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~  What the Mirror Never Tells  ~

An Intriguing Interview with Clarissa Le'Ashland of Ashland Institute

We really do have the power to improve the quality of our lives – as well as alter our physical appearance – through the power of changing our minds.

Its amazing just how much we hide from ourselves – and the world – because we are afraid to look at our true nature without a lot of judgment and criticism.

We often don’t like who we are and we often don’t like the way we look. And so we withdraw our attention from those thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are uncomfortable. Yet, in doing so, we become unconscious of the very things that stand in the way of our greater happiness.

Our lack of attention in this area can lead to discontentment and lack of fulfillment in our lives.

The good news is, we can learn to take a new look at ourselves and change everything in our lives for the better. In a safe and non-judgmental fashion, we can muster the courage it takes to take a closer look and discover aspects of ourselves that we’ve forgotten.

In finally bringing our attention back to what is essential - not only can we bring greater happiness and fulfillment into our lives - we can also look years younger in the process!

The following is my interview with Clarissa Le’Ashland, an empowerment guide and trainer who is also the founder of Ashland Institute. She has an impressive background in corporate business as well as the healing arts.

My experience with her process was truly phenomenal. What makes this process so dramatic and fascinating is that the camera lets you see for yourself –right then and there –what you will never see in the mirror.

Ms. Le’Ashland’s expertise in this field is a gold-mine –and herself, a blend of southern charm, warmth and shamanic wisdom. So impressed was I with her ability to use this technology, that I talked her into letting me interview her –and am most thankful that she agreed.

What the Mirror Never Tells

with Clarissa Le'Ashland
by Paula Peterson

PJP: What inspired you to get into this transformational work?

CL: To begin with, even though I was successful in business for many years, there came a time when my life wasn’t working for me: it wasn’t fun anymore, there was too much stress in my life and I realized that my self identity was about what I did rather than who I am.

I prayed often and asked God to show me a better way. Almost immediately, I began to see differently and was directed to deeper creative and spiritual aspects of myself through books, workshops and seminars led by authorities in their fields. Inner reflection, self-mastery work, learning the laws of Nature and Universal Law –as well as a combination of many different philosophical and theosophical modalities – led me to create the work I offer today in Transitional AwarenessTM.

PJP: I've experienced this process and it is one of the most powerful methods of initiating positive change in a person’s life I’ve ever seen. You also use technology in an interesting way that gives great impact. Can you please explain a little about how it works?

CL: Sure. Transitional Awareness is a personal journey to Self-Discovery –a learning experience which transcends the mind’s information based system.

During the Discovery Session, all the systems of the body begin to integrate information in a new way through tuning into one’s Heart-Mind-Spirit. This occurs as the master computer (Brain) and Heart become more aligned with the desires, dreams and knowing of the individual through accurate, objective observation and feedback followed by a discovery interview.

Like you, most people feel and see dramatic positive facial and body changes while often experiencing more aliveness and vitality with greater focus and direction in life.

PJP: Now, you use a particular type of camera with the environment set up a certain way. Then you have the person sit in a specified area of the room and you guide them through a unique process. What exactly is happening?

CL: Well, actually, I don’t have a specific structured process. I do follow some basic procedures of how I set it up. But other than that, it’s almost one-hundred percent experiential and responsive to the person’s unique situation.

I’m very intuitive and I tune into the individual based on the information he or she has given me. Therefore, I don’t really have a specific line of questioning. During the discovery interview I find out where they want to go in their lives and what they want to achieve. What we discover together determines how the session will be developed specifically for their desires and needs. Once we’ve discovered how to proceed, the experiences that one shares during the session begin to initiate change.

Since the brain receives information by the nano-second, people often feel and see the changes almost immediately. Most experience a noticeable shift in their energy levels and leave feeling happier and more joyous with a new meaning to life. Frequently, people look years younger…and the changes continue on for days, weeks and even months afterward.

So what we do together is play in an arena of experience and sensation which means, “let’s go into the feelings of this moment.” With sensation and experience, we open the mind, the body and the spirit through the medium of curiosity and wonderment along with intention, possibility, attunement and attention.

