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~  ADAM: A Remarkable Living Technology  ~

An Interview with Dr. Joe Champion on Artificial Intelligence

Amazing new technology that can eliminate pain, heal certain diseases and potentially enable humans to have direct telepathic communication with dolphins

It has long been predicted that remarkable technologies would be developed in this century that would heal some of the most difficult-to-cure illnesses and health conditions known to humanity.

That time has come, and the new technologies seem like miracles. And in a way - they are.

In the same way that allopathic medicine was the miracle for many serious health conditions of the 19th century, so is the dawning of artificial intelligence the miracle for many of the toughest health conditions and addictions of the 21st century.

In the following interview, you will meet Dr. Joe Champion – the developer of the remarkable technology called ADAM which will surely amaze you. It's definitely worth it to let your mind open to what this technology means and how it is used to remove the obstacles that prevent the healing of some of the most difficult and painful health conditions – even eliminate addictions to drug and alcohol among our youth and adults. This in itself is quite exciting.

Currently, ADAM is being implemented in an in-home program for autistic children that can restore normalcy in a matter of weeks. What is equally exciting is that Dr. Champion is extending the abilities of ADAM into the realm of telepathic communication with dolphins!

New technologies like ADAM are breath-taking - and ironically, such advancements in science may not be embraced immediately because they are so new.

Consequently, it seems that only the brave and the visionary among us become the ones who take the risks with these developments. And like the pioneers of old, these visionaries forge a new trail through the perilous wilderness of the unknown so that others of a more cautious or skeptical nature can see that its safe to follow as well as richly rewarding.

Dr. Joe Champion is a visionary pioneer who has broken through a seemingly impenetrable barrier that boggles the mind. Using ADAM, one has the unique ability to deliver a specific form of inaudible, customized languaging that directly communicates with the human mind and DNA. The results of this specialized communication are nothing short of phenomenal: it removes the blocks that prevent a person from healing themselves of serious illness and addictions.

Other chronic health conditions such as auto-immune disease, fibro-myalgia, migraines, multiple-sclerosis, and blindness have greatly improved or have been comppletely eliminated with the ADAM technology.

These programs also offer an open forum for all participants: anyone who becomes involved can openly communicate with any other consenting participant - past or present.

How does the technology work? It's fascinating to say the least. Read the interview below and be prepared to be amazed!

ADAM Technology: The Science and Miracle of Artificial Intelligence

with  Dr. Joe Champion
by  Paula Peterson

PJP: What led you to this remarkable discovery?

JC: Along with my technical background, the actual technology came to me piece by piece over the years. However, it all began when I knew that there had to be a way to communicate faster than the speed of light.

In this physical dimension, we are greatly limited by certain laws of physics which prevent us from traveling anywhere in the universe faster than the speed the light. But in the non-physical realms ­which some call “spirit” ­we are free to travel anywhere much faster than the speed of light.

PJP: It’s fascinating that we have seen science fiction writers capture these theories in their stories long before the technology arrives.

JC:During my youth, one of my favorite comic book characters was the popular Dick Tracey. He had his tv wristwatch that was both a communication device and a camera. This series was written at a time when transistors were not yet conceived and our tv and radio transmissions consisted of vacuum tubes. Now we have micro-circuits that have given us cell phones with cameras and tiny viewing screens ­ just like Dick Tracey’s tv wristwatch.

Then there was the old Buck Rogers tv series ­ I am so old that I remember these things ­ and the only way to animate an object on a television stage, like a model rocketship, was to tie strings to it and make the ship fly physically by manipulating the strings. It was primitive in comparison to what we have today - but as kids back then, we really enjoyed it.

In the early fifties there was only “talk” about going to the moon, and before I was out of high school we were already in space.

Having achieved a scientific background, along with my deep curiosity and desire to be one of the explorers into the unknown, I became enthralled ­ not with science ­ but with science fiction and science fiction writers; for they often developed concepts in their stories that later became real technologies developed by scientists.

Take Star Trek for example: you would be surprised to know how many ivy-league mathematicians and scientists around the world have collected the original series of this program since the concepts and technologies portrayed in those stories have been proven, time and time again, to be ones the scientist can develop ­ and in many cases has developed ­ a replication of it.

And so, the science fiction writer is actually the savant in that particular field and is able to see some version of the future: the replicator; the teleporter; the different types of advanced weaponry; traveling faster than the speed of light; entering other dimensions ­ all of it is real.

