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Historical Evidence for Lord of the Rings and Ancient Human Origins?

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The SAGA continues.........


The following represents my understanding from tapes, CDs and conversations with Ior Bock.

We are now nearly to the end of the 20-year period of revelation and completion of the Ancient Time capsule known as the Bock Saga. Revealed and unfolded by one man Ior ( ee-or ) Bock, the last remaining family member of the Bock family who have retained and maintained the ancient knowledge of human history dating back tens of thousands of years. This ancient history of human knowledge originating in Finland relating to our human beginnings containing a history so vast and complex that is so different to accepted history and academia today.

Since the first release of the Saga by Ior Bock nearly twenty years ago, which was met with scepticism, character assassination and disbelief. Many aspects of the Saga have now been shown to be true. Clearly the Saga is not a myth or a concoction of the imagination as some suggest. It is however a clearly set out system of sounds that is self proving which has enabled the Bock family line to orally transmit the Saga using a sound system that retain and maintain the accumulated knowledge and history of mankind on our planet.

In Finland today the Finnish National Board of Antiquities the Museovirasto has blocked all efforts to have aspects of the Saga proven. To the extent that the Museovirasto have lied and deceived, using character assassination toward any who support Ior Bock and who are scientifically trying to prove the existence and factual evidence of the Saga. To further this abomination the world wide sceptics association use tactics of simular persuasion to the detriment of all freethinking and honest people. Who have at their disposal scientific and academics of all persuasions dedicated to debunk and character assassinate any and all who submit anything that is contrary to their own religious sciences.

To date the Museovirasto and sceptics have refused to accept that there ever existed a people in Finland known as the Aser people and Vaner people. The ancient Finnish Vaner language is classified as Finno-Ugric. The Finnish language of Rot ( Root ) was classified as Swedish and classified as Indo-European language (Germanic) and is far older than academia want to recognise.

In paradise time the first people were the Piruet and Roset people. They were given a language as natures gift which was the Rot language. Three new breading groups were formed: the Jarlet, Karlet and Trelet lines of people who populated the ring lands out from the garden of Oden, which later became Odenma. A new language was formed from the Rot language creating the Van language for all who lived outside Odenma and thus, from paradise time to the present day, Finland has been a bi-lingual society.

It is important to understand that the people of the inland of Finland - populating the waterways and moors of the inland Finland - have spoken the Van Language and Rot language. Finnish Rot is basically the same as the Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish Rot languages, which are understood all over Scandinavia, whereas Finnish Rot is not understood at all.

Finnish Rot the oldest of all languages and this ancient Rot-language still exists today in its original form stemming back before pre-agricultural times at least 15,000 years. This, then, makes this language - that is still intact today and spoken by so few people now - the oldest spoken language in its original form on our planet today.

The ancient Rot-speaking part of the population has inhabited the south and south/west coast of Finland and originally Uudenmaa as well as neighboring Mid-Finland and Carelia - where the old folktales, poems, and history are richer and more ancient than can be found elsewhere in the world today.

Part of this ancient Rot-language is the Kalevala, based upon an oral tradition of passing down the poems and folk tales. The modern version was created through the endeavors of a Finnish doctor, Elias Lönnrot, who dedicated many years of his life to composing the Kalevala from oral poems. Lönnrot had to first learn Finnish Rot before he was able to transfer this to written form in Van / Finnish language. He published his first written edition in 1835.

Yet, what of the more ancient oral history of the Kela-saga that contains and retains the oral knowledge that the Museovirasto and sceptics refuse to accept as being real or of any relevance?

Of significant note is the research of JRR Tolkien's life long research. Tolkien was not an expert on Finno-Ugric philology; his life long study was in Indo-European language (Germanic).

Now this brings up the major viewpoint of academia today; that there is no recognition that the ancient Finnish Rot language is different and far older than the Swedish (Germanic) languages.

It is clear that Tolkien studied early Indo-European language, which he studied from an early age and his professor-ship was in this domain. Tolkien was regarded by many to be a foremost expert on the Indo-European language.

This in itself is a complete contradiction as here we find Tolkien's own research and study led him to the more ancient language of Finland, not Sweden, and the study of Finnish Rot which became a passion in his life and became so entwined within his written works.

