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Never Cross An Elf

--   Paranormal Events That Still Baffle Us   --

Fascinating Investigations by Award-Winning Author: Brad Steiger

Never Cross an Elf

. . . Paranormal events that still baffle us

PLUS . . . . . .

     ☆  Seeing the unseen: A Brain Wave State
     ☆  Stillness Speaks

“I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?”
--- John Lennon (Legendary Beatle, English songwriter, singer & political activist 1940-1980)

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You Never Want to Cross an Elf is an intriguing investigation written by prolific, award-winning author, Brad Steiger, who is well-known for his intelligent reporting on unexplainable paranormal events from around the world.

But first, the following commentary provides a bit of a primer and thought-provoking segway into the paranormal.


by Paula Peterson

Don't cut down that tree - it may be the home of an elf

The "wee folk", the "old ones", the elves, the nature spirits --- those mysterious other-worldly intelligences that live and lurk betwixt and between dimensional realities. We may not be lucky enough to see them, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

It is precisely because we have "grown up" and have "put away childish things" that we have lost the ability to see or hear these wise -- sometimes tricky -- supernatural beings. Nonetheless, long forgotten memories often stir when something vaguely familiar catches our attention.

With all its fantastic characters of elves, fairies, wee hobbit folk, and spooky creatures, the beloved classic epic, Lord of the Rings, became a colossal box-office hit and a huge cult following was born. Why is that?

And why is it that the most beloved of childhood stories are about elves and fairies: stories that date back to ancient cultures yet are still valued today?

Could it be that we harbor collective subconscious memories of an era on earth when the "veil" that separates dimensions was thinner and the threshold to fantastic realities more easily crossed?

As cultural beliefs changed throughout the centuries and as the more intellectual, left hemisphere of the human brain became far more developed, all had a tremendous impact on our ability to access - or filter out - many realities that became remembered only as myth.

Many of you reading this saw and heard things as small children that others did not. But you soon forgot much of it, largely because you were invalidated and taught NOT to believe. And so a very significant door to other worlds was closed very early in life.

Access to other realities begins with brain wave states

I learned in hypnotherapy training that we have four basic electrical brain wave frequency states: beta, alpha, theta and delta.

We are in beta when we're fully awake and going about our daily routine - and it is also the brain wave state where anxiety, worry, tension and stress is produced ; we are in alpha when we're relaxed, reflective, meditative, just beginning to fall asleep ... or even when we're doing repetitive tasks like driving along a familiar road; we are in theta when we're highly creative, deep in day-dreaming, birthing a new idea, having a revelation, deep trance-channeling, having a religious/mystical experience or gaining inspired insights; we're in delta when we are in a deep state of both dreaming or dreamless sleep.

We experience all of these states at different times in various forms. Although we can tap into the highly creative state of theta, the vast majority of folks visit the theta state only briefly while drifting from alpha on the way down into deep-sleep delta ... and then again when we rise from delta on the way up to alpha to full wakefulness.

It is while we are in the theta state - a primarily right brained activity - where we achieve our fullest potential for high creativity and profound insights as well as spiritual/religious ecstasy ... AND where we can access other dimensional realities.

But why is such a powerful brain wave stage like theta experienced mostly in the sleep state? Isn't that a waste of a very good thing? Well ... it wasn't always this way for us.

The Gift of Childhood

When we were children, the theta state took the larger percentage of our waking state. In fact, from birth to around 6 or 7 children are in the theta state far more than any other brain-wave state. This makes sense because children are highly creative in their play and imagination: it's switched on all the time.

It is also during this time when children are likely to have invisible playmates or companions - which may include invisible animals (invisible to others that is!). Children also tend to see and hear many things that older kids and adults regularly dismiss as the over-active imagination of a child - simply because they themselves don't see or hear that which is very real to the child.

Unfortunately, small children also lack the ability to accurately describe their experiences which compounds the confusion or disbelief. In addition to that, until they learn the words, children may not even be aware that what they see or hear is not visible or audible to others ... they just accept it as another part of "their world" and may not significantly react.

