it from anyone's sight?."

He claims regarding the statements made by German theologian Joseph Pohle in one of his books of 1904 (page 457): "It seems to be accordingly with the aim of the world that inhabitable celestial bodies are settled by creatures that recognise the glory of God in the physical beauties of their worlds, in the same way man does with his smaller world" ("Die Sternewelt undihre Bewohner" - "The Stars of Universe and its Inhabitants"; Köln 1904; pp. 457). Finally Father Grasso concludes: "we must think in the angels to know where God receives the glory from these worlds from, because them, that are purely spiritual, "are not able to know the matter but indirectly, in the same way man does with the spirit" (ib.).

3. Beyond to be something possible and credible, I would see desirable the inhabitability of other planets. In a future, even if very remote, these eventual inhabitants, superior to us, could be very helpful to us, specially in our spiritual path. In a non practical way, they could had been protecting and helping us since long time ago.

If is is the case that they do really exist intelligent Beings on other planets, it would be easier to understand how to conciliate their existence with the redemption of Christ. As St. Paul says (cfr. Col. 1, 16-17), a real fact is that Christ is the centre and head of the creation of the universe. Therefore there are no worlds without a reference of Him. From the Bible is possible to assure that Christ, as Incarnated Verb, has total influence upon all the possible inhabited planets.

I quote what said by St. Paul to the Colossians: "For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on Earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or principalities or powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. And He is before all things and in Him all things consist... For it pleased the Father that in Him all the fullness should dwell. And by Him to reconcile all things to Himself, by Him, whether things on earth or things in heaven, having made peace through the blood of His cross" (Col. 1, 16-20).

The Church celebrates the last Sunday of the Liturgical Year (before the Advent) as the Feast of Christ, King of the universe, and in its liturgy the universality of His kingdom is remembered, which is also expressed in the daily Mass.

III. Algunos testimonios a favor.

There exist several interesting statements on the inhabitability of other worlds by lay scientists, theologians or servants of God which already qualified for a process of beatification or canonisation. Obviously I'll limit myself to quote just some of them.

Beginning with the laymen, let me quote the great French scientist Charles Richet (1850 - 1935), that was, among other things, a materialist. In 1922, in his "Traitè de Mètapsychique," he stated: "Do we have any right to claim, just because of our limited senses and our mistaken intelligence, that man is the only intelligent being in this immense cosmos?... That other intellectual forces, different from us, exist, is not only possible but extremely probable. It is even certain... It is absurd to claim that we are the only intelligence in nature... The existence of these beings cannot be proven, but the probability of their existence is evident" (loc. cit., Paris 1922, pp. 787-788).

I remember 5 theologians:

1. Cardinal Nicolò Cusano (1401 - 1464), philosopher and scientist that said: "We are not authorised to exclude that on another star beings do exist, even if they are completely different from us."

2. The Jesuit Father and astronomer Fr. Angelo Secchi (1818 - 1876) wrote: "It is absurd to claim that the worlds surrounding us are large, uninhabited deserts and that the meaning of the universe lies just in our small, inhabited planet.."

3. The famous Dominican preacher Jacques-Marie-Louis Monsabre (1827 - 1907) referred to the principle "Natura non facit saltus" when he claimed that other intelligent beings besides men and angels exist.

4. The already quoted English Jesuit Father Herbert Thurston wrote: "Who can claim that there are no other intelligent beings besides these 3 categories of angels, demons and men in the Universe of God? I do not intend to confirm the possibility I indicated in my question as a fact, but I ask: Who can be sure about it?" (Op. Cit., pp. 3).

5. German Theologian Giuseppe Pohle: "Hypothesis of the plurality of inhabited worlds is totally favourable to the glory of the Lord. God creates for His glory, and any glory is possible without intelligent beings, able to know the creation of the Lord."

I remember two persons for whom there is already going on their process of canonisation:

1. The Salesian Father and Servant of God Don Andrea Beltrami (1870 - 1897) who prayed also for the possible inhabitants of other planets. Of the 16 booklets he wrote, one seems to deal with this topic (and I say "seems" because unfortunately I was not able to know the titles of his 16 publications).

2. The second (with whom I want to close this paper) is the already sanctified Padre Pio, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II on May 2, 1999 and canonised on June 16, 2002. From St. Fr. Pio, the following dialogue is documented and officially published by the Cappuchin Order:

Question: "Father, some claim that there are creatures of God on other planets, too." Answer: "What else? Do you think they don't exist and that God's omnipotence is limited to this small planet Earth? What else? Do you think there are no other beings who love the Lord?."

Another question: "Father, I think the Earth is nothing compared to other planets and stars." Answer: "Exactly! Yes, and we Earthlings are nothing, too. The Lord certainly did not limit His glory to this small Earth. On other planets other beings exist who did not sin and fall as we did." (Don Nello Castello: "Così parlò Padre Pio"; Vicenza, 1974).

Lac. Corrado Balducci
Rome, C. 7 / 6 / 2001

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