Wade Davis - anthropologist in residence for National Geographic Society - also discovered these facts as shown in the N.G.S. film on JRR Tolkien's life and Lord of the Rings. Wade Davis comments that "Tolkien learned Finnish in his early years".

Tolkien’s research was not understood and today is dismissed by the recognized mouth piece of academia: the Sceptic Society. It is very clear that academia was not willing to accept Tolkien’s research then, and continues today.

Michael White writes in his book, Tolkien: a Biography that " Perhaps even closer to Tolkien's creation is the Kalevala”...

JRR Tolkien's life long research - and specifically his Lord Of The Rings- is testament to his knowledge of the Kalevala and the Kela-saga, and his own research led him to discover this ancient language. One ring inscribed with the knowledge of the kela of sound, one ring that is the master to all other sounds; with this knowledge one can discover all other sounds and bring them all together and in the darkness, bind them.

Tolkien's well known verse, “ One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.”

A number of authors on Tolkien's life have clearly stated that Tolkien spent not only a lot of time researching the ancient language of the Kalevala - which is based on oral tradition as a language - but also based his Elven language on the ancient Finnish Rot language.

It is also certain that at some point in Tolkien's life, he must have discovered the knowledge of the Bock Saga since Lord of the Rings encapsulates so much of the Saga.

It is said that Tolkien wanted his trilogy for England. Yet, how is this so when supposedly Finland and England are - according to academia - disconnected in all possible ways?

The connections from the Bock Saga originating from Finland and old Finnish culture to England are indeed extensive: from the Ros-et family to the War of the Roses, as per the first article - which appeared in the worldwide magazine Nexus Vol 9, No. 4 - to the knowledge of the Headen culture of Oden and the old breeding system that recognized many of the Headen celebration days, including the original Roman Empire that worshiped Oden, Sol, the Sun, and its remnants in the United Kingdom.

One of the last remnants of the breeding system was in Odens Burg, which later became Edinburgh in Scotland. Hadrian's wall was built to keep out the new Roman Empire which was based on a taking system, not a giving system. It is now known that the old Roman Empire stronghold in Scotland was to keep control of the mineral deposits there and specifically the silver deposits contained around Edinburgh. The links from the original old Finnish Headen culture and England are indeed immense, and clearly, Tolkien saw the relationship as much of this culture was imbued within his trilogy.

Some of the connections within the LOTR that pertain to the Saga are: the Third Age of Men when the One Ring was still in power and that the Ring of Knowledge of the breeding system was destroyed. The Bock family Temple containing knowledge, ancient artifacts and treasure was the place under a hill (the Underhill's) and keeper of the Ring of Knowledge, the Ring Bearer.

Middle Earth was all one land as per the Saga and now known to be in our ancient past as true as all the lands were together. The Elven system was the law of logic, a giving system of King/Queen-ship, which was centered on looking after all people and the plan-et. In truth the Fourth Age was taken over by men and the giving system was lost and removed. The One Ring - the Kela of sounds - was lost and only now is being rediscovered.

As the Forth Age comes to completion will the old Ring of Power be once more embraced or will mankind go to the fires of doom with a taking system and old rings of power to the detriment of all?

After the Ice age there was established in Finland nine provinces. The nine provinces were also called the Nine Ring Lands, which were governed by Uden-land with Hel at its center also known as Uudenmaa in Van. Thus the One Ring land where the ring bearer - the King of the Aser people (also known as Väinämöinen) and keeper of knowledge resided and controlled the nine.

It's important to understand that Odin/Per/Väinämöinen is a title - The father of Bock - and is passed from the father to son. So there has always been an Odin/Väinämöinen leading Finnish people from paradise time to year 1248.

It is not hard to see that the concept of the Nine Ring Lords governed by the One Ring has a direct comparison with JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy in reference to the “nine”. Thus the number nine also stood for and represents completion as recognized within numerology.

Within LOTR are the "seeing stones" and as Tolkien wrote, " Not all are accounted for." The three crystal balls are interesting in that they were apparently used to determine a number of things.

