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March 2002


Introduction by Paula Peterson

I find that the following journalistic discourse by William Thomas has excellent advice for all of us in dealing with the present world condition no matter what your perceptions may be. Even though I disagree with a few of his interpretations of events, nevertheless, he is accurate and deeply wise in most of his viewpoints. Namaste' - Paula Peterson.

** Thanks toTimothy Winston for sending this in!



by William Thomas


William Thomas is an ocean sailor, former member of the U.S. military, and an award-winning independent investigative journalist with 35 years' experience covering crucial "under-reported" stories. He is the author of 'Scorched Earth', 'Bringing The War Home', 'Alt. Health', 'Chemtrails Confirmed', and 'All Fall Down: The Politics of Terror and Mass Persuasion.'

Step 1:

Stand together. Love and support one another. Calmly and compassionately correct the misinformed privately and personally. Never attack people and organizations working with good hearts and intentions on the worldwide web. Do not forward or contribute to hurtful gossip on Internet chat rooms.

Step 2.

Ignore mass media mesmerizers. Learn to read between the lines of newspapers -- or don't read them at all. Network news is 9/10 dis-information and distraction. Turn it off. Televised negativity sent hypnotically into your central nervous system cannot be "edited" out. It is spiritual and physical poison.

Step 3:

Vote with your wallet. Boycott network-advertised products from corporations engaged in war-making, environmental degradation or "food" and drugs that harm human health. Become informed. Search the Web and learn who really owns the companies offering goods and services. When purchasing necessities, buy from local producers whenever possible. Buy used. Recycle. Repair. Swap. Park your car and check out electric-assisted bikes (3,000,000 now in use in Japan). When upgrading computer gear, give away your older, working equipment to activists and community orgs.


Support independent authors, reporters, documentary filmmakers and independent media.

Recent polls show that the majority of Americans with Internet access are ignoring network "managed news" in favor of direct access to firsthand news sources, commentators and analysts on the worldwide web. Cross-check all information with your heart as well as your head. Does it "ring true"? Does it resonate? The most reliable reports include references and sources.

Consider the blinkered, built-in bias of mass media. Understand the symbiotic synergy of an out-of-control Military-Corporate-Entertainment establishment that battens on bloodshed. Since the slaughters in Vietnam, Panama, East Timor, El Salvador, Tibet, Kosovo and the Persian Gulf it is clear that broadcast and newspaper chains have become self-censoring sales arms of nine multinational owners: Time Warner, Disney, News Corp., Viacom, Sony, Seagram, AT&T/Liberty Media, Bertelsmann, GE.

With assets greater than most treasuries of once-sovereign nations, weapons-makers such as General Electric (NBC) must "sell" attacks on former allies and henchmen in order to market, manufacture, deploy and detonate obscenely expensive weaponry. Cheerleading broadcasters (CNN) boost ratings and ad revenues by glorifying weapons and warfare. This self-perpetuating war economy enriches weapons makers, while impoverishing entire nations.

Now moving toward the "high ground" of orbital space, a Pentagon monopoly on increasingly destructive and robotic weaponry is intended to keep the world's "have nots" from claiming their share of resources enjoyed by a wealthy minority. This is folly. You cannot eat, inhabit or make something useful out of an ICBM buried in the ground. It is unnecessary. If we are conscientious in our consumption, there is still plenty to go around.

Fear and lies perpetuate this planet-threatening scam. World trekkers who find lodging among local populaces know that most people in all cultures are friendly and warm hearted. Contrary to incessantly negative news reports, travelers like myself have found that random violent death is unknown in most communities, and that almost everyone everywhere wants only to see their children grow and prosper in peace.

Demand new directions in the spending of your tax dollars. The money, talent and resources squandered annually on armaments that failed to protect America from an alleged few fanatics armed with Exacto knives is enough to eliminate the scarcity, female oppression, environmental degradation and illiteracy that drive most conflicts.

Step 5:

Remember who and where you are as a crewmember operating a fragile, bio-connected space colony hurtling through the cold, irradiated vacuum of deep space. Every Trekkie knows it makes sense not to rip apart the solar radiation shielding, pave over water-purifying wetlands, cut down oxygen-replenishing forests, or pour carcinogenic and DNA-altering poisons into fresh water re-circulators. There are no lifeboats. Respect your ship.

It's the only one you have.