The Test

When I am in the presence of infants and one or two year olds - whether standing in line at a public place or at a gathering - I often give them "the test" to see how aware they are. No one else knows I'm doing this ... but the child knows.

Once their gaze is on me, I create a strong mental image of a ball of light around my left or right shoulder. Then I move it around using my mind. I will change its color or split it up into many smaller balls of light. Most children will follow the light with their eyes wherever I have moved it. It's quite fascinating.

None of these children ever respond in a manner that indicates fear, surprise or concern simply because they do not see it as anything unusual ... and so they never make any motion to alert their parent who is cradling them or standing close by. They simply watch the movement that I'm creating with my mind. The whole experience goes unnoticed by mom or dad but the child is fully engaged in the experience of another realm of dimension.

Disbelief closes the door

When children are repeatedly laughed at, ignored or invalidated in regards to their experiences, it quickly sends a message to their vulnerable, fragile and developing character:   that seeing or hearing certain things is not acceptable - and certainly not safe to talk about. And so children learn to turn off their awareness at a very early age.

As children become increasingly indoctrinated into the world of adults -- with its secular beliefs, stressful societal expectations and highly structured school systems that reward intellectual development and achievement over soul nourishment and creative genius -- the alpha and beta states continue to grow, expand and over rides the theta state. Theta continues to shrink and becomes less active.

Consequently, the door to a marvelous world is closed -- and may remain closed for the rest of one's life -- only to be briefly regained upon entering the last stages of dying.

Some adults are fortunate enough to rekindle that lost connection and have found ways to integrate it into their lives in a beneficial fashion; but only after they have dissolved a great deal of the intellectual conditioning and "adult" belief systems they were taught.

Personal experience

As a child, I remember seeing and hearing more of the "other-worldly" things ... far more than I do now. In regards to the "wee folk" - and long before I could use words to explain, describe or tell others what I saw - I remember small dwarfish-looking people - like old men with bushy beards and funny hats - who appeared suddenly and then just as suddenly disappeared. They were as solid and real as any other human being. Their favorite places to appear seemed to be out in the garden or in the wild places of nature.

Even when I eventually learned enough words to tell about what I saw, it was painful to be laughed at, teased, invalidated or have my stories ignored. So I stopped talking about such things.

I also remember a very wise, invisible friend who was always with me as a child. Although I don't remember what this friend looked like, I distinctly remember the impressions it left on my mind - which seemed to be more telepathic in nature. The friend was kind, gentle and all-knowing ... a "voice-without-words" that explained many things to me about life.

For example: as a child I sometimes saw disturbing personalities in the eyes of another or felt actual pain in my body when exposed to the incongruencies of human behavior - deceit, jealousy, rudeness, unkindness, disrespect, pretense, meanness, hypocrisy, hostility and violence.

My wise and invisible friend would "explain" to me why there was such darkness in many humans and that most people went to great lengths to hide the truth of their nature from others out of great fear (otherwise known as denial!). It was further explained that because of my sensitivities I was much more aware of this dark, disturbing aspect which was not often recognized by others until a particular kind of interaction forced it into plain view. Gaining this understanding from my unseen friend gave me some level of comfort.

Unfortunately, pain happened so often that I learned to shut down and tune out by retreating deeply into my inner world: I became a very quiet child. I avoided looking directly into the eyes of others because I didn't want to see those disturbing images nor feel the painful vibes --- much in the same way that many autistic children do by avoiding eye contact or by avoiding directly interacting with others.

Along with that, I felt- and still feel to this day - physical discomfort whenever harmless pets or wild animals are hurt or killed and also when trees are cut down and forests are devastated. In more severe cases the discomfort is just too difficult to bare. I feel that same pain when children, the innocent, the seriously ill or the extreme elderly are harmed or taken advantage of. Sometimes I become distraught over such situations while at other times anger rises up and I am moved to take action. Many times I have taken a stand for someone who could not do it for themselves.

Later on in my young adulthood, I learned to work with my keen sensitivities in a more effective manner. I learned to become more resilient and I learned that when I focused more on the good in others, that their darker natures became less threatening and less painful.