Crystals are found underground and look like a glass however inside there is a prism which divides the rays of the light. During Paradise Time,when a child was born, a crystal sphere was taken to a dark room or the Temple where one candle of light divided the Prism of light into rays. Rays at the surface of the crystal sphere were like stars of the whole universe that shone on the Temple wall. In this way, from the crystal sphere, was seen where the stars were located in the sky.

Constellations are part of the star system and every star belonged to some constellation. When a child was born from the sperm of the breeder, the child received a name from a star from the constellation of his breeder. His first child became the first star, the second named by the second star and so on. The star system enabled people to see their brother and sister in right order in the stars of the night sky. When someone died they could be still thought of by looking at the stars and their place of order in the family. After Paradise Time, during star nights one could go out to watch the stars of the relatives or one's own star, which shone from the light of Oden and so one could honour the whole family.

Stars consist of different metals. Solar rays hit the stars, which reflect the rays in the eyes of the humans. Because of this, people are born under different stars and this has it's own effects upon each person, which was understood by Astrology: which was the study of the sun, moon and stars. Solar rays had great importance: when the solar rays hit the moon, which is metal, these rays reflect in the eyes of the human and was an important symbolism of the moon. According to astrology, rays of the sun create all green leaves, which turn to mold. From this mold, seeds sprouts which enables new growth. In this way Oden created the Earth.

One was able to communicate with any person holding one of the other crystal balls and so these are the "seeing stones", the crystal balls buried with each golden Bock.

Will myth change back to legend once more and become life as we know it or be forever lost in the midst of subservience to a system of illogical control of a hierarchy based on ill beginnings, false records, and denial of our true history and true inheritance? Will we also go to the grey havens and depart forever?

To continue to falsify our history, our origins and our heritage - using a science that is crumbling day by day - is as clear a sign that the old Rings of Power are indeed loosing their power. Much of academia is based upon what the churches allowed to be taught, yet many still try to deny this. Our known history relies upon documentation that has barley existed for a thousand years, yet scoffs at a history intact that reaches far back in thousands of years.

As Wade Davis said, " A language is a flash of the human spirit, not just a set of grammatical rules." Is this not then what Tolkien achieved? Truly his flash of human spirit has inspired generations to dare think that a new Ring of Power in a giving system - based on honoring people and our planet - can be achieved. To declare that even a small hobbit can shake the foundations of all is to say we each can make a difference if we only allow ourselves to believe in our own flash of goodness -God within.

And so it is, that flash of spirit is once more shown to us, via alphernas baten - the language of the Elves, the Kela of sound - the original Ring of sounds on our planet. We can once more connect our light and goodness - Oden - through the grace of Ior Bock and his family history.

Shown to us through the works of Tolkien, indeed by our own grace, we can embrace the beauty and power within each of us, and is a blessing in our times. For those who deny this, is a refusal to see and embrace that which is offered: a new light to create a new paradigm of goodness and wholeness so needed in our times.

We can only open eyes that are willing to see.

In this light we begin to see the truth and logic of the sound system and how it relates and created other languages. How this sound system works and is so different to any other known language, yet contains the knowledge and history of our planet is the next step of unfoldment we need to embrace. It is within the sounds of the Kela that retain the knowledge of our ancient past that was whole and was the original ring of power to create wholeness within.

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Just over 9,000 years ago the ice retreated from the main land of Finland. From Hel there were seven Islands and one of these Islands was Asgard. Asgard was the home of Ukko (Ukko or Per is the father of Bock). This then was the start of the River Empire period. The surviving Aser (Piruet family) who was living on the Islands returned to Hel and Odenma. Asgard was the residence of Bock and was regarded as a very sacred place where the earth magnetic influence was very strong. Therefore, Bock received the sperm in this place and where Disa and Svan were impregnated so that the energy of the sperm was at its highest capacity.

In Asgard was an arena were the Glad-i-a-tor, glad means glad, happy and whole (glass when it is whole is called Hel), "i" is the totem pole and the sperm, A is the Aser, and Tor is heart-friend. Glad-i-A-Tor became known as the gladiators performing in the arena on Festival day and Bock-sing day. This was part of the old Headen breeding system adopted by the old Roman Empire.