PJP: Why is it that your camera shows so clearly what the mirror doesn’t tell us?

CL: First of all, I use a very high resolution film so we can zero in with a high degree of sensitivity and subtlety using an actual visual image of the face of the person. After I’ve filmed the person’s face in different positions, we then evaluate the results together. It’s really quite enlightening. The person is able to see themselves objectively –often for the very first time –as if they are looking at someone else.

After that, my place is to guide the person into understanding what he or she is seeing in their face and how their appearance reflects what is hidden from their conscious awareness.

The brain - or the biological super-computer as I like to call it – is really the control center of all the physiological functions of the body. Everything filters through the brain, and it either knows about it or it doesn’t. So in the session, we look at the face and body as a complete map of human consciousness and intelligence.

As I stated earlier, the brain processes information in nano-seconds and is far faster than the fastest computers. This is why many people begin to feel changes immediately with this work. The brain begins to make adjustments, and improvement can be very rapid.

So, when a person observes themselves on film in this manner, they may first feel as though they don’t know that person since it’s not the same as the one they see in the mirror every day. They may see emotions that were hidden from themselves as well as from everyone else. But it is from this new place of observation that they can finally see what has been hidden - and that’s when change begins to take place.

When our brain doesn’t get the message that our organs, emotional body or mental body is out of balance, then emotional dysfunction or physical disease can take over. So its important that the body, the mind and the spirit is working in harmonious fashion.

PJP: Now, when we look in the mirror, what is the brain doing that keeps us from seeing in the mirror what is so strikingly obvious in the film?

CL: The way I see it, we all wear masks. Many of the things we see in another’s behavior, actions and facile expressions show up on our own faces as well as in the way we walk, the way we carry our body and in our self esteem and self worth.

We often deceive ourselves about things that are uncomfortable for us to see. In using a camera, the film does not lie. Most people will see somebody they’ve never seen before, but who’s been there all along. Usually we will see another person that carries the blueprint of all of our feelings and emotions. On film, when we look at the image with very precise focus, you can see it more clearly; because in moving out of self, you become the observer and see yourself as some one you’re meeting for the first time.

In being an observer - in a place of safety and comfort – you can then say, oh my goodness, I never knew that was there.

I’m not a doctor and I do not practice medicine. However, in working with many doctors and psychologists –in addition to studying psychology –I believe that the brain, emotional and physical bodies are not communicating with each other and are out of harmony. We may have had very traumatic experiences –such as an automobile accident, unexpected death in the family, or illness: these events can naturally throw all the systems out of harmony. Sometimes, it may take years before one actually feels in harmony again. In many cases, the brain and heart haven’t always been connected and you may have known people who seemed to live their lives from their mental or intellectual body.

Is it all our stuff? I don’t think so.

The way I see it, we are all energy beings. Everything is energy. As we walk through life, we’re continually bumping into each other’s energy fields. When we’re not fully protected or aware of our own energy bodies, we can take on the sadness, tiredness, anger - and all kinds of emotions - from others.

PJP: So, we basically fool ourselves?

CL: We’re fooling ourselves – and our bodies –because the imagination is amazing and powerful. Doctors tell us all the time that you can fool your brain into controlling your body.

And so that is what we do: it's unconscious and we absolutely do not see it. When we look in a mirror - in less than a split second - the mask goes on.

PJP: The mind adjusts.

CL: Exactly. It adjusts to the mask that we put there.

PJP: Are we adjusting because – in a way –the mind kicks in and says something like, “I don’t want to see that because it’s too uncomfortable?”

CL: Yes. During the Discovery Session, the brain has the opportunity to see how things really are. The brain adjusts because the new information bypasses personality and behavior and goes right to the essence of the person.

I like to call my consultations Discovery Sessions, because we look at whatever the client wishes to address or discover. It could be about changing jobs, starting a new career, opening a new business, concerning relationships –or any important aspect of their life – that needs a change or shift to take place. Or it could be that the client doesn’t really know what they want; and so we investigate those areas.