Even though I have retained some of my sensitivities that allow me to see and hear into other worlds and to know what others are thinking or feeling ... its not nearly as strong, sharp or clear as it was when I was a child: probably because it can feel like a burden at times and I don't want to know so much!

The "wee people" gradually faded from physical view as I grew up and I have not seen them in solid form since. Fortunately, they do continue to appear as shadowy, wispy shapes ... especially when I go camping or hiking out in nature. I can still "hear" them and can often catch a fleeting glimpse. They give me guidance or direction when I am out alone in the wilderness. I have been "saved" and protected more than once by their timely interventions!

So before moving that boulder, before cutting down that tree, before devastating the wild places on earth ... it may be wise to consider that our actions may be upsetting a whole lot more than we think ... as will be seen in the article below.

Namaste' ~ Paula Peterson.

You Never Want to Cross an Elf

by Brad Steiger

The award-winning author and prolific reporter of paranormal events

"I have concluded in my research that there exist throughout the world pockets of energy in which another order of intelligence abides." --- Brad Steiger

“I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?” --- John Lennon (Legendary Beatle, English songwriter, singer & political activist 1940-1980)

The following are excerpts from the article

For many people today, the image of an elf is firmly established in the characters of either the handsome Legolas Greenleaf or the lovely, ethereal Arwen as depicted in the Peter Jackson film of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Ring saga by actors Orlando Bloom and Liv Tyler. While the elves in Tolkien’s vision are tall and stately beings, tradition has most often portrayed elves and their fellow citizens from the unseen realm as diminutive, hence, “the wee people.” Small in stature though they may be, elves, the “Hidden Folk,” are not beings with whom to trifle.

Careless or disrespectful humans who trespass on forest glens, rivers, or lakes considered sacred to elves may suffer terrible consequences ­ even cruel deaths. Entrepreneurs who wish to desecrate land whereon lie fairy circles or mounds in order to build a road or construct a commercial building may find themselves combating an unseen enemy who will accept only their unconditional surrender.

Trouble at the Herring Plant

In 1962, the new owners of a herring-processing plant in Iceland decided to enlarge the work area of the building. According to Icelandic tradition, landowners must not fail to reserve a small area of their property for the Hidden Folk, and a number of the established residents earnestly pointed out to the recent arrivals that any addition to the processing plant would encroach upon the plot of ground that the original owners had respectfully set aside for the elves who lived under the ground.

In a condescending manner, the businessmen explained that they didn’t harbor those old superstitions and neither did their highly qualified construction crew who had modern, unbreakable drill bits and plenty of explosives.

But the bits of the “unbreakable” drills began to shatter, one after another.

An old farmer came forward to repeat the warning that the crew was trespassing on land that belonged to the Hidden Folk.

The workmen laughed when the old man walked away­but the drill bits kept breaking.

Finally, the manager of the plant, although professing disbelief in such nonsense, agreed to the local residents’ recommendation that he consult a local elf seer to establish contact with the Hidden Folk and attempt to make peace with them. The seer informed the manager that there was a very powerful member of the Hidden Folk who had selected the plot near the herring-processing plant as his personal dwelling place. He was not an unreasonable being, however. Elves really do try to get along with humans and compromise whenever they can to avoid violence. If the processing plant really needed the plot for its expansion, the elf seer said, the Hidden One would agree to find another place to live. He asked only for five days without any drilling, so that he could make his arrangements to move.

The manager felt a bit strange bargaining with a being that was invisible­and, as far as he was concerned, imaginary. But he looked over at the pile of broken drill bits and told the seer that the Hidden One had a deal. Work on the site was shut down for five days to give the elf a chance to move. When five days had passed and the workmen resumed drilling, the work went smoothly and efficiently until the addition to the plant was completed. There were no more shattered drill bits.

Because the incident cited above occurred in 1962­practically medieval times in some young people’s minds­many readers will no doubt assume that Icelanders of the 21st century no longer cherish such quaint beliefs. Those readers would be wrong.

In the Boston Herald, December 25, 2005, Ric Bourie wrote that highway engineers and construction crews still regard the Hidden Folk very seriously: “Mischief befalls Icelandic road builders who can’t recognize good elf domain, including breakdowns of heavy equipment and even worker mishaps and injuries. It is said to have happened on more than one job site, enough to take the mythology seriously. Consequently, road planners here consult with an elf expert before routing a road or highway through rock piles that may be elf habitat.”

