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~  Rock Medicine  ~
Reawakening an Ancient Healing Art

Introduction by Paula Peterson

Healing the human body doesn't have to be complicated nor expensive. Our birthright is health and contentment and it’s only when we fall out of balance with our true nature and the natural rhythms of our body that we begin to accrue disease and unhappiness.

Everything we need to heal ourselves and stay healthy has always been plentiful and available to us: healing foods, healing herbs, healing water, healing light, healing sounds, and healing minerals.

Healing - and the ending of suffering - should never be so expensive that we cannot afford it. I believe that Divine Creator, God - or whomever and whatever that Higher Power may be to you - has always provided solutions in abundance. The earth and its living kingdoms have always been the source for health and healing in its natural state.

In the rekindling of the ancient art of Rock Medicine, and in restoring our faith in these timeless natural sources for remedies, we will once and for all put an end to long-term suffering and the chronic illnesses that have plagued humankind for centuries. Rock Medicine, offers an effective holistic approach that is common sense, simple, and a reunion to a natural practice that is primordial at its core.

Sela Randazzo is the author of Rock Medicine,and a dynamic messenger of this lost healing art. The interview that soon follows is quite an eye opener.

But to begin with, my first interview with Sela actually occurred several years ago on my cable-television talk-show that aired in Sacramento - the second largest cable studio in North America. Even though my show - Welcome to the New Millennium - ended for a number of reasons - primarily my move to Santa Cruz - the episode with my interview with Sela Randazzo and Rock Medicine was so popular, that it continues to be aired on the cable networks to this day.

My personal experience of Rock Medicine is that it works. Within less than two-hours of drinking a glass of water that contained the stones specific to my condition, I felt a positive shift in my energy. How something so simple and inexpensive could be so beneficial to health and well-being only makes sense!

After all, why have certain stones - especially gems of certain quality - considered to be precious for thousands of years? Why have they been assigned such high monetary value? And why were the crowns of royalty often imbued with gemstones?

Theory has it that specific stones inserted in crowns actually improved intuition, increased clarity of thought, supported wise decision-making, and opened the neuronal pathways in the brain that made it easier to receive divine guidance. It makes sense, then, that the wearer of certain gemstones used them as an important “instrument” to ensure wise leadership or to augment a field of power.

Even though such knowledge and use has long ago faded, the exorbitant prices placed on certain gems are - in a way - a somewhat distorted recognition and acknowledgment of the power these stones wield.

Rock Medicine is not about high priced gems, but the simple, inexpensive raw stones as they are found in nature that precious gems are cut from - and yet are just as potent. It took a tenacious and insightful woman like Sela Randazzo to reawaken this latent healing modality that the human body responds well to.

Sela’s innovative approach is not only a gift, but seems to run in the family: her father, Warren Weidemann, was the individual who formulated un-leaded gasoline. Her grandfather, Dr. Samuel Milliken, was a surgeon who built the very first prototype for micro-optic surgical instruments. Her great-grandfather, Richard Ridgeway-Kennedy, was the one who perfected homogenation - a process used by all Western dairy factories.

Undoubtedly, Sela comes from a strong line of credible scientists, inventive minds, and pioneers in putting forth invention, apparatus, processes, and formulas that has become an integral part of daily life.

Rock Medicine
with Sela Randazzo
by Paula Peterson
Earthcode International Network

PJP: How did you come to develop Rock Medicine?

SR: Well, the journey of Rock Medicine actually begins when I was five years old. I was coming home from a girlfriend’s house at dusk, and even though I was in my own neighborhood, I got turned around and found myself lost. At first, I wasn't afraid since I grew up in one of those neighborhoods where you knew everyone.

So, I went up to the nearest house to tell them my name and address and that I was lost. But no one was home. It was then that I panicked, and as I hurried down the stairs of the porch, I bumped right into the chest of someone standing there - a person that looked like every Sunday school picture I had ever seen of Jesus.

Now, when you’re only five years old and raised in a fundamentalist Christian household, something like this is all real and completely acceptable. I calmly thought, “Jesus - oh, good! It’s you. Can you help me out here?”

Since I was only five, it was my understanding that that’s exactly who should show up to help me. Yet, the moment that my mind wrapped around the reality that this was Jesus standing in front of me, His image suddenly transformed into a liquid Light Being. In that instant, I was in its arms - and in that same instant - on the front door step of my home.