After the return to Hel, which became Helsinki,Odenma and two sons of Bock, who were more than the first 12 sons, moved away from the breeding system. One of these sons was named Sven who went to Uppsalla and set up Sven Land (Sweden).

Sven created the first King line Dynasty in Sweden called the Ynglinga–ett. The other son named Dan went to Jul-land (life-wheel-land) and created the Mark of Dan (Denmark). Dan created the first King line Dynasty in Denmark called the Pål-ett (Pole-ett), from which all European nobility descends and is regarded as the oldest monarchy in the world. "Ett" means family plan or line.

The Aser living in Odenma based their system on Eight Powers: the basis of the Headen knowledge and life creation along with the Kela of sounds. Dan and Sven base their system on only Four Powers as they were not in Hel and no longer connected to Bock and Ra. This left the Four Powers: Oden, Tor, Frey and Freya. Svan and Dan created the Ling-et and Pol-et family lines and became the Vi-Kings (Vikings).

In this new breeding system the first son became the crown prince. The Svan Ynglinga-ett (Linget) line expanded to Norway, Ice-Land, and Scotland. The Dan Pål-ett (Polet) line expanded to Pole-land, Saxon-land, Switzerland and Anglo-Saxon in England. Now in England were the Pol-et in the south and Ros-et and Ling-et in the north. The Ling-et represented the red rose and the pol-et, being white, represented the white rose.

The Aser brought agricultural seeds to England 8,000 years ago which began the agricultural period. It is interesting to note that new scientific evidence has shown through the study of bones that not only is this time frame correct but also that the eating of seed crops from berry’s, etc., changed within a 200 year period in England.

It is also interesting that this is about 3,000 years earlier than the known agricultural centres of the Indus valley in Egypt, Mesopotamia, China and Sumner.

About 5,000 years ago the Ros-et family lines from Finland and Rose-land also had significant settlements in China, the Casper Sea, and the Black Sea. East from Poland people spoke Finnish up to 1100 years ago. It is also interesting to note that in western China mummies were found of a people with blue eyes and blond hair living a Caucasian culture buried alongside Asian mummies dating back to the same time period.

We now move to the Roman Empire, one west and the other east, both coming out from Greece and Crete. The west was based upon the JU-Pi-TER system that moved to Rome. The east was based upon SUL-TAR (Sultan) and moved to Constantinople. The Roman Empire had the largest information centre and that was the Col-ussay-em (Colosseum) in Rome. In this place performed the Glad-i-a-tor (Gladiator)around which sat thousands of woman, selecting the man of their choice, similar to Festival day and Bock-sing day.

This was a major Headen Empire, which lasted up to 400AD. Afterward, the Roman Empire collapses resulting in a new system being established based on business and books. It was the time when the Christian religion started taking over.

The old information system and its meanings were changed. From this point on the Pope had complete say with black letters on white paper and having the power over people.

The Ju-Pi-Ter system was separated into two parts. The Pope claimed the Pi-Ter (Peter) system. The Ju system (original highest cast) was claimed by the Israelites - later known as the Jewish people. It is interesting to note that only reciently an old area of the Vatican has been open to the public. One of these is the old throne room of the Pope where he had his throne chair. On the head of that chair, which can been seen today, are the letters Ju-Pi-Ter. As we know, the Pope still claims to be from the line of Peter. From this, it is now clear that the origins of Christianity were taken from the Headen system, and that the Pope claimed the Ju-Pi-Ter system as his own.

Many of the Headen symbols were removed or given a new representation. The old Rusti symbol of the equal cross within a circle was removed and replaced by the unequal Cross - of the Christian religion - and no longer represented the sharing of sperm.

Many of the Headen days were changed or removed. E-share was a special time when Aka, the Earth mother, gave out her stories. Later, E-share was changed to Easter. In Headen time people were born bar (bare) and died bar. This was called Barbarian.

The 31st of December was Sylvester day when men and woman told the children "the stories of Evolution."

The next celebration day was the 13th of January when all boys over the age of seven were taught by the males about His-story (History) and the Eight Powers: specifically Oden, the drinking of sperm to develop the immune system, and Tor. The females taught the girls over the age of seven about the Mis-story (Mystery) and the Eight Powers.