Bourie interviewed elf seer Erla Stefansdottir, who named elves, gnomes, dwarves, angels, light-fairies, and “the hidden people” as all belonging to classes of what she called elfin beings. Any of the above-named entities, Ms. Stefansdottir said, “…can get quite upset if we ruin their houses or go against their wishes. They get very upset and we have to face the consequences. They can put a spell on us.”

Fairy Mound Disturbed

While some people may be surprised that stereotypically stoic Scandinavians believe in elves and other beings from the hidden world, it seems that the whole world embraces the stereotype of the country folk of Ireland taking their wee people seriously. According to popular leprechaun and elf stories, the Irish know that to disturb the mounds or raths in which they dwell is to invite severe supernatural consequences.

Since ancient times, it seems that the Irish have understood that there are certain areas that the wee ones consider sacrosanct, special to them. Certain mounds, caves, creek areas, and forest clearings have been staked out by the Hidden Ones as their very own, and the wise human, sensitively in touch with the natural environment, knows better than to trespass on such ground.

The trouble at the fairy mound outside the village of Wexford began when workmen from the state electricity board began digging a hole for the erection of a light pole within the parameters of a rath. The villagers warned the workmen that the pole would never stay put, because no self-respecting community of fairy folk could abide a disturbance on their mound.

The big city electrical workmen had a coarse laugh and made uncomplimentary remarks about the level of intelligence of the townsfolk of Wexford. The workmen finished digging the hole to the depth that experience had taught them was adequate, then placed the post within the freshly dug opening and stamped the black earth firmly around its base. The satisfied foreman pronounced for all within earshot to hear that no fairy would move the pole from where it had been anchored.

However, the next morning the pole tilted askew in loose earth.

The villagers shrugged that the wee folk had done it, but the foreman of the crew voiced his suspicions that the fairies had received some help from humans bent on mischief. Glaring his resentment at any villagers who would meet his narrowed, accusative eyes, the foreman ordered his men to reset the pole.

The next morning that particular pole was once again conspicuous in the long line of newly placed electrical posts by its weird tilt in the loose soil at its base. While the other poles in the line stood straight and proud like soldiers on parade, that one woebegone post reeled like a trooper who had had one pint too many.

The foreman had endured enough of such rural humor at his expense. He ordered the crew to dig a hole six feet wide, place the pole precisely in the middle, and pack the earth so firmly around the base that nothing short of an atomic bomb could budge it.

Apparently fairies have their own brand of nuclear fission, for the next morning the intrusive pole had once again been pushed loose of the little people’s wrath.

The foreman and his crew from the electricity board finally knew they were licked. Without another word to the grinning villagers, the workmen dug a second hole four feet outside of the fairy mound and dropped the pole in there. And there it stood, untouched, untroubled­exactly where the wee folk permitted it to stand.

The Wee People’s Rock

In The Times, November 21, 2005, Will Pavai and Chris Windle tell how a small colony of wee folk living beneath a rock in St. Fillans, Perthshire, cost developer Marcus Salter, head of Genesis Properties, nearly $40,000 when community pressure forced him to scrap his building plans and start again. A group of his workmen had been about to move a large rock from the center of a field to make way for the new housing development.

According to Salter, one of the residents of St. Fillans came running, shouting that they couldn’t move the rock or they would kill the fairies. At first Salter thought the man was joking. Then came the series of angry telephone calls.

Salter attended a meeting of the community council where he learned that the council was considering lodging a complaint with the planning authority, which was likely “to be the kiss of death for a housing development in a national park.”

Although the Planning Inspectorate has no specific guidelines on how to deal with fairies, a spokesman told Salter that “Planning guidance states that local customs and beliefs must be taken into account when a developer applies for planning permission.”

Salter was forced to redesign the new estate so that the wee people’s rock would be in the center of a small park nicely situated within the new community.

When some friends and I were discussing the recent accounts of wee people activity receiving media attention in late 2005, Patty recalled staying with an Irish family some years ago.

