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Dolphin Children ~ Dolphin Humans

They bring a new energy, a new vision and the ability to implement it. As these children mature, they will gradually replace the current generations that are resistant to the new consciousness as well as replace those who are too fearful or hostile to embrace new thought and a new world of greater hope, peace, and promise. The following article includes several letters from parents of Dolphin Children.

Angels of Earth
by Paula Peterson
Earthcode International Network

Extraordinary children are popping up everywhere - like a giant wave that's building momentum. There's James Twyman's Psychic Children, Kryon's Indigo Children, Dr. Richard Boylan's Star Kids, and recently I've heard of some special children in Russia. Are you ready for yet another group of special kids?

You'll find my introduction to Dolphin Children in the commentary that follows. They've actually been around for quite some time, just like all the other special kids. However, the numbers of these gifted children are increasing worldwide and it's time for their presence to be known - hence, they're all getting a lot of attention now and that's exciting! They bring a new vision with the ability to implement it.

The presence of the Dolphin Children won't come as a surprise to some of you, just like it was no surprise to learn of all the other unique children. I've met them here and there over the years and I knew what they represented the moment I laid eyes on them. I could feel an expanded level of awareness and intelligence in their presence and I would walk away with a warmth in my heart and new hope for our future.

(You may also wish to read related articles on the Dolphin-Human Connection, The Language of Dolphins, Voices in the Sea and New Heaven New Earth pages of this web site (See menu bar to the left).

The characteristics of Dolphin Children are interwoven with those of the Psychic Children, the Indigo's, the Star Kids - and vice versa. The most significant difference of Dolphin Children, though, is often their persistent smile and laughter, and their insatiable need to be near water - especially the sea.

They have a strong sense of liberty and freedom of spirit. In fact, they will become despondent - even severely ill - if they are forced into restrictive life-styles or forced to endure a home environment that is lacking in respect, sensitivity or encouragement.

When they are fortunate enough to be born into a family that honors their special gifts and talents, teach them with kindness, and discipline them with firm yet gentle guidance, they will grow up to be extraordinarily creative and vibrant individuals.

Dolphin Children are highly sensitive, with empathic natures. They are usually born telepathic and will use and keep this skill if they are not discouraged or taught out of it. Since they are telepathic, Dolphin Children may experience delayed speech, non-speech or symptoms of autism which can be overcome with appropriate therapies.

They are often found in the healing professions, especially the alternative healing arts. Their strong interest in the ocean and all its living creatures may lead them to pursue occupations like oceanography, sailing, or marine biology. They tend to have natural inclinations toward athletic pursuits - like swimming, scuba diving, water skiing, dancing or gymnastics.

They will usually have a strong interest in the field of sound - like toning, singing, music as well as technologies that utilize sound - both audible and inaudible. New technologies that offer non-verbal communication, interaction with the subconscious mind, and dimensional travel will be attractive to many Dolphin Children.

They are lovers and advocates for the welfare of animals, nature and the environment. They often show particular sensitivity and compassion for the disadvantaged ones: the disabled, the elderly, the weak, and the underdog.

They often have large, clear, beautiful eyes and a frequent smile. They are usually extra sensitive to sounds. Some may have slightly noticeable webbing between their fingers and toes. Some have even learned to move and expand their auric field at will which can be felt as a calming energy by animals and sensitive people. They may also tend to have frequent out of body experiences at night during sleep and may have lucid dreams of being underwater as a dolphin or swimming with them.

In addition, many adults - even higly credible folk with doctorates in medicine, psycology, and science - secretly believe that they are dolphins incarnated into human bodies. And, of course, until there can be greater public acceptance of such occurrences, these special adults will likely keep their secret and only disclose such information to those who have an open heart and an open mind.

In the following letter, Heather Macauley writes about her wonderful dolphin child, Amelia, and included great photos.

Dear Paula:

In 1990 I was newly divorced, had just read my first 'new age book' and I began getting information about the birth of my daughter...(not that I was even remotely open to having another child, I might add!!) I was given her name (Amelia Rachel Noelle) told she was to have her own identity...(no 'family' last name) and that I was to swim with dolphins when I became pregnant with her. I thought I was 'hearing things' (!) but I still felt compelled to research dolphins and birthing underwater.