I went running into the house yelling, “Mom, mom! Jesus brought me home.”

Well that was not the best thing for me to do. I learned early on not to tell people about these experiences. My mother was not receptive. I further discovered that others were suspicious or over-reactionary. So I learned to keep these experiences inside.

My mom had a serious mental condition that caused her to be very abusive physically and emotionally to me and my siblings. The light being immediately explained, Sela, you’re not being hit because you’re a bad girl. You’re being hit because you’re mom is sick and no one is helping her.

From then on, this light being spoke to me every day of my life. It never told me anything odd or weird, or told me to do things. It was simply comforting, guiding, nurturing, and teaching.

Later on, while at a conference in Detroit, I attended a lecture that seemed to grab me immediately: the Hypothesis of Healing with Gems and Crystals.

As I entered the lecture hall, the light being who had spoken to me all my life touched me for the first time on the shoulder and said, Sela, listen very carefully here today. And I knew that this was important.

In this lecture, I learned that there was no standardized information on healing with stones, but that it’s good to use kinesiology (muscle testing) to determine which stone was needed or called for in any given health condition.

I went away with this information, learned kinesiology, and for the first three years, offered kinesiology at the clinic owned by my partner - a medical doctor - and worked with patients that he found no other help for.

It was during this time - and through the process of elimination and using kinesiology - that I established the standardization of about twenty stones. As an example, let’s say that out of muscle-testing fifty people, twenty-three have cancer. Of those twenty-three, they always test out to need the stone Calcite. Therefore, I came to know that Calcite was for cancer. And that’s how I applied the stones for those first three years.

While visiting with a friend in Reno, a friend of hers, the daughter of the ex-Mayor of Reno, stopped by on that same day while riding in an ambulance on her way to the hospital for her last few weeks of life: she had been diagnosed with untreatable cancer and wanted to say good-bye.

Since I happened to be there, I was introduced as someone who does healing work with crystals and gems. Upon hearing this, the woman asked if I could help her. I said, “Yes, I can,” and we began a treatment program.

She got strong, her hair grew back, her cancer disappeared, and she is alive and well today in Reno.

PJP: What an amazing turn-around for that woman from being so close to death. You went on to have another phase of Rock Medicine given to you. What can you tell us about that?

SR: Afterward - in a mystical, out-of-body experience at a spiritual gathering - I was “taken” into another dimensional realm where I was shown a colossal, leather-bound book sitting on a single pedestal in the middle of an octagonal shaped room. As I looked at this book, the pages of ancient information fluttered past at lightening speed. When the book shut, I felt a thud in my abdomen. I immediately knew this work and knew I could teach it. It was then that I felt I was given the “green-light” to teach Rock Medicine

Within the next year, I was given about another hundred stones and exactly what they were good for. No two stones and their use came to me in the same manner. For some, I “saw” pictures, some I “heard” words, and for some it would explode in my head as I came near a person in need. So now, I have been practicing Rock Medicine for over twenty years.

PJP: How does Rock Medicine work?

SR: It works because there are three living kingdoms on the planet: animal, vegetable, and mineral. The force that makes these forms alive is electrical energy. It exists even in the rocks - the mineral kingdom - even though it is thought that rocks are not alive.

When a human being or beast dies there is no longer electrical energy to animate the body. It’s the same thing for a tree, a bush, or a rose: it has an electrical charge that runs through it. Once it is cut down, however, it no longer occurs. The piece of furniture made out of oak no longer has that electrical charge in it.

The mineral kingdom is like that, although, there is an important difference. You can take a huge boulder of rose quartz, smash it into a hundred pieces, and you will have a hundred instruments that have the full electro-magnetic vibration present.

You can take a mineral down to its original crystalline structure and it will still keep its electro-magnetic charge. It’s this electro-magnetic charge that interacts with our body.

There are different methods of eliciting that electro-magnetic influence. One of the most obvious is by contact: you can hold it.

Another is by rendering its essence: you can put the stones into water and that vibration is captured in the water. It’s similar to throwing a pebble into a pond; the waves ripple out, hit the sides of the shore, come back in, and cross over the next set of ripples. In this way, it sets up a perpetual motion and captures the essence of the stone.