“They owned a large hotel that dated back to before the Easter Rebellion (1916) and had housed lots of IRA activity,” Patty said. “The owner of this place, Mr. Conroy, told me that there are fairy rings all around the area outside of Dublin­especially in St. Kevin’s Bed. There is a story of a truck driver that made fun of the villagers for their superstition about the fairy circles and to prove how stupid he felt they were, he drove his truck through one of them! Then he got out of the truck, laughed at the crowd watching him, and promptly died of a heart attack! Conroy swore that this man was a big fellow in perfect health.”

Patty heard another story while she was in Ireland about some construction workers who wanted to remove a stump near a fairy ring. They felt that since it wasn’t actually in the fairy ring, the coast was clear. They tried to dynamite the stump three or four times and nothing happened. They checked the dynamite, the wiring, and so forth and found nothing wrong. Finally, they all saw a little man dressed in green climb out of the stump and run. Just as he ran off, the stump exploded into a million pieces!

As crazy as this sounds, there was a photographer there from the local newspaper who had heard about all the problems and was going to take a picture of them trying to blow up the stump. He did actually get a picture of the leprechaun. However, Patty was told, it is locked away somewhere in Trinity College.

Patty recalled many conversations with the maid at the hotel where she stayed and she said that she had heard many stories of people who had seen the “wee folks.” And on one thing all the stories agreed, Patty said, “You never want to cross one! Not ever!”

Intelligent Energy

I have concluded in my research that there exist throughout the world pockets of energy in which another order of intelligence abides. And I should make clear that I agree wholeheartedly with elf seer Erla Stefansdottir, who includes elves, gnomes, dwarves, angels, light-fairies, nisse, brownies, skaramooshes, and devas as a single shape-shifting intelligence that we have come to call “The Hidden People.” In some instances, these pockets of intelligent energy may be influenced by human intelligence and manifest in a physical form as a variation on the theme of a human image. In other circumstances, this energy may direct and control­even possess­human beings.

In essence, these “nature spirits” may be the “Elder Race” or “The Old Ones” referred to in so many myths and legends. These vortexes of intelligence may comprise a companion species to our own and may well have maintained a strange kind of symbiotic relationship with us throughout the centuries of mutual evolution.

David Spangler of Findhorn claimed that he was told by such an intelligence that they recognize humankind as a necessary and vital part of the synergistic state of the planet, thus they are essentially benignly concerned with human survival because it bears directly upon the survival of Earth. Spangler’s understanding of humankind’s relationship to these entities is that we were “first cousins,” and that we somehow had a common ancestor.

The elves’ benign nature has been experienced by those men and women who have won their favor. On behalf of such humans, the Hidden Ones can materialize to help a poor farmer harvest a crop and have it in the bins before a storm hits, or they can clean a kitchen in the twinkling of an eye to ease the stress of an exhausted housewife. If they see fit to do so, the elves can guide their favored humans with their ability to divine the future, and they will stand by to assist at the birth of a special couple’s child, whom they will tutor and protect throughout his or her lifetime.

Other researchers, biblically inspired, see the elfin clans as forms assumed by the rebellious angels who were driven out of Heaven during the celestial uprising led by Lucifer. These fallen angels, cast from their heavenly abode, took up new residences in the forests, mountains, and lakes of Earth. They exist in a much-diminished capacity, but still possess more than enough power to be deemed supernatural by the human inhabitants of the planet. These paraphysical beings on occasion take humans as mates, thereby breeding a hybrid species of entities “betwixt Man and Angel.”

Among the more than 30,000 men and women who have returned the Steiger Questionnaire of Mystical, Paranormal, and UFO Experiences, a remarkable 29 percent claim to have seen elves, fairies, or some form of nature spirit. In certain cases, recounted in the questionnaires, such a being may have considered a deserted house or barn its own. Generally, if the elfin entity understands that a human wishes to occupy the dwelling place and if it is treated with respect, it will quietly move out. At most, a token gift of fruits, nuts, or meal would com­pensate the spirit squatter and make it agree to move on to a more natural habitat. However, in some instances, humans have just walked into a particular situation at the wrong moment, and they can experience some trauma before squatting rights are straightened out and understood.