The next celebration day was the 24th of May and lasted for 30 days. The men and woman selected on Festival day and Bock-sing day would come together for love play. This period was known as Hon-i-Moon, (Honeymoon) "Hon" means she, "i" is the penis and "moon" is the mouth. The female drinks her partner’s sperm for 30 days. Conception took place on the 24th of June. By then, the female had so much stored energy from the sperm, that the child would then be conceived with all this energy and be born a wise child.

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Within the Saga is the knowledge of the Aser prophets. One of these was Krishna who was one Ar-i-An (Arian) person 5,000 years ago. Before Krishna was MA-Ra-Ja- Kar (The Maharaja). Krishna changed the children making system.

It is interesting to note that originally the Tor-Ra was relating to the "heart-friend" and Ra teachings. The Tor-friend was removed which created the Torah: the instructions and teachings of the early Jewish priests. Tor means "heart-friend." A heart-friend was given a stone, as a necklace, and in holding the stone was able to be in contact with ones own heart-friend. This seems to be telepathy - Tel-EE-Path-EE. Ior says this is the same in every language. (I understand this, as telepathy does not require language as it is generated from the emotional body. So one can always feel how another is and send love and warm feelings without restraint of whatever language one understands).

Now, the heart shape is a representation of Tor. The head of the penis is heart shaped and is part of the Tor hammer. The female has Cli-Tor-is (clitoris). The man had his heart-friend and the female had her heart-friend. The two hearts come together in the mouth - "OO"(moon) - to share. The sperm and salve (saliva) have the light, energy of Oden. In this way the immune system was kept whole and strong.

Another of the Aser prophets was Budda (Buddha) who was from the Artic north. (Budda originated from Han-O-man who comes from the Aser. "Bud" means messenger and "a" means Aser. So Budda is a messenger from the Aser. Also he was a Brah-man meaning "messenger from Ra and Hel" who is internally whole and good - a Brahman.

Within the Saga is also the story about Mo-Ham-Ed (Mohamed) who was taking his seed from As-Gard and taught the Koo-Ran. Koo is the moon. Ra is the Ra and N is the North Star. In this Koo-Ran time Mohamed (The Koran, the teachings of Mohamed and the conversations with Allah)made his philosophy to be quite attractive at that time than before Headen time by allowing people to have more than one wife.

Before this time, the breeder was always from one cast higher. Now the philosophy has been changed which has created misunderstanding. Mohamed was originally Oden-Man. Alla is Man-Alla. The sound "Alla" means everybody (all) in the original Sound system but was later changed to a God name.

The people were the Mos-Lem-An. The "Lem" is what makes children (the penis), and associated with Lemminkäinen. The "Mos" is the female hole (vagina) where you put in your Lem. The “An” sound is the knowledge of the Aser and light of Oden. Therefore, the Mos-Lem-An (Muslim) has the same association as the Ye-Hov-A system.

Within the Saga is also the story of Jesus. Margaretta who lived in Odenma, and was part of the Aser breeding system, had 12 sons. Margaretta, however, then had a son outside of the breeding system and was disgraced. She moved to the Middle East and then to Istanbul which was old Hindustan at that time. The son was named Jesus who returned to Egypt many years later and declared himself to be of the line of the King and that his mother had not conceived within the breeding system.

The Saga says that he was later put on the "shame-pole" (the cross?) and was removed later and taken back to Hindustan where he died.

Men wanting to have power over others have changed so many of the ancient teachings. Many of the ancient texts - whether from the biblical days or from the Koran - have great beauty and are centred on the love for each other and honouring self and others. It is not my intention to be critical of these teachings. However, these teachings were changed which in turn separated people from one another and their goodness within.

The fact that researchers around the world have discovered a history so far from the written Hierarchy's so-called evidence and scientific proof, tells us that it is time to review the facts and be open to a new understanding without the dogmas of science and religion.

To say that sperm, and even urine, contain antibodies and chemicals that the body needs is distasteful to most people. Yet, are we to ignore what appears to be natures gift to us which improves the immune system? We are, at least, in a time when one is no longer burnt at the stake for communicating a point of view or understanding that is contrary to the religious hierarchy. In this regard, it is past time that one understands that the Christian church changed and altered so much of the Aser teachings.