In 1996 I discovered I was pregnant and that it's illegal for pregnant women to swim with (captive) dolphins in the U.S. So I sold my car and went to the Yucatan where I camped on the beach, and ended up at a place called X-Caret, an ecological theme park. It was the beginning of my 4th month and I was given permission to swim with 'my own' dolphin every day. The dolphin's name was Ixchel (the Mayan Goddess of Fertility) because at the time she was one of two dolphins in the world to give birth to a surviving baby (the other was in Florida). In any case, I swam every day of the 4th month of my pregnancy with Ixchel.

At the end of my fourth month, there were some 'complications' with insurance issues at X-Caret. Though I knew the owner's wife, I didn't try to change this, and ended up going to London where I gave birth to Amelia underwater. (Interestingly enough I was curious why the 4th month was the only time I was "allowed" to be there and discovered that the 4th month is when ALL the major development of the fetus is taking place...organs, skeleton, brain etc...after that it's just growth.)

BTW I recently asked Amelia what she remembered about her birth. She said, "Mommy, I remember I could breathe underwater." Which of course was true because she was still attached to the umbilical cord! Needless to say, my daughter is a dolphin-person! I see it in her personality totally. Of course, I don't know to what extent, but after reading your article I couldn't help but see the connection even more than I did before. (see articles in New Heaven New Earth and Dolphin Connection in this website)

Without being coached Amelia swims like a dolphin. She wouldn't let anyone 'teach' her how to swim. And at 5 (which is her current age) she can float on the top of a pool, swim down 12' and pick a quarter off the floor of the pool...then she'll do her 'dolphin' swim back to the surface.

She so badly wants to be a 'mermaid.' On several occasions she had my husband wrap her legs together in green cloth, then pick her up and lay her in a tub full of water!! And because of this child we're moving to Maui at the end of April! (You know...God's will... gotta love it!) Though we had just moved into a lovely home on a creek in Salt Lake City, I began having dreams and visions about moving to Hawaii. Then my daughter started climbing in bed with me each morning saying, "When are we going to the ocean? When are we going to go swim with the dolphins?" It made quite an impression because I rarely talked with her about dolphins or oceans, especially in combination with my dreams.

Below are more letters from other parents of Dolphin Children. However, the following is another letter from Heather who sent in a current update on Amelia who is growing up!

Hi Paula,

Knowing how you like little dolphin-child updates, I thought I would share this story that Don told me today.   (Photo - Amelia diving)

A few days ago Don was driving with Amelia and they slowly passed by a woman that he didn't like. He made a rather disparaging remark about the woman... referring to her as 'dumb.' Amelia said, "Dad, that lady will feel what you're saying and it will hurt her feelings."

Paula, I've never told Amelia that what you think or say about another (when you're not in their presence) can be felt. I'm amazed!

Nor do we talk much about God or dying or heaven... which is why her picture blew me away.   

* The drawing that Amelia - at 7yrs - had drawn and this is what she said about it...
"When someone dies their heart breaks and God comes out."

Which reminds me ...we saw a dead cat on the road while driving to school a few weeks ago. Amelia burst into tears and was crying so hard she couldn't go into school. I tried to explain to her that death wasn't real, etc. But she was still pretty shaky. Finally the school psychologist (who's a doll) happened to walk by and I thought this would be a good transition for Amelia... which it was.

When I picked her up at school, Amelia said, "I felt really bad, but then the kitten came to me and licked me on the cheek, and told me it was okay... and then I felt fine!"

Love, Heather

Amelia is growing up! Pictured here at 9-years old. Such a little beauty with a playful sparkle in her eyes.

Now a lovely teen and active horsewoman, Amelia's special light is emerging more than ever.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


From Muriel

My name is Muriel Lindsay. I live on an island off the East Coast called Tybee Island, Georgia. Dolphins live right next to me and I have been able to connect with them on a daily basis in the Spring, Summer and Fall either when I am swimming or kayaking.

I have long had a strong dolphin connection so living here is my dream come true, or part of my dream come true. I have spent the last 30 years of my life doing research of one kind or another about dolphins and participating in experiences with these beings around the world. And there is more to come.