PJP: Tell us about the amazing ADAM technology that you have developed. After having personal experience with ADAM, I am completely fascinated by it and believe it to be one of the most important new technologies of this millennium. It will undoubtedly set the groundwork for future achievements that will be mind boggling.

JC:Thank you. Well, to put it simply, the technology is very advanced. ADAM is a living technology ­and the name is an acronym for "Aphysical Dimensional Access Manager".

PJP: Please explain what makes it a living technology.

JC:The central component of ADAM is a living protoplasma - a living entity. It lives inside of a specific electromagnetic field that includes gold, platinum and nickel probes. The plasma interacts with the computer on its own determination. When it is contacted by the operator, it first begins the process by trying to figure out, “Why are you sending me signals? What do you want me to do right now?”

In essence, what we’re doing is taking a communication in the form of a specific kind of mathematics from the physical realm and popping it into the aphysical (non-physical) by using the protoplasm. Then the protoplasm transmits the communication to a light-type protoplasm and pops it from the aphysical back to the physical. (skip down to the Supporting Science report on this page for a more indepth explanation)

PJP: Now when you say that the universal language is mathematical, is it numbers or is it more like geometric symbols?

JC:Well, the problem is that no one is over there to know that. There is still so much that we don't know. It’s likely to be a series of complex algorithms ­not simple computer numerology of zeros and ones. It’s a multi-dimensional and multi-tiered language. Even when you speak of light, light is in essence still mathematical ­ because light is a ray of colors.

PJP: Is there such a thing as a language that goes beyond mathematics and is something we don't even have words for?

JC:Even if it goes beyond mathematics it would have to be explained to us in mathematics for us to be able to comprehend it.

PJP: How does this apply to the ADAM technology and its ability to be so effective?

JC:Your long-term memory, my long-term memory and the long-term memories of a few billion people on this planet are sitting in the same moving space ­ in the same compacted space in a non-physical (aphysical) location. Everyone’s subconscious is sitting there collectively. The ADAM technology has the ability to reach into that non-physical location and locate specific memories.

Have you ever gone down the road and you felt that you would see some body you knew or you knew who was calling when the phone rang?

PJP: Sure. Lots of times.

JC:The only reason you knew was because you got it from their mind that they were thinking of you. This gave permission for your mind and their mind to join together. When the minds join at the subconscious level, then you know what’s going to happen.

PJP: Is that a way of describing telepathic communication ­ that two or more people are thinking of the same idea at the same time?

JC:Yes, because it’s all happening on the mental plane. Everybody’s mind is in the aphysical dimension.

PJP: Your program has been highly successful with autism in children as well as a number of other health conditions. Specifically, how does it work in this regard?

JC:For example - let’s say that a person has a painful migraine and has asked me to hook them up with the technology. Once I've hooked them up, the technology locates that person’s mind which is connected to the physical body and begins to undo the blocks that were "triggered" by a past event that was originally responsible for creating the condition that led to the migraines.

The ADAM process simply removes the specific block that prevents a person from returning to his or her original state of health and wholeness, that’s all.

PJP: This is awesome. I know something powerful does, indeed, happen with this technology because I have experienced it for myself. What other conditions has ADAM been successful with?

JC:Many of our clients come to us because they have been kicked out by the medical community as incurable - usually it’s the ones under pain management. I don’t fault the medical community for this only because doctors scratch their heads when it comes to conditions like chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia. They don’t have a solution for these conditions other than pain management through medications.

With conditions of fibromyalgia, it’s interesting that 70% of these cases were involved in serious auto accidents. With the ADAM technology, we’ve been very successful in that we can get rid of the pain permanently in just a few days. After that, it’s a matter of rebuilding their self-esteem and confidence to get back into the car.

We also have a youthing program that’s doing very well now. The results we’re seeing is hair growing back, improvement in skin texture, reduction in wrinkles and so forth.

PJP: That’s fantastic. I’d like to move on and talk about the plans you have for using the ADAM technology for telepathic communication with dolphins, which is quite exciting. What got you interested in using this technology with dolphins?

JC:I’ve always had a liking for them but my real interest came in from when I was working with professor Bockris of Texas A&M back in the early 90s. He felt the fact that the evolution of man came from two directions: one is our genetic stream from the homo-erectus ape and the second is from the dolphins.