There are apparatuses that can be built with crystals and gems: one is called a focus-direct. Take a clear, quartz crystal with an absolutely perfect point or multiple points and place the selected stone against it to elicit its influence. Then point it toward a person, the doorway to your office, the patients bed, at the massage table where you’re doing your work - or whatever.

Like the little laser beam that sets off the bell when you walk into a mini-mart, anyone who passes or stands in front of that direct line of the point on the quartz crystal is influenced by the stones that are touching it.

PJP: Now, are any of those methods more effective than the others?

SR: Yes. Obviously the hand-held method is going to be the fastest and most expeditious. However, we find that usually people who are in chronic situations are the ones who have the time to hold the stones twenty minutes a day in the appropriate hand, put them down to clear for the required 3-4 hours, and then pick them up again 2 to 4 times a day which is the required application.

For those with busier lives and who are not encumbered by their illness - they still hold a job, have a social life, go shopping, take care of their kids, do the housework - they may find it difficult to actually make the time to hold the stones twenty minutes 2 to 4 times each day. Therefore, the essences work better for them.

The essences still elicits change within days and it’s better to be able to do a slightly less expeditious application, and do it safely, than to set yourself up to fail by not actually holding the stones the required number of times each day.

It’s similar to antibiotics in that sense: one application of Rock Medicine doesn't heal anyone. The applications are repeated until a balanced state is achieved.

PJP: Can this work by placing stones into a pouch - or something similar - and wearing it?

SR: No. It’s important to consider that this is about electro-magnetic vibration. Anything that will not conduct electricity will not conduct the influence of the stones. So if you have them under your pillow, in a pouch, in your pocket, or in your purse, and you’re not physically touching them, then they will not be as effective.

But I do recommend a pouch as a place to keep the stones for those people who choose to hold the stones in their hand - like a leather pouch around their neck.

PJP: What are some other examples of healing with Rock Medicine?

SR: There are so many and the best examples are all so dramatic. A woman I met a little over ten years ago called and said, “I hear you have stones for weight loss.” And I said, “Well, yes and no. There are stones to address problems with metabolism. But a weight problem is rarely the original cause, but is usually the symptom of a deeper issue. So, is there any thing else going on for you?” She assured me that she was just fine and that she only needed to “lose a little weight.”

And so I started her off with the seven stones for cleansing. I would start anyone on that no matter what their malady was just to do a general cleansing first.

She started with the cleansing stones, and then called me about four days later saying, “Oh, my God. When I called and told you that there was nothing wrong with me except for a need to lose a little weight, I didn't think that there was anything wrong with me because my thyroid situation was handled and maintained by medication and my lactose intolerance was handled by what I ate or didn't eat along with medication.”

Well, to make a long story short, on the third day of using Rock Medicine, she discovered she was no longer lactose intolerant. She eventually eliminated all medications.

Now, she and her family have the seven cleansing stones of Rock Medicine in their water system that feeds their entire house and all the members of the family have not taken prescription drugs for over ten years. They now treat everything with Rock Medicine.

PJP: That’s fabulous! Do you have other examples?

SR: The most recent is a woman in San Jose, California, whose husband accidentally snapped her in the eye with a towel that detached her retina, causing blindness in that eye. The doctor said that he would try to do surgery to reattach the retina but stated that there was only about a 30% chance of any improvement.

When she came home from the doctor, she called me and I had Rock Medicine essence sent to her immediately. She started using it as eye drops. She went to the doctor two days before the surgery as he was going to do some pre-op evaluation. When he looked at her eye and determined that her vision was already beginning to return, he cancelled the surgery.

The retina had reattached itself in proper order and she was seeing a little bit of double-vision at first. She just called me a few days ago to tell me that her vision has returned to normal. Her doctor is just blown-away and doesn't know what to think.

We've had people go from HIV positive to HIV negative. We've had people who've been diagnosed with Lupus for five years all of a sudden not have Lupus anymore. This has been going on for more than twenty years with many serious illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and leukemia. We treated a man who was over fifty and had diabetes since he was thirteen years old. He was completely blind and when he started using Rock Medicine, a window of light opened up in his vision and he was finally able to see shadow and light. With some one who is completely blind this is a dramatic response.

PJP: What are the cleansing stones that you mentioned?

SR: There are seven primary stones for treating general cleansing and for the initial treatment of any health condition.

PJP: Like a basic foundation?