Protective Entity

People who leave their vacation homes empty for the major portion of the year also frequently suffer from an elfin spirit developing a proprietary interest in what appears to be vacant property.

Scott Halstead said that he and his family had vacationed in the same cabin in the Northeast for the past 22 years. “We started vacationing in this cabin when Allan was two years old, and we always take the last two weeks in August. And for 22 years, we’ve had to share the cabin with something else.”

Halstead and his wife Lynette made a point to emphasize their contention that although the “something else” sometimes frightened them, their sense of the entity was that it was extremely protective of the cabin and the grounds on which their cabin and others like it had been built.

“The cabin and nine or ten others are situated on a beautiful lake,” Halstead said. “And old Charlie the caretaker knows that there is something kind of spooky going on around there, but he usually just shrugs and says that it doesn’t bother him. It sometimes bothers his dogs, though. He’s got two big German shepherds, and I’ve seen them cower and whine when neither Charlie nor anyone else was near them.”

Lynette said that when their son Allan was around four he would say that he had an invisible friend named Mo-Ko who lived in the woods. “If we were afraid that he might wander off in the woods, he would say, ‘Mo-Ko won’t let me. He says that I have to stay near the cabins.’ Who could complain if his invisible playmate was also a good baby sitter?”

Lynette and Scott agreed that the most dramatic evidence of a guardian spirit looking over the cabin came in 1985 when Allan was 11 and their daughter Tonya was 7.

“Scott and I had gone swimming,” Lynette said. “The kids knew that we would be chilled when we got out of the lake and a fire would feel good to us. Allan had watched his father building a fire for years, so he knew the basics, but he just kept piling on kindling. Tonya tossed newspapers and magazines onto the fire, and pretty soon they had a huge blaze roaring in that fireplace.”

Shivering, clutching towels to their chilled bodies, Scott and Lynette returned to the cabin to see the colonial-style rag rugs in front of the fireplace on fire, the curtains to the side of the chimney ablaze, and another finger of flame moving across scattered newspapers toward the living room carpet.

“There was that moment of panic, when you just kind of scream and shout before your brain kicks in,” Lynette said. “Allan and Tonya were standing against a wall, crying their heads off in fear.”

And then, as weird at it may seem­as strange as it is for Scott and Lynette to attest to it­something started to beat out the flames.

“I’m standing there barefooted and soaked in my swimming suit with a towel wrapped around me,” Scott said. “I don’t even have time to react, really, when I see something snuffing out the fire. More than beating out the flames, it’s like something is smothering it, as if it is covering the fire with a big wet blanket. In minutes, what looked like it would be a major disaster, has become a smoke-filled cabin, a couple of burned and scorched throw rugs, a blitzed curtain, and two crying kids.”

Lynette said that she hugged Allan and Tonya and gave thanks to God “…and to whatever protective spirit looks out for the cabins.”

Over the years Lynette and Scott Halstead said that there were numerous signs to indicate that some spirit entity was protective of the cabin. All of the family said that from time to time they felt someone was watching them. Items would disappear and reappear in bizarre places. And an eerie kind of scratching noise would often be heard issuing from within the walls.

Out of curiosity, they once wrote to the Wagners, a family they knew rented the cabin in July, and asked if they had ever noticed anything “peculiar” during their occupancy.

“Beverly Wagner wrote right back and said, ‘I imagine you’re referring to the invisible live-in maid?’” Lynette laughed at the memory. “The Wagners had noticed some of the same numerous little things that we had, but once when they left a messy table after a party at the cabin, they woke up the next morning to discover that someone or something had stacked the dirty dishes in the sink and cleaned the table top. Jim Wagner jokingly said that it must be elves, so he left a bowl of oatmeal on the front step that night. In the next morning it was gone, but, of course, birds or some critter could have eaten it.”

Scott and Lynette speculated that it could be the spirit of some Native American who cherished the environment around the lake and who kept a vigil over the cabins and their inhabitants, but they added that they had come to believe that the force, the energy, that loved the place so much was something more primeval.

