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March 2002


Barbara Marx Hubbard is one of my favorite spiritual leaders and authors. She is also one of the worlds leading futurists and visionaries as well as a candidate for Vice President of the United States a number of years ago.

I had the pleasure of working with Barbara Marx Hubbard as a speaker on a panel of speakers at a major San Francisco conference in the early part of the 90's. She was dynamic, intelligent and gracious. I totally resonate with her views on humanity taking the quantum leap into a new state of consciousness. It will depend upon the choices we make and on what reality we place our attention. Namaste' - Paula Peterson.



by Barbara Marx Hubbard


Emergence is placing personal growth within the context of an evolutionary quantum jump. It is the next step in our evolution. Our generation is the one that happens to be born with the power to destroy civilization, as we know it, or move forward to a truly unlimited future if we use our new capacities harmoniously and wisely. We can transform this Earth.

Emergence takes place in the jump from a high-tech, overpopulated, polluted society, to a universal co-creative, co-evolving species. It's a spiritual path designed for exactly this moment of evolution when the human species is making this jump. And, the quality required of us is to emerge as co-creators of our world. It's a shift inside ourselves from our egoistic, separated, self-conscious personality to our essential self, aligned with and expressive of the deeper patterns of creation, spirit - God.

In the past, when we became spiritually awakened, so often we wanted to go vertical to find God. We went to ashrams, monasteries, deep spiritual practice of all kinds. What is happening now, to millions of us, is an awakening spiritually. We're not just entering into a known path of some religion; we're being activated internally to express our unique creativity for the sake of our own evolution and the world.

The path of the co-creator is to be awakened spiritually within, which then turns into your own deeper life purpose, which then makes you want to reach out and touch others in a way that expresses self and evolves our communities and our world. Certainly, we can't do that unless we activate ourselves first. Emergence is the shift from ego to essence.

Let's say (and I am making an evolutionary hypothesis) that what's coming out of all of this is a new species of humanity, not just a slightly better Homo sapiens ("sapiens" means self-reflective). Homo sapiens have come to an end of how it can manage as a separated, self-conscious entity with all this power. I think that started in 1945 when we dropped the bomb.

So, here's my thesis: This new type of human called Homo universalis or Homo noetica has been prefigured in the great saints and seers and great mystics of humanity. Every culture was founded by such a person, whether it be Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed, whatever. Due to the planetary condition of complexity and crisis and possibly self-destruction, we're facing this type of awakening everywhere in response to the crisis.

It is being awakened in all religions and in people who have no religion at all. It is this awakening to an internal, personal expression of the divine and the desire to participate in creation. The type of human I'm writing for is popping up out of traditional paths and separated self-consciousness, who is spiritually awakening, who feels connected to the heart, who is aroused vocationally, who is multidimensional in the sense that they don't only count on the five senses. This is an emerging humanity now. They hold the seeds of the true salvation of our culture, the building of the new culture. Paul Ray calls them the cultural creatives. He says there are fifty million in the United States alone whose values are shifting now.

I'm giving a model here like a biological model, and I'm saying, "This is the first stage of the universal human." It could be called embryonic, still in the womb of self-consciousness. We recognize that we have a higher destiny. We start to hear voices, get guidance, go to workshops, read books, and, at some point, we get to a stage where we say, "I can't go on if I'm just going to be in a separating ego seeking the divine."

In my case, I had a driven "local self," although I had received higher guidance. For 35 years, I had been motivated, but I realized that I was separated from the source of my motivation. My personality was trying to carry out what I was inspired to do by this higher being. Believe it or not, I'm 71 years old, and this happened two years ago.

I had a whole life as wife and mother. For 35 years, I had a deep vocation expressing evolutionary potential. I realized only recently that what was inspiring me was separate from my sense of identity. I would call this inspiration God or Christ or something beyond. What happened to me is that I decided to stop and that's where Emergence came from. I would only pursue an activity, a book, a thought, or anything that my personality could do if it touched me inside. It had to take me to that deep place of peace and connectedness to the one reality. I call this moment the birth of the universal human. I decided that I would not put up with this quality of myself - this drive and separation - any longer. I started to place my attention on the source of my own guidance, that higher self, that deeper inner voice.

In meditation, I started contemplating the essential self. First of all, I started to remember the flashes of guidance I've had for all these years. I had written them down in my journal, and they guided me my whole life, from being a wife and mother of five children to being a cosmic futurist. As I remembered the guidance, I got this feeling of warmth and love from the source of the guidance. In metaphysics, whatever you put your attention on grows. I put my attention on the source of the guidance and remembered the feeling of it.

How wonderful I felt when I received guidance, how relaxed, how joyful, and how grateful. This presence began to incarnate and fill my heart with tremendous warmth into my solar plexus. My local self began to feel drawn upward into this essence. I saw that, "Its me. That's who I am. I'm not some extraterrestrial or Jesus Christ of Nazareth. That is my essential self." Instead of being just God in us, it's God incarnating exactly as this person.

God in God's image, but as Barbara. As Barbara, when we place that attention on it, it grows. I call that early stage the infancy of myself as a universal human. I began to feel like a baby when it's just born; it forgets it's born and cries and screams, then suddenly falls asleep and gets blissful. I began to get blissful. My bliss was that the driven, local self was being drawn up into the presence of the Divine. The compulsive, seeking, local quality of the self was released.

I was having my epiphany, and it was unique: I am that being I'm hearing. I discovered the Source. I am whole. I am love. I am autonomous. I realized that this creative being has been guiding me all the time, all along my path. The beauty of the emerging process as you focus on it, if you're a co-creative person, is that you're going to go out into the world and do something. You're going to go out and co-create a conscious evolution.

Have a great day !!

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