It is important to understand that Jesus was not the first coming and that the religious hierarchy knew of the prophecy which states that about 2000 years after Jesus would come an Aser teacher know as Ior Bock, decreed by his family 10,000 years before, to open the time capsules left by his ancestors. To have changed this prophecy into the Second Coming of Jesus as “saviour” is a crime beyond imagination. That Ior was to be the "Salve-Ior" to resurrect and save from destruction the Bock Saga. Ior is his name and not some kind of savior as in the Christian sense.

To understand that within each person is the potential to connect to the light creating goodness within - not darkness, fear and social separation. To understand, each person is an everlasting spark of Oden. That within is the capacity to create the vibration of love for self, each other and our plan-et.

That Jesus' mother was from the Aser people is, I believe, significant. To further understand that the written words were created to invent the concept of Hel and damnation and to create God in Heaven - instead of Goodness within - has separated people from the truth of love and wholeness, which should be a person’s birthright.

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Within the knowledge of the saga are the Eight Powers, which represent creation.

In many cultures symbols have played a significant role in passing on knowledge and understandings from our forefathers and ancient peoples. Within the Bock Saga are the Eight Powers and symbols associated with these powers that have co-relationships with other cultures and symbols. These symbols represent creation and life energies and within each symbol one can obtain principles of universal laws, well being, and even mathematics.

The First Power within the saga is Hel. It represents the first earthly ring, the cradle of humanity, and also represents wholeness. The symbol is the “Wheel and Swavel Stick” - the Life Wheel and the Swastika. It also represents the Maypole. It is made up of a square and a cross encompassed within a circle, with another circle at its center. At each of the eight points is burning salt peter, and as the wheel turns it creates a spiral of smoke that represents Universal Energy in the form of a spiral. The spiral represents how all life is formed, even down to our own DNA. The square within the circle represents our physical world with the four winds being north, south, east, west, and the center point. The cross represents the four elements: earth, water, fire, air, and the center represents light. Within some cultures, like the Chinese ancient Mah-Jonng, the center point or center circle is the balancing point which is viewed as light energy from the Sun, the center of creation and life. The symbol of Hel - the Swastika - was also the symbol for Budda and therefore represented the messenger of the Aser knowledge. The cross within the circle represented the information system.

The Second Power is Bock, the head of the Aser people. The symbol for Bock is the “Straw Bock” - a pole with a ring at the top of the pole. This represents the rays of the sun creating life, plants, and nature and also represents fertility.

The Third Power is "i" - the pole represents the penis of Bock. The dot represents the centre circle which represents sperm and fertility. The pole and the circle also represents the numbers 0 and 1. The "i" is also the totem pole, talking pole, and thinking pole. The symbol is the Tri-Sul - or Trident Ø. Trisul has two sounds Tri (tree) meaning oak, ash and palm tree; then Sul, the Rot word for the Sun. Thus, Tri-sul is the sun tree - the family trees. The tri-sul also represents the penis of the Bock with two horns - one on each side: one horn represents mating, the second horn represents sharing sperm.

The Fourth Power - Oden - is a Ring: the Sun and everything. The symbol is a snake biting its own tail creating one Ring that Headen people wear in the left ear. This symbol represents the drinking of ones own sperm to create the EE-MOON-SYSTEM (The Immune System). This also represents a circle with a smaller circle in the middle.

The Fifth Power is RA - the first son of Bock. Ra is represents the Moon. The symbol of Ra is the Rose and the Horseshoe. Thus, the inner circle can also represent the Moon. When we look at the combination of these first five powers, one can see relationships of the four winds, the four elements, and first source being the light - or energy from the sun. In turn, when we transpose these symbols we see the basis of all physical manifestation of atomic structure. In forming a circle from north to south and east to west, then two further circles from the cross diagonally and inverting the larger circle we see a representation of the atom.

Science has now found that the smallest particle (matter) in the universe is a waveform, which represents light. Science still today finds this a contradiction: how can matter at its smallest level be light, yet clearly all manifestation of matter comes from light? Therefore, we originate from the light and are formed of light. Science is yet to fully appreciate that in the beginning there was light and is, indeed, the structure of the universe, the seed of fertility, knowledge and understanding - which is Oden.