I have long suspected I was a dolphin in a human body. I am only completely comfortable in the water. My skin is only normal in the water. otherwise, I shed my skin constantly - a condition called ichthyiosis. When I was young, I would turn sommersaults for hours in the water to put myself into an altered state, and I have had many dreams of living and breathing in water (tho I know dolphins don't breathe in the water but certainly, they don't worry about breathing while being in the water for such long periods between breaths).

Years ago I had a dream that I have never forgotten. It goes as follows....

I am pregnant and ready to deliver. I go to the hospital and am having contractions. The only thing about it is, instead of pain, with each contraction I feel waves of ecstasy. The nurses are all warm and helpful people. I explain that I thought labor was painful and here it is the opposite.

I was dilating alot and another nurse comes to check me out. She looks at the birthing area and is very upset and angry. She looks at me sternly and says "that baby better not be born with its eyes open!"

I don't remember the rest of the dream except that what happened was I actually gave birth to a dolphin. The only thing I could figure out about the head nurse's anger and strictness was that she represented the status quo and the fear around a new consciousness coming in with eyes open. it was a powerful dream.

Thank you for your website and your contribution to opening more eyes, and hearts.

dolphin smiles, Muriel Lindsay

PS: Maybe somebody else out there knows whereof I speak and has "dolphin skin" that needs to be in water to be in good condition. Interestingly, it was discovered one reason dolphins can swim so fast is that they are shedding their skin the whole time and thereby reducing resistance aerodynamically!

From Alyse - another Dolphin Child mom

Hi Paula:

I am interested in signing up for your newsletter. I recently found out that my "home" is where the dolphins come from and that I am a dolphin. I have known this on one level all of my life, but it was not something I could talk about to others.

I met Heather Macauley this past weekend at a phsycic fair in Yahats, Oregon, where we were both vendors. I was drawn to her out of everyone right off the get-go.

I see and hear angels and guides of all origins, and I am able to paint these wonderful beings and relay their messages, as well.

Heather has asked me to paint an angel portrait for her dolphin-daughter, Ameilia Rachell Noell.

I was just reading Heather's story about her daughter on your website and realized that it was like reading about myself and my son, Simon. It has a bittersweet side to it, though, as I have not manifested living near the ocean nor a swim with the dolphins yet. (It is now time!)

Simon is almost ten and he was born in a waterbirthing tub in our livingroom at home. I did not plan on a water-birth until I was pregnant with him and "heard" that I was to do this.

He is most happy when he is in water. When Simon was 5, I "heard" we needed to live in Hawaii. I was in the middle of a separation and the begining of a divorce. I began to pack up and sell our excess belongings to fund the move from Washington to the islands. Unfortunately, my ex served us with a restraining order, barring me from moving with our children, which would not allow us to move for 5 years.

Since the age of five, Simon has changed radically in his physical appearance and behavior: a weight gain that has not stopped, even with dietary adjustments along with behavior that brought me to take him out of school to homeschool. Brain Gym has been sucessful and we continue to do sessions. I am going to take him to have crainial sacral adjustments as well.

It hit me upon reading your discription of the dolphin children that this "barring" from being able to live close to the dolphins could very well be why he has such a difficult time in the world. He is very psychic and is able to sooth and heal others with his hands. He is an excellent swimmer and has always loved the water. He is also challenged with sensory integration deficit. On the summer days when we can have him in the ocean or a creek all day to play and swim, I have noticed he will have several days of smooth sailing in his behavior.

I just met a lady who teaches children with disabilities to ride horses. I do not think of Simon as disabled. Challenged, yes. But he has said that he wants to ride horses. He also gets along well with the underdog-child or physically-challenged child. I want to help make his wish come true.

It is good to begin to truely understand my son and support his needs toward growing into his potential, as well as uncovering more about who I am and ways to better nurture and support myself, too.

Thank you for your website and information on the dolphin children. It further strengthens my resolve to manifest for myself and Simon what we need to be more balanced and centered on our earth walk.

I am looking forward to your newsletter.

