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Best Websites & Sources

The following websites belong to stellar individuals with whom I am well acquainted, have personally interviewed for magazine publications, or are long-time friends - and in some cases, all three! I gladly support their important work, quality services, pioneering efforts, and extraordinary talents. I heartily recommend visiting their websites.

VISIONARY ART OF DANIEL B. HOLEMAN - Some of the most beautiful art you will ever see. Long time friend and gifted artist has an awesome art gallery for your viewing.

STAR KIDS PROJECT - Richard Boylan,PhD, MSW, MSEd - is author and a noted researcher of the Star Visitor and Star Children phenomena, and is director of the Star Kids Project. His biography was recently added to the twentieth edition of Who's Who in the World, with mention of his pioneering work in the field of UFOs and Star Visitors.

LOST STAR OF MYTH AND TIME - A Golden Age once thrived on planet Earth and will rise again. Walter Cruttenden (author of Lost Star and writer-producer of the PBS documentary) offers fasinating reasearch that uncovers ancient mysteries consistently refering to cycles thousands of years long which are directly connected to and influenced by our sun's sister star as a binary system.

PEACE PROJECT - John Hagelin, PhD, offers a scientifically validated approach to prevent terrorism and bring world peace. Previous United States Presidential candidate. His work in the field of science, technology and public policy is well-known, ground-breaking and deeply inspiring.

PHI SCIENCES - Innovations of mind and body.
PATRICK FLANAGAN,PhD, is considered to be one of the most intriguing geniuses on the planet today. Nominated as Scientist of the Year in 1997, Flanagan's discoveries has led him to develope the amazing micro-clustered water for health, healing, and rejuvenation.

SUNFOOD - SUPERFOODS - Feel better, get healthy, clear the mind and improve the quality of life. You'll find many of the ideas, books, foods, products and other benefits that helped me heal myself of life threatening conditions. Please DO check it out.

DISCLOSURE PROJECT - Steven Greer, MD, is director and founder of The Disclosure Project, CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence), and the newly formed SEAS (Space Energy Access Systems). He is also the film-maker of the widely acclaimed and impressive Disclosure Video featuring high ranking military officials giving documented testimony to UFO encounters.

DOLPHIN CONNECTION - Joan Ocean is world renown for her leading-edge work in communicating with dolphins. Please visit her beautiful and refreshing website.

ASHLAND INSTITUTE - Clarissa Le'Ashland offers a unique method of profound and rapid personal growth through workshops, seminars and individual sessions. Le'Ashland's technique is cutting edge and quickly visible - often in the first session.

SPIRIT OF MA'AT - Drunvalo Melchizedek's inspirational and awesome on-line community magazine - a high quality source featuring many of the world's top leading authorities, authors and pioneers in advanced thinking, new ideas and cutting-edge technologies.

THE TAZZ & PAULA SHOW - San Francisco Bay and central California's most unique and thought provoking radio program. Tune in weekly to discover the leading edge in new thought, new ideas, and new technologies as well as the extraordinary pioneers who developed them. Visit their website for station and program times.

INTUITIVE DEVELOPMENT - Liah Howard offers highly acclaimed workshops and classes in developing intuition, psychic ability, channeling, connecting with spirit guides, personal transformation and more.

LAUREL MILL LODGE - Rustic, quiet and remote with an interesting history. It's hard to believe that this beautiful retreat is in the Santa Cruz Mountains and less than one hours drive from the San Jose International Airport in "Silicon Valley", California!

OUR HEALTH CO-OP - An excellent source of top quality vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements at huge savings - plus excellent articles on health and recent discoveries in medicine, herbal remedies and health care. Membership is free.


ANGEL VALLEY - Spiritual Retreat Center on beautiful 70-acre setting on Oak Creek with creekside guesthouses, cabins and luxury tipis; an 1100 sq ft building for meeting space, yoga and workshops; historic Light House for meditation and numerous healing modalities; a seven-circuit labyrinth, individualized vortex experiences and much more.

WAY OF THE HEART - The Elohim Quarterly. A beautiful visionary magazine created and published in Australia. Our readers are those awakening to a greater Truth and have an interest in New Age, Spiritual growth, self-awareness, personal development, better health and more rewarding relationships.

SPIRITUALITY FOR A NEW REALITY - Infinite Being. Discover infinite possibilities, consciously transform your reality and make the deepest possible spiritual connection. Find heart-centered and thought-provoking articles on matters that deal with the human-spirit.

SAVING PLANET EARTH - John McConnell has been actively campaigning for the care of our Earth since the '60's. Because of his efforts, we now have the official Earth Day celebration that is honored worldwide and gains our attention to holding Earth and all of life as sacred and using her resources wisely.