SR: Exactly. If you were a cook, it would be like making a basic white sauce from which you build up from there to make any other gravy or sauce.

The first stone is Jade. Jade is like the grandfather stone of healing: it detoxifies. Illness is like a block in the system that builds up from accumulated toxins. That’s when symptoms appear and illness occurs.

It’s similar to a line of cars traveling on the freeway and suddenly a brick wall appears. The first cars in line hit the wall and all the other cars keep coming from behind and continue piling up. Pretty soon you have this huge blockage and a festering pile. In the body, that’s when the toxicity builds-up and creates an imbalance. And it’s not always physical: it could also be an imbalance of spirit or mind.

Jade pulls that brick wall down, and allows the cars to continue on their way. However, the first cars that hit the brick wall in the first place are damaged and can no longer continue ahead.

So, Amber is the next stone to use in that grouping, because it holds the memory of proper DNA. Now, the amazing thing about amber is that it restores the memory of wellness. If you have a broken leg and you use Rock Medicine, the amber’s presence tells the bones where it was and how it was before it got broken.

Let’s say you were born with diabetes - the stone, amber, searches through your DNA for the proper order. Since you have the DNA patterns of your parents, your grandparents, and all preceding ancestors before that, it will search back through your genetic line until it finds that DNA representation of your family heritage in your genes that was not predisposed to diabetes.

PJP: That’s fascinating. Does that have anything to do with the fact that prehistoric insects and their DNA have been found to be perfectly preserved in petrified amber?

SR: Yes. It was almost amusing, but a wonderful affirmation, when only a short while after I was given the information on amber that the movie Jurassic Park came out: the living dinosaurs where created from the DNA they extracted from a piece of amber!

Even if you never use any other stones - jade and amber will help to pull down the blockages and help to restore the memory of wellness.

PJP: Is it any kind of jade or is it a particular type?

SR: It’s Nephrite Jade. It’s also known as Monterey Jade.

PJP: Is one type of jade better than the other?

SR: One jade is completely different than the other. It has to be Nephrite Jade. However, it doesn't matter what color: it comes in white, green, lavender, and pink.

PJP: What are the other stones?

SR: We then have the other stones for cleansing the oxygen in the body - and I don't just mean in the lungs I mean in all areas of the body: the oxygen found in the tissues, the cells, the blood, the fluids, and also the immune system.

The blood is treated with Hematite. Hematite is used by people under the age of fifty-five to sixty for blood-purification. People over the age of sixty would use Carnelian. Carnelian is a orangey-colored stone that is of the agate family. These are the only stones that are distinctive by the age of the person using it.

PJP: Does the use of carnelian after the age of fifty-five have any relationship to the second chakra becoming dysfunctional and our bodies going through hormonal changes at those ages?

SR: It may well be. I cannot account for that except there are metabolic changes that occur in our bodies at that time. We certainly have enough medical information that reports that as we age, tremendous hormonal changes affect us physically, emotionally, and mentally. I think the word “maturity” goes a lot deeper than thought process.

If a person has any doubt as to which of these stones to use, they can use them both. Because the one that is appropriate is the only one that will resonate to the body.

Then going on to the purification of the entire system is Pyrite.

PJP: Is pyrite the same as Fool’s Gold that people find in streams and imbedded in other rocks?

SR: That’s exactly correct. It cleanses the entire oxygen content in the body.

The next stone is Smokey Quartz which cleanses the water in the body. The human body is over 80% water. So you can see where cleansing the blood, the oxygen, and the water in the body would be very dynamic and extremely necessary in bringing overall balance.

The next one is Clay. Now, clay cleanses and restores the immune system. I find it very interesting that clay is being offered at extremely expensive costs these days for working on the immune system. However, they are using the wrong form of clay, because that clay is porous.

The reason we need Rock Medicine is because most of the derivatives from the animal and vegetable kingdom that we use as medications - and I say most if not all - are toxic in themselves because our air, our soil, and nearly all of the water on earth is polluted. So the clay must be from an era before those pollutants were introduced into the environment by humankind.

Now, you might say, “Well, gee, how do I get a hundred-year-old piece of clay?” You would be very surprised at just how much is available. There’s old clay tiles, pot shards, and literally baskets, buckets, bags, and boxes full of old clay pieces that have been found in archeological digs, and in old towns. I was able to get a thirteen by six slab of almost 150-year old clay because they redid the tile roof on an old mission in San Juan Bautista in central California. So, it’s much more available than people might think.