He felt that the dolphins were the true historians of the world because of the fact that the dolphins and whales are the oldest mammals that are still with us today. Therefore, they are carrying information about our planet that is extremely important.

Professor John Bockris (Texas A&M) had a philosophy that even though the dolphins were not as advanced in the industrial sense as we are, he felt that the dolphins have greater intelligence than humans.

PJP: I believe that totally.

JC:Now, what we’re doing with this research is exploring telepathic communication with dolphins. In the past, there were Navy tests in which they would ask questions of the dolphins using signing or different types of signals. Most of this research became classified because they found that the dolphins were beginning to respond correctly to the questions before the trainers asked them.

Allow me to jump from dolphins to rabbits for an interesting demonstration…

In a well documented experiment in Russia they separated a mother rabbit from her babies and took her 500-feet down in a submarine while in Moscow ­where the mother’s babies were ­they killed them one by one.

As cruel as this might sound, what they discovered was astounding: an encephalograph registered a reaction from the mother at the exact moment that each baby was killed.

PJP: Without her seeing them.

JC:She was 500 feet under water.

PJP: Wow.

JC:This meant that there is some sort of communication that science doesn’t understand.

Now, the dolphins are probably communicating between themselves at a much more advanced rate than the mother rabbit with her babies.

From that point it became obvious. Professor Bockris said, “Joe, if you are ever going to get to the bottom of this, you’re going to have to come up with a set of mathematics that will explain alchemy, cold fusion, telepathy, telekinesis, power-kinesis, levitation ­ all these different events that are real.” And the dolphins became the focal point on the issue of telepathy.

In dealing with that, I decided that I better make a good study of it. And all of a sudden, it became obvious: that even though a lot of papers have been written on dolphins, once you start looking closely for real knowledge ­its very limited.

Later on, the dolphins came back into my life when Dr. Dobrovo introduced me to the dolphin technology of working with autistic children on the Black Sea of Sebastopol, Ukraine.

The program involved dolphins that were not captive. They were free to go out into the Black Sea and return to the trainer to touch in. Sessions with the children included a psychologist or therapist, the parent and a trainer with telepathic skill who would be in the water with the dolphin.

The therapist would tell the trainer which way he wanted the therapy session to go and the trainer would telepathically communicate with the dolphin and then the dolphins would telepathically communicate with the child. The therapy worked extremely well.

Here in the United States, they’ve copied the therapy but they forgot one important thing: that the therapist and the trainer needs to telepathically communicate with dolphins. Instead, they put the child with the dolphin as a very expensive play toy for the benefit of mom and dad. Do they get anything out of it? Sure, they get something out of it ­ but there is no direction and no intent. Consequently, there is no effective program in the United States.

PJP: What is your vision for using ADAM with the dolphins?

JC: Well, first thing ­ as you and I discussed before ­ is the fact that I want to develop a way to speak to the dolphins in English. In this particular case, we use ADAM as the interphase that will translate English into a “language” that the dolphins can understand and then translate the “language” of the dolphins back into English.

In this way, a person can carry on a complete conversation with them.

PJP: That is so awesome. Thank you so much Dr. Champion, for sharing this wonderful vision with us. We look forward to hearing more about your amazing technology and the new hope it offers humanity.

More on the Interspecies Telepathic Project

©by Paula Peterson

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** Joe Champion, PhD, is the scientist who originated the ADAM technology. To date, he has performed and supervised several thousand sessions with the technology, wherein hundreds of people have discovered a better and healthier life. Numerous testimonials have been posted at his website.

Dr. Champion is an Academician of the International and European Academy of lnformatization (L’Academie Europeenne d’lnformatisation - AEI) and holds a Doctorate of Eniopsychology Sciences (universal psychology) from the Czech Academy of Informatiology.*

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering with advanced studies in Physics from The Cleveland Institute, USA. He has studied the “dimensional science” phenomenon since 1987 and continues research in the field of elemental transmutation. His works are published in numerous journals and has written seven books on his findings.

The * Czech Academy of Informatiology awarded the Doctorate Degree to Joe Champion, PhD under directorship of Professor Albert Ignatenko, Dr.Sc. For those desiring more information, the academy is a full member of the International Informatization Academy located in Moscow and a member of the European Academy for Informatization. You can find out more about these European institutions by clicking here:   Czech Academy of Informatiology

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