Together, we focus on the Trinity of Body-Mind-Spirit. I also refer to this Trinity as Love, Wisdom and Power. If we use wisdom without power, it doesn’t stand alone. Using power without love doesn’t work either. The balanced combination of all three –along with peace and harmony –is what makes life work.

The Key to a healthy life is always in the balance of work, rest and recreation. Balance allows the left brain (logical) and the right brain (creative) to work in a more efficient manner with greater clarity.

PJP: What keeps us from finding out what that balance might be for each of us?

CL: Well, as children, we have dreams of what we’d like to do or who we’d like to be. But sometimes we get stuck in our emotional body when a very well meaning relative, teacher or parent – even a boss when we've become adults - may discourage our dreams through damaging criticism or ridicule, such as, “You can’t do that” or “What makes you think you can do that?” The negative input gets imprinted into our beliefs about ourselves and can stay forever unless we take a look at it, revisit it or readdress those important dreams that were pushed aside and forgotten.

PJP: But ultimately we can remember and we do know.

CL: Yes, we do know. Whatever we want is buried deep within us. It takes courage and bravery to look inside to see what it is. Then we can say, “No, I don’t want to do it now because that’s in the past” or “Yes, I’d like to at least give it a look and some investigative time.”

Most people are surprised at the wonderful dreams, skills and natural abilities that are their own innate gifts – the ones that had been forgotten and buried for so long.

The basic, essential Essence of everyone’s True-Self is love, joy, harmony, happiness, light and unity. Any other emotion –besides positive –is a creation of the human element (personality and behavior) which is not basic to our true-nature and may show on the face as well as in other physical traits, mannerisms and habits.

So, as we observe the image of the person’s face on the film, we assess the facial characteristics in a way that gives the brain precise feedback in order to make an accurate evaluation. As an example: a person may see sadness or tiredness in some area of their face which may be a reflection of being unclear about something they want to do. The brain will check its "computer files" to see if sadness or tiredness is a part of the basic nature of this person’s essence – or blueprint (sadness and tiredness is never imprinted in the basic essence of anyone).

Since sadness and tiredness is never imprinted in the basic essence of anyone, the brain will find no blueprint for it in its “files.” It recognizes that these emotions are not a part of the natural physiology or spirit of a person and it begins to make immediate adjustments in the person’s energy field and body language in addition to obvious facial changes.

With the release of unwanted tension or emotions the person looks and feels lighter. In addition to the release of stress, new or forgotten dreams and intentions may be rekindled and brought back to light as a very desirable goal which can now be realized.

I like to say that the brain and the heart are being brought together -or merging into One. Another way of looking at it is that the mind, intellect and thought processes are being brought together with our heart, emotions and feelings.

When we can bring our emotions and our intellect together in harmony, we can blow out all discord from our body, mind and spirit. In this way, we can live in a place of love, peace, respect, kindness, integrity, and honor for each other. It then becomes easier to see past the personality and go right to the heart of a person –their True Self –instead of looking at them as a set of behaviors.

PJP: Can the True-Self also be called the soul?

CL: Some would call it that, yes. The inner place –the individualization of the God-Self which lives within –is what I call the True Self, or the Spirit of the person. Magic really happens when we blend the True Self or Inner Life with the Practical Life or Outer Life. This blending is true harmony aligned with the Universal Flow where all manifestation happens.

When we begin to explore with curiosity and wonderment at what we see –without analyzing why or how –the brain begins its work to connect the issues with itself, then that magic can happen.

In years of experience in working with clients using these discovery tools, I have seen many people look ten to fifteen years younger – sometimes more –after one weekend seminar. Simply by addressing the issues that caused their systems to become out of balance, and in attuning to what they want in life, their lives have changed forever.

PJP: So if we wanted an inexpensive face-lift it would be wise to appreciate the beauty in others?

CL: Yes, exactly! And when we begin to see ourselves in a better light, everyone else changes as we change. Through changing our attitude and our feelings about other people and accepting others wherever they are in their life journey, everyone benefits.

