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Historical Evidence for Lord of the Rings and Ancient Human Origins?

* Table of Contents

The Legend Comes to Life:
. . . . entering the realm of the forbidden

A highly controversial topic ... and yet, the complex and greatly detailed accounts of its existence will likely lead the reader to consider the authenticity of these legends. Could it all be true? The legends cannot as yet be disproven; therefore, let the reader be the judge!

Introduction by Paula Peterson

The Bock Saga is more than a living historical document; it was the original scenario for human existence, a handbook for humans to live by, authored by Alphernas Beten itself - the prayer of the Elves.

In keeping up with the latest in archeological discoveries - at least the ones that are made public - one can read about a new discovery nearly every month that blows the previous theories of human origin right out of the water. The Bock Saga is one such piece of evidence that has the potential to rock the foundations of long-standing worldwide institutions.

The discovery of the Bock Saga brings some fascinating historical information to light which could mark the beginnings of a total revision of what we currently know about the very early origins of humanity as it applies to the ice age and before. It's quite remarkable, wherein much of it is supported by geophysical and archeological research.

Excavations in Finland are producing evidence of a vast, peaceful, and well-developed culture living in the realm of the Arctic Circle prior to the Ice Age - a culture that survived the great cataclysmic shift of the earth's axis - which thrust all the lands of Paradise into Ice-Time: the era of Altlandis ("all-the-land-is-ice," in the ancient language).

Knowledge of these races were passed down from generation to generation for tens of thousands of years through the ancient oral traditions and kept secret through a forced agreement with the Roman Catholic Church more than 1000 years ago. One family - considered the oldest on earth - has kept the oral history alive and secret - until now.

The Bock Saga is a fascinating and thought provoking account that reveals the early origins of humanity as well as the roots of the alphabet, words and language. This primordial knowledge challenges many long established and accepted histories as well as many religious institutions, the ancient texts that birthed them, and challenges long standing beliefs regarding well-known Biblical figures. Some of the information may seem hard to accept while other portions will ring true in the deepest places of the readers soul.

There is much information to read on this page. It is controversial whereas some of the material crosses the threshold into the realm of the forbidden.

The article written by Les Whale of Australia is absorbing and extensive. However, it is greatly important to read the entire article - at the readers convenience, of course - to gain the larger picture of what is being presented here: for to read only a few portions - here and there - is to risk an incomplete understanding or misinterpretation.

What is most interesting is that much of the history of these ancient races is similar enough to Lord of the Rings, to make significant comparisons. It has been stated by some researchers that J.R.R. Tolkien likely had knowledge of the Bock Saga - as well as other ancient folklore of Finland - which provided the foundation for his famous trilogy.

It makes sense that Tolkien presented such controversial knowledge and history as a fictional story in order to stave off ridicule and angst from hard-core skeptics and scholars. Lord of the Rings is a powerful way to expose both fact and allegory to a huge audience - to trigger collective memory - and perhaps prepare the masses for the deeper truths to come: for those of a more sensitive nature will glean the truth and see through the "disguise" of facts presented as fable.

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The Bock Saga:
Ancient Time Capsule

by Les Whale

Earthcode International Network

One of humanity’s greatest challenges lies in the effort it takes to adopt new perspectives while utilizing old belief systems in order to steer a course towards the best possible future. This challenge is constantly in conflict with established belief systems relating to our past; present and future for these belief systems are the central wheels of the Academic hierarchy involving all aspects of humanity, including religion.

Many of us are only just coming around to the realization that civilization was indeed thriving and highly evolved in our ancient past. With each day that passes and with each new discovery that comes to light, the truth of this is more and more difficult to ignore and deny.

Consider for a moment that our ancestors knew their civilization was facing natural disasters and cataclysmic changes. Would they have had the foresight into our future to create a mandate and provide future descendants with time capsules containing their knowledge and experiences? Absolutely! We can say this with certainty for we are really no different today in that respect.

Today there is a strong and growing body of evidence indicating the Bock Sa-Ga is such a time capsule that contains knowledge dating back more than 50 million years. According to the Sa-Ga, it was decreed over 10,000 years ago that the surviving Bock family would release the information in 1984 and not before. It was perceived that by this date human genetics would once more have the capacity for wholeness, enabling people to understand how to live in harmony with nature and each other and therefore properly utilize the information.

Is the information contained in the Bock Saga true, and more to the point, is it accurate? The test of time will tell. This article is merely an introduction to the astounding wealth of rare knowledge that is being presented by Ior (ee-or) Bock, the last surviving descendant of the Bock family who has been entrusted with the key to its resurrection.

In the 1980’s a group called The Positive Foundation gathered together to begin excavation in an area near Helsinki in Finland believed to be the location of Lemminkäinen temple. According to the Bock Sa-Ga, within its hidden halls there dwells a repository of human knowledge and existence on our planet dating back millions of years.

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Seeds of life and language

All the land is ice

The Great Flood

Mohamed, Jesus, Buddha

Temple of Oden?