“It’s almost as if nature itself is somehow protective of the few remaining areas that we humans haven’t covered over with concrete and erected shopping malls and gas stations,” Scott said. “Sometimes I would visualize some kind of elf or nature spirit sitting outside near the lake, looking across the beauty of this area toward the city and sighing, ‘What fools these mortals be.’”

Brad Steiger --- is the award-winning author/coauthor of 154 books with over 17 million copies in print.

Television appearances include Nightline with Ted Koppel, ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings, NBC Evening News with Tom Brokaw, This Week [with David Brinkley, Sam Donaldson, and Cokie Roberts] The Mike Douglas Show, The David Suskind Show, The Joan Rivers Show, Entertainment Tonight, Haunted Hollywood [for HBO], Inside Edition, The Unexplained [A&E], Giants: The Myth and the Mystery [The Learning Channel]. The television series Could It Be a Miracle? features Brad and Sherry in 22 episodes.

Steiger guests on many radio programs in numerous cities throughout the United States, and he is a regular on Jeff Rense's Sightings on the Radio, Art Bell's Coast to Coast, Erskine Overnight, The Allan Handelman Show, The PsiZone.

He has been interviewed and featured in articles in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Herald Examiner, San Francisco Chronicle, Arizona Republic, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Milwaukee Sentinel, Baltimore News American, Las Vegas Sun, The East Village Other, Publishers Weekly, Editor and Publisher, Des Moines Register, Dearborn Press, Fate, Family Weekly, Parade, Minneapolis Tribune, Wilmington News-Journal, The New Republic, South Bend Tribune, Library Journal, Buffalo Evening News, Scottsdale Progress, Phoenix Gazette, Scottsdale Magazine, Alamogordo Daily News, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, National Enquirer, National Examiner, The Globe.

Visit Brad Steiger's website:


"Hi Paula,

I've been receiving your newsletter for a long time now I always look forward to the next issue.

The information is always so interesting and uplifting and the humor section makes me laugh.

Thank you from my heart."


Stillness Speaks

by Eckhart Tolle

Most of us spend our entire lives imprisoned within the confines of our own thoughts. Our thoughts never travel beyond a narrow, mind-made, personalized sense of self that is conditioned and created by events from the past.

We have all come across "mad" people in the street incessantly talking to themselves or muttering, but that is not much different than what normal people do. - "Normal" people do it quietly.

The voice in the mind speculates, judges, compares, complains, likes, dislikes, and so on. The voice may not even be relevant to the situation you find yourself in at the time; it may be reliving events from the past or imagining possible future situations. When it imagines things going wrong or negative outcomes; this is called worry.

The human mind, in its desire to know, understand, and control, often mistakes its opinions and viewpoints as the truth. It says: "this is how it is," – or even worse, the judgmental "this is how it should be."

We have to be larger than thought to realize that however we interpret our lives or someone else’s life or behavior, However we judge any situation, It is no more than simply - a viewpoint. - Only one of many possible perspectives, and no more than a bundle of thoughts.

This stream of "thought noise" has an enormous momentum that can easily drag you along with it as every thought pretends that it is so extremely important and wants your full attention

How easily do we become trapped in our own conceptual prisons and ways of seeing things.

In each of us there is a dimension of consciousness far deeper than thought.

This is the very essence of who we are.

We may call it presence, awareness, the unconditioned consciousness. In ancient teachings, it is the Christ in you, the soul, or our divine nature.

Finding this dimension frees us from the world of suffering that we inflict on others and ourselves when the mind-made "little me" is all we know and runs our lives.

If we can recognize, even occasionally, the thoughts that go through our heads as simply thoughts, if we can watch our own mental emotional reactive patterns as they happen, then that dimension is already awakening in us – we see ourselves as separate from thought.

We step back into the timeless inner space from which the contents of our lives unfold.

Love, joy, creative expansion, and lasting inner peace cannot come into our lives except through the unconditioned dimension of consciousness.

The thinking mind is a useful and powerful tool, but it is also very dysfunctional when it takes over our lives completely, and we don’t realize that it is only an extremely small aspect of the immense consciousness we truly are.

Spiritual awakening is awakening from the dream of thought

Taken from Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle

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