The Sixth Power is TOR and is the heart, the heart-friend and Thor’s hammer. Thor’s hammer is in three parts: the head of the penis, the stem, and the egg, thus representing the male anatomy. From this is where sperm comes from to make all people on the planet. When you sound Tor backward we have Rot - the language of the Aser - which means that this is the heart-language. The symbol for TOR is the Lotus.

The heart-friend also shared sperm and salve (saliva) by way of two mouths joined - as in two "OO" joined together creating the infinity symbol that also represents a spiral and genetics and is further symbolised in creating a healthy immune system. This symbology was two snakes facing each other - or one snake with two heads. This symbol depicts the pole and ring on top and is used as the symbol for modern medicine.

The Eighth power is Freya, the first woman. The symbol for Freya is the Lyre or Harp.

The symbol for the information system is an equal cross, contained in a circle (Celtic cross). The symbol for the breeding system is like a sword - an unequal cross.

The symbol for fertility is a circle with flames around it representing the Sun.

At the heart of all matter and things, light is not constant and that Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity is flawed and incorrect. There are now some scientific people who have now come to this conclusion. Dr. Roberto A. Monti in his thesis “ The Real Einstein” exposes what he calls the greatest fraud in scientific history, which shows how Einstein’s theory is flawed. For more details regarding Roberto A. Monti thesis and work go to

When we use light for healing we are changing matter. When we bring light into our body we slow it down to open our DNA to expand it. When we are in the light vibration of love we begin the process of adding extra amino acids to our DNA which makes a third strand of DNA. The light is universal and is First Source, Creator, Oden: you are my North, South, East and West and the center of my universe that holds my place within the universe because I AM THE LIGHT. That all matter at its beginning is light and all things are of the light, therefore there truly is no separation.

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A well known and highly controversial Finnish historian, Ior (pronounced EE-OR) Bock was born on the 17th January 1942. His father, Knut Victor Böxstrom, died on 11th May 1942. From that time only three of the Bock family remained: Ior, his mother Rhea, and his sister Rachel.

From the age of seven, Rhea and Rachel had Ior sit with them every day to listen and learn the family tradition of the Bock Sa-Ga. Ior was not allowed to ask questions through these sessions as it is considered that by listening one learns more than by talking.

According to Ior, the Sa-Ga is based largely on the teaching of sounds, which must be heard and experienced and has therefore been passed down orally from generation to generation in this way. Each descendent was taught from the age of seven to the age of twenty-seven, taking a full twenty years to comprehend and master this knowledge. Thus the Sa-Ga was transmitted to Ior through the years 1949 to 1969.

After his father died, a man named Bror Gustaf Bertil Svedlin adopted Ior and Ior's name was changed to Bror Holger Bertil Svedlin. Svedlin died in 1950 when Ior was eight years old. In March 1968, Ior reclaimed his original family name. As a young man, Ior gained employment as the head guide of the Museum Fortress of Viapori (Sveaborg) in Finland. Each year Ior spent time in Goa, India putting together the historic theme for the following season at the museum. In the summer of 1968 Ior made his first academic presentation at the museum. In the years that followed, Ior became a very well known and respected historian and was involved in the production and development of a number of television documentaries.

In 1984, Ior began to relate his family history and the details of the Bock Sa-Ga. When Ior first began to release the information, it was met with a great deal of disbelief, controversy and accusations that the Sa-Ga was just a set of stories. Many of these people are now reconsidering their position due to astounding and significant discoveries over the past few years confirming that the Sa-Ga is indeed based on fact and not fiction.

In June 1999, Ior Bock was attacked by a man in his sister's apartment in Helsinki. Ior was stabbed in the back a number of times. His heart stopped for 10 minutes. Paramedics managed to revive him but the attack left Ior a quadriplegic.

Now, nearly three years later, Ior can drink tea with very little assistance and continues his daily talks and release of the Bock Sa-Ga material. His mind is still very clear and he still smiles even though nearly all that he had has been taken from him.

* * Update: It is with regret to report that Ior passed in October of 2010.



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