PJP: Would the operators of a rock shop know how old a piece of clay is?

SR: Well, the clay just has to be around at least a hundred years old. The reason for this is simply that it has to be clay that was taken from the ground, fashioned somehow with water, and baked - either in the sun or in an oven. This causes the clay to become like rock; it’s no longer porous so it won't absorb toxins anymore.

The last stone is Covellite. Covellite actually has some Cobalt in it. But it’s structured in such a way that the Cobalt is not a radioactive agent - which it normally would be if it was in its separated state. In a way, it’s similar to snake-venom which is used to treat poisonous snake bites. Covellite treats exactly what Cobalt creates, which is radiation toxicity.

Now this is a fairly “new” stone of application for healing, because in ancient times, radiation toxicity did not exist. Even though earth does give off levels of radiation, it is in very low and tolerable levels.

However, we now have technologies that have increased emissions of radiation which are ever-present and a continuing threat to health. Radiation toxicity causes cancer, thyroid problems, as well as other illnesses - it’s a big one. We need to cleanse our bodies to keep our immune system strong and healthy.

PJP: Can these stones be found in a typical rock shop?

SR: Absolutely. These stones, including the clay, can be found in a rock shop and can cost anywhere from fifty cents to two-dollars. You don't need a large piece for the stone to do its work.

PJP: Where do you see Rock Medicine going? How can this serve humanity?

SR: Well, I have some personal challenges with that. I have come off of a four-year sabbatical because while I was doing this work previously, people tended - as they often do - to revere the messenger more than the message. And that has been the constant undoing of some of the best information, guidelines, and gifts from Creator. I need to make sure that this not about me.

But I also want to get the word out. So I'm trying to do as many interviews, shows, lectures, and workshops as I can. Rock Medicine does have a life of its own: once people get the healing influence, they share it with others. It’s not necessary for anyone to get in touch with me in order for it to work. I'm just like UPS or FedEx: I'm only delivering a package of information.

I need to make sure that everyone understands that Rock Medicine belongs to everyone already.

PJP: Thank you so much Sela for sharing this precious gift with all of us.

Further information on Rock Medicine is at the end of this article. But first, as an intriguing closing to this interview, the following is an enlightening poem written in 750 AD by the famed Zen-Buddhist monk and literary legend, Han Shan. It was translated from the original Chinese Tang Dynasty scripture. Interestingly, Sela Randazzo just recently came across this poem - long after she wrote Rock Medicine.

Even though it is ancient - and very Zen - it is quite revealing. If you’re not accustomed to Zen-thought, then the following may be a bit challenging and require some deep pondering. Nevertheless, it is surprising and potent in its meaning.

From the 300-Missing Poems of Han Shan
#217 (750 AD - Tang Dynasty Scriptures)

This Rock Medicine is not a cure for
the imaginary ailment that keeps
the preachers in business.

It supports neither hope
nor despair, indulges
no notions of mistaken
identity, seeks no success
and avoids no failure.

It's Rock Medicine, with
nothing to recommend it.
It is neither a method
nor remedy.

Because it is freely available
to all, it is most common.
Since its value is unknown,
it is priceless.

A treatment of Rock Medicine
accomplishes nothing, incites
no transformation, stirs no
secret power, confers no
exultation. Thus, it is
truly of no use -
the ultimate
medicine of last resort.

It has no grand master, nor initiated
practitioners, nor evangelizing
proponents, and thus remains
obscure to the meaning-making
mind of attraction and aversion,
affirmation and denial,
need and satisfaction.

With no image to preserve,
it will never become
famous, admired, or

It belongs to nobody, nor
can anything be added to it
or subtracted from it.

It neither expands with time
nor contracts with space.

Preceding history, it
has no precedent, and
thus is ever new.

Since it can neither be learned
nor forgotten, it is without
any quality worthy of
praise or complaint.

Beyond compare, it cannot
be described by simile or

Unnoticed in the commotion of
worldly affairs, it will
quietly do its job.

Impartial to both the
wise and the ignorant,
it leaves no trace behind.

©by Paula Peterson

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IMPORTANT: If you have a health question for Sela, before contacting her, please read the book Rock Medicine FIRST. Many health conditions are already covered and nearly all frequently asked questions are answered in it.

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