Step. 6:

Long live the 'Net! In the credibility wars currently being waged over the survival of Spaceship Earth, the attacks on Afghanistan to secure oil and heroin routes; efforts to escalate the bombing of Iraq (one million dead so far); the Sept. 11 deception; and ill-advised attempts at "climate control" to maintain petroleum pollution and profits (instead of switching to more efficient and renewable energy) -- are now running head-on into the Internet. And losing.

The world is waiting for good-hearted Americans to wake up to the cynical deceptions practiced on them at Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin, the "incubator babies" of Kuwait, 9-11 and the (s)election of a president who immediately proclaimed his preference to be dictator. The tyranny of an unchecked Superpower presidency backed by a compliant and complacent media will end when the present-day Internet becomes accessible through TV sets in every home. There is major money driving the fiber-optic revolution toward mass Internet access. Watch for it soon.

Protect your cyber freedom now. Beware newly instituted "Cyber Security" offices, and attempts by any government to install Communist China-style official "filters" on all Internet and Email access. Fortunately, would-be government censors in North America and the European Union know that any attempt to restrict free access to Email traffic and the Internet will instantly impact the digital information and cash-flow on which nearly every business depends. While threats to Internet access remain moderate at this moment, efforts by the Military-Corporate-Entertainment establishment to control all public information have gone into hyper-drive since Sept. 11.

Anyone hosting truth-telling websites can consider setting up "mirror sites" on the computers of friends in at least four countries. Each replica site is capable of being activated within minutes if their North American site is "taken down" by government pressure on servers, or a "hack" attack.

If necessary, limited Internet access can be delivered by commercially available Single-Sideband radio. Check the ocean-cruising (sailing) sites for more info.

Step 7:

Vote "yes" for reality. If you like it, celebrate it. If you don't like it, change it. Remember why dope is called "dope". Take yourself and your children off Ritalin, Prozac and Paxil. Keep vaccination needles out of your children's arms, and your own.

As Edward Abbey echoed Walt Whitman: "Resist much. Obey little." Enjoy and protect your freedoms by exercising them in responsible ways every day.

Learn to differentiate chemtrails from contrails. Call local authorities and the media if you spot chemtrails being spread over your community. Call them back. Support the revival and immediate implementation of U.S. House Resolution 2977, which calls for a ban on space weapons, electromagnetic warfare, mind control technologies and "chemtrails".

Know that power has nothing to do with megatons or megabucks. Real power is instantly and only accessible through the truth of an open heart. Do not fear would-be warmongers and controllers. Though they can be immensely destructive, evildoers always collapse from their own corruption, conceits and contradictions. This is the law of karma. There are no exceptions.

Step 8:

Express your gratitude aloud at every opportunity. Laugh often. Remember that well-informed ridicule is the surest way to skewer arrogant authorities who overstep legal, ethical or spiritual bounds.

* Be vigilant without becoming paranoid. Authorities caught in their own fearful projections are most likely far too busy to notice you. Taking sensitive information public is your best defense against those who want to restrict it.

* Be thankful. Always support, encourage and congratulate conscientious officials. Exercise every available democratic process to hold the rest accountable. After all, you are paying government officials, police and military personnel to serve and protect you and your community.

* Be accurate. Help reporters do their jobs. Use proper punctuation and capitalization in news messages. For rapid referencing in clogged "Inboxes", include immediately recognizable descriptions in Email "subject" lines. When posting articles, provide sources -- time/date and name of publication or news broadcast, title and author's Email and URL if available.

* Be careful. Seek second opinions on the most alarming information you receive online. Reflect on hysteria-heightening messages for at least 24 hours before forwarding widely or posting on the Web. Misinformation can be dangerous. Issue full retractions immediately. Remember that information cannot be recalled like faulty tires. No matter how quickly errors are caught and corrected, once posted they can haunt the sender for months. (I know!)

* Be helpful. Accompany all issues of public concern with suggested solutions, including descriptions of working alternatives already in practice. Include access phone numbers, URLs and mail addresses to publications and organizations that address public problems in ways that affirm and protect life.

* Be passionate! Show your outrage at injustice in creative, constructive and nonviolent ways. Avoid expressing or supporting hatred, which leads to blind intolerance. Foster and learn from diversity in gender, customs, locale and individual viewpoints. Remember that the most contagious and subversive act is a smile.

Step 9:

Love your home planet. Respect and learn from your elders. Remember that all children are in our care. Honor their trust. Our shared future is either enhanced or encumbered by every choice you make. Thank you for your choices.

Step 10:

We are all in this together.

With love and respect,

William Thomas

Have a great day !!

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