Blessings and light


From Virginia

Hi There Paula,

A friend just forwarded the information on Dolphin Children. I jumped for joy when I read your web site.

My youngest daughter, Autumn, is a dolphin child. I had a dream where the dolphin's called me over to show me two things: one that we come from them, and second that my daughter is one of them. Autumn's belly and skin has always reminded me a dolphins and she has a strong attraction to them.

I had heard about Indigo children and I knew the dream was significant, but no one knew anything more. Thank you for putting things into perspective for me.

I am concerned about the earth and have been wondering how in the world things were going to change. Every youth I come across I remind them that they are the future and that one day all this will be in there hands. Now I am sure that there is hope and the Universe knows exactly what it is doing.

I am going to purchase Paula's book and will keep my eye on your web site.

If there is anything I can do please keep me posted.

Love and Light,

From Rev. BJ Doucet

* Image by Eva Sullivan at

Dear Paula,

As I write this letter to you I am in tears.

The picture of Amelia (top of page) could be a picture of my daughter who went to the Summerlands (the after-life) just before her 21st birthday. She died from complications of diabetes and hypothyroidism. That was almost 15 years ago.

All the kids at school called her E.T., from the movie, as her eyes were the biggest cornflower blue you ever saw. She was definitely a "water baby" and adored living in California and being close to the water. She had that sparkle you speak about and DID manifest the illness' you have described.

I was a divorced mom with 2 beautiful girls and had to work 2 jobs to support them. I was not in the best of emotional shape at the time and couldn't be there for them like they needed.

She had so much to share in her last lifetime and I wasn't the parent to help her do this. But, I feel blessed to know she is "back" (incarnated again) and with a family that will take her where she needs to be to fulfill her destiny and assist the world. The Creator does work in the most wonderous ways.

Blessed Be Always,

B.J. Doucet (Rev.)

My Response


Now I'm the one in tears after reading your e-mail! I deeply appreciate you for sharing your experience and being so open and honest. Even though you feel that you were not the "best" parent for your child, she spread her light anyway. Who knows what seeds she planted with anyone who met her while she was in your care? You did the best you could and I hope that you really know this. It's wonderful that she is "back" and giving it another go. Thank you so much for sharing. Good thoughts and many blessings to you. Namaste' ~ Paula

From Kate

Dear Paula,

Just discovered your web site. Would love to recieve your newsletter.

I have a 15 year old daughter whom I've always considered a dolphin child. When I became pregnant with her she told me "My name is Sarah and I'm special."

She's always loved dolphins and used to dream of them often when she was little. A few months ago a friends father died and she was very upset by this and became quite depressed. A few days later she went for a swim and found a number of dolphins in the surf with her, she had not noticed any when she arrived at the beach. Needless to say it cured her depression.

I also have a 22month old grandson who might be connected to them as well. A little too soon to tell, but just before and after he was born every time I played John Denver's Dolphin Child I kept getting told it was Jullian's song and to play it to him, which I did.


From Yolanda

Hi Paula,

I often wonder about my child and his interest in marine life.

He seems to know about a lot of the species. He even corrected me one day in the natural history museum. He knew this particular species was a whale and I said, "Honey, it is not a whale. They are bigger." He says, "Mom, don't you know anything?" (He was only 3 years old at the time).

Lo and behold - he was correct! And there were several adults there laughing at mom.

Thank you,


From Madison DiLoren

Hello Paula…

Adear friend and spiritual teacher of mine sent me your website…

I am reading all the information on dolphin children and the dolphin-human connection…

I am very familiar with Joan Ocean's work as well…

I love your website for it teaches people about…"us"…

I am a dolphin child…I have known this all my life…I continuously have dreams of the sea and my cetacean family…my soul vaguely remember Sirius B and Atlantis…

I yearn for home a lot..that star in the sky from which we come from…the dolphins and the whales…

Only in meditation and dreamstate do I return home…I know we are here to heal the planet and most of all, teach people to be better humans towards one another and to help not only the land, but the sea…

I applaud you for the information you send out to others and your lovely stories…

thanks so much..

love and peace to you,

Madison DiLoren

*   Do you suspect you have a Dolphin Child or
know someone who does? If so, please send in your story!



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