Blessing, loving and sending good thoughts to people is a very huge part of the work that I do around thought forms and languaging, because as we think, so we are. Until we become conscious of our thought processes and that every thought is a creation, we will continue to create imbalances in our lives. We may not see the results of our thinking today nor see it next week, but whatever we think will eventually manifest.

If we have anger or thoughts of unkindness toward another it may not come back to us right away. Generally speaking, it will go out and attach to the collective thought forms, gain momentum and come back like a boomerang to hit us more than ten-fold: exactly the same thought only multiplied.

We may often wonder why certain situations happen. However, when we pay attention and become aware, we come to understand exactly how and why it occurred.

We are a creation of God. When we treat others and ourselves with kindness, honor and integrity we experience it in return as a daily part of our lives. We are expressing God’s loving kindness with ourselves when we have the courage to take off the mask and look truthfully within and set about making self-correction. It is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

When we give that gift to ourselves, we can see everybody like that: we can see the love, harmony and peace in the face of everyone we meet –if it first comes from within us.

PJP: In a nutshell, your process is about letting the person see their mask first so they can discover what created it; then they have choice as to whether they want to take off the mask so they can be more aware and make better choices.

CL: Yes. And it takes courage for a person to say, “You know, I really want to take a look at this and see if there is a mask here. If so, how much of this mask do I want to take away?” Or they might say, “I actually like these pretty patterns here and so I will leave it there.”

In allowing the unwanted parts to fall away it then leaves a void in which something else can be created. The Universe needs a void in order to create or manifest. So, in taking out those things that are no longer wanted, you then have a big space for a new creation that you want to make.

I’ve been doing this work for fifteen years and I continue to be amazed at what I see. I don’t have all the answers as to how it works - it just does. As it’s been said, God works in mysterious ways, and He certainly does with this work.

PJP: Talking with you today has been really fun and interesting. In closing, what else would you like us to know about improving the quality of our lives?

CL: The human body is the most complicated, delicate, magical and miraculous creation that there is, and the spirit and mind is so unique. We can expand on certain aspects or we can dissolve what we no longer need or want as we move into a higher realm of super intelligence.

When we are aligned with what we are meant to do, that’s what happens. We develop a unity between the mental body, the intellect and the heart with this direct connection to Universal Intelligence. In connecting with that power –and in pulling all the components into alignment –there’s no stopping expansion, creation or manifestation of what one wants to do.

As I see it, God created many different bodies and many different aspects of choice and opportunities to help us lift the veil of forgetfulness and remember who we are. Our life-journey is about re-discovering that memory; and like a big chess game, each move you make brings you a little closer to checkmate and the ultimate goal that you want to achieve in this life-time.

With greater awareness, we learn to see ourselves with new eyes. We play in the arena of curiosity, playfulness and self-discovery. In this manner, we find a new way to accept and love ourselves –and create more of the life we want.

We equip ourselves with new tools and become reacquainted with our forgotten dreams, gifts and talents. In stretching to our fullest potential, we begin a new life, career, relationship –or we expand on those areas we already love about our life, business or family.

In this safe environment – in the House of Imagination – we reach out to remember what we want, who we really are and begin to see the magnificent beauty that God imprinted in everyone.

©by Paula Peterson

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*  *   Clarissa Le'Ashland is a Discovery/Empowerment Guide, Trainer and Business Consultant. She has worked closely as an executive with Peak Performers in Business and Masters of the Healing Arts for over twenty-five years.

She is experienced in business management, marketing, health care, hospitality, publishing, team building, training and public speaking. Years of research and experience in working with leaders in various fields of business and the healing arts combined with her continued inspiration to seek the full human potential in personal empowerment and self-discovery, Ms. Le'Ashland developed the cutting edge technology of Transitional Awareness.

Ms. Le'Ashland is an Ordained Minister, Intuitive Counselor and Spiritual Energy Healer and is founder of Ashland Institute which offers training internationally in alternative education exploring experiential and transformational empowerment, self-discovery and healing through "Transitional Awareness" with Intentional Focus and Intuition.

* photos & images by Bruce Lee

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