Evidence Found

Ancient settlements

Orgins of sounds and words

The Great War


Relevance to JRR Tolkien's novel

Breeding a line of Kings

Krishna, Maharaja

Symbols and Creation

Last in the family line

Bock Saga and Les Whale Websites


I was handed a document in 1995 that was called The Bock Saga. My initial read of this thesis was of significant interest as it answered a number of research areas I had been investigating for a number of years. Much of this research was out side mainstream beliefs yet put together was pointing to a very different understanding of life on our planet. It was also clear to me that without this research one would dismiss The Bock Saga as an over fertile mind and ridiculous.

In 1996 I was able to listen to three audiotapes with Ior Bock talking about The Bock Saga, his family history. From these tapes I was able to understand the depth of knowledge that Ior Bock was trying to impart and how this knowledge could make a significant change to how we think and behave. It was clear that at that time Ior Bock had released only a portion of the information he had to share. I therefore waited for further information to be released. At that time in 1996 I was also able to get some of the information of the Bock Saga via a web site J.Weber and the Positive Foundation. Also a web site by A Barker (this site is still on line), and appears to be the same as it was five years ago. Since that time the Positive Foundation web site information has been removed. No new information has been made available and in fact there appears to be far less available now than there was five years ago.

In 1998 I started to read the Wingmakers material (another fascinating and controversial cosmology) and was conscious of certain links to the Bock Saga. I was still hoping that someone more qualified than myself would release the information of the Bock Saga to all who had a desire to expand their consciousness.

At the beginning of this year 2001 the latest Wingmaker material was made available and further links are made to the Bock Saga material. I feel it is now time to make this information available and my own research for others to expand upon. Whether the Wingmakers material is indeed true is in my mind of no concern as the information it imparts expands our understanding that we are as yet not whole and truly need a new direction for the well being of all who live on our planet.


The Sa-Ga is a history and mystery so huge it defies description. To date, Ior Bock has released information about four major periods in Earth's history. These periods are Paradise time, Atlantis, the time following Atlantis and the New Times. All of this knowledge is known as the Väinämöinen Mythology.

According to the Sa-Ga's history of human evolution, which dates to the first seeds of life on this Earth, the seeds grew and evolved to a point where eels formed. Eels then gave rise to frogs, which eventually evolved, into monkeys. At some point, the genetics of the monkey and the goat (the symbol of Bock) were combined to create the first two humans, "Frej "and "Freja". The Sa-Ga does not say who was responsible for these genetic manipulations.

This occurred at the exact North Pole around which the sun circled and never set. Surrounding the Pole was a land that became the Motherland known as Odenma, Uudenmaa. At its centre was Hel, meaning clear, home and complete. The humans were known as pi-pol. people and all knowledge could be understood within the pol and ring. It is significant to note that mathematics is based on 0 and 1, a pole and a ring. Uudenmaa, the garden of Ooden, which later became known as Eden, is now in Southern Finland and was a tropical paradise and the home of the first people known as the Aser. Ringlands were created outside of Uudenmaa and within each ringland the breeding system was put in place. The people that lived outside of Uudenmaa were known as the Vaner people who had the Van (means "one") language.

Within the Kela of sounds, which make up the Rot language was the knowledge of how to be one with nature and our plan-et, plan means plan and et means family, family plan to create wholeness. Men and Women were equal. The man had his-story (history) and the female her miss story (mystery).

Both understood the knowledge of how the light of the Sun enables all things to grow and is everything, known as Oden. Ooden also represents the knowledge of the Court of Aser. One Ring, whole and complete, one giving, breeding system, Ye-hov-a “give to the Court of Aser" was in Uudenmaa with Hel at its centre. With this knowledge and its proper utilization, the Aser was considered healthy whole and complete. This was eventually changed to Jehovah. God (good) within became "God in Heaven." During Christian times the Heathen system, and all it represented, was hunted down, destroyed and removed.

Eventually the female was excluded from this new system because much of her mystery (miss-story) became ta-boo (taboo). Ta is to give (germinate the seed) which is feminine, b is borg, meaning cast-el, (castle) the breeding system and oo is Oden the Sun and knowledge to make things grow healthy. Shiva is the Sun and moon once a month, knowledge of the Moon and monthly cycles.

The respect and sharing of male and female essence, sperma and sav, was regarded as whol-i (holy) and created the i-moo-en system meaning in the mouth, creating a healthy and whole immune system. Then the respect and sharing of sperma and sav became taboo, in other words restricted and forbidden. Men could no longer understand the history and mystery to assimilate the seed of knowledge, did not follow the breeding system and create wholeness with Ooden. Prior to this time it was the female's right to choose when to be a mother by way of the dream of Lucia. This happened on the 13th of December, Lucia day.

The 24th December was Fest-i-val (festival) day when the Disa's (stem mothers) were impregnated by Lemminkäinen inside Odenma. On this day the coming fathers stood on ped-i-stals (pedestal) naked with standing pricks so that the self-chosen mothers could look their 'sweet hearts' in the eye and choose that one they like. The 25th December was Jule Tide, the birthday of the Sun (not the Sun of God). On the 26th of December the men chosen on Festival day had to pass physical tests to prove their fitness to be a father. This day was known as Bock-sing day, now called Boxing Day.

Throughout the corruption of Christian times, the original meanings of the language and their importance were changed, lost or contaminated. Consequently, the female was denied her natural worth and equality. Instead of sperma and sav being honoured it became ill-used and wasted.

Continuation of Life

In the continuum, certain trees were regarded as sacred. Among these were the Ash tree and the Oak tree. Ancient records show people had a life span of nearly a thousand years. In Paradise time, one's life span could have been very long indeed. When a person died, they were cremated and their ashes went into the Ash tree. The soul was then able to be absorbed by the roots, ascend through the tree trunk, branches and leaves, to leave this plan-et whole.

This may explain why few remnants of the Homo Sapiens of that time have been found. In Christian times these family trees were systematically destroyed.

Frej and Freja were the first. They understood the alphabet, the Kela of sound. This then enabled them to understand the system of procreation they were to initiate to ensure that all humans born would be god (pronounced as "good").

Frej and Freja had at least 12 sons and seven daughters. This first family became the Piruet family. At its head was Per (Allfather) and Ella (The Earthmother). The 12th Son became the new Bock who mated with Svan to create a further 12 sons and 7 daughters. The first son of Frej and Freja was named Ra and the first daughter Maya. Ra and Maya became the teachers (King and Queen) at the age of 27 years old. Ra and Maya maintained the hidden heathen knowledge.

Ra and Maya, the King and Queen, did not mate because they were teachers. It is interesting to note that in most Scandinavian countries teachers were not allowed to have children. If they did have children, they no longer were allowed to teach.

Through the decent of the family line, three more breeding groups were formed: Jarlet, Karlet and Trelet. These became the Vaner people that lived outside of Uudenmaa. From this point the original Bock then mated with a Svan from the Vaner people. In this way a second breeding group was created within Uudenmaa. There were then two groups within Uudenmaa, the Piruet and the Roset Aser people. The breeder in each ringland was the Rabis who was the Allfather.

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Over 50 million years ago, the ancient ones saw that there was a change taking place on our planet. Most scientific studies indicate that the Ice Age began 65 million years ago but this time line is based on scientific techniques that may be flawed.

According to the Sa-Ga, the first major changes occurred just over 50 million years ago resulting in a shifting of the Pole causing all the lands to become ice. This was known as the time of "all the lands ice" - ALTLANDIS (note spelling) - otherwise known as Atlantis. Atlantis was not so much a location as it was a time in history.

Anticipating this major change, the Aser set up ten locations around the world so that the Vaner people could survive the ice time. Afterwards, there were ten breeding systems that became ten different races of people with ten different languages, all based on the original Rot / Van languages.

When the ice came, the Aser were cut off from the Vaner people.

Largely due to a warm Gulf Stream current flowing into the Finnish Gulf, the region of Uudenmaa remained icefree.

AFTER THE ICE - The Great Flood

According to the Sa-Ga, the second Ragnarök or the second destruction occurred just over 10,000 years ago when the ice began to melt rapidly. Foreseeing what was to come, the Aser built boats to accommodate animals, food, people and other supplies and sailed to higher islands. From this small group of artic human beings we know that they called their hide out in Gotland the "new yard" ("Noa-tun"): the origin of the story of Noah’s Ark.

At this time the temple was closed and Hel was covered in ice. The surviving Aser returned to Hel just over 9,000 years ago when the waters receded. Hel became known as Hel-sing-ki, Helsinki in Finland and the original sound / breeding system was reestablished.


Through history, the intent of most teachers has been to elevate the human spirit and goodness (God-ness) within the human condition. However, in many cases, older teachings were changed and altered by some teachers, with certain vested interests, in order to wield power and domination over others.

Many Aser teachers are recorded in the Bock Sa-Ga. These teachers were sent out to reconnect the Vaner people to their heritage and to Oden. Many were sent all over the world. In a number of ancient locations, records, carvings and other monuments attest to the arrival of a Caucasian people that were very tall, blond or red hair with beards. These people came in boats without oars or paddles and were regarded as Gods among men. It was also recorded that these people came from the north, from the seat of power; their knowledge of all things was complete.

Some of these Aser teachers were recorded in well known history. Yet, as previously stated, their teachings were significantly altered over the course of time to suit the purposes of an elect few. These teachers were male and female, as the people needed both to create the his-story (history) and the miss-story (mystery).

Within the Sa-Ga, the names of the family of Aser are well known. They include Mohamed, Jesus, Buddah, Krishna and Moses (Muses) which is feminine.

Over 10,000 years ago it became apparent that human genetics was changing. Even though efforts were made to reconnect the Vaner peoples, it was foreseen that not until the later part of the 20th century would the human condition evolve enough to once more assimilate the information contained in the Sa-Ga! Thus, it was determined to wait until 1984 before bringing the Sa-Ga to light - for at this time there would finally exist the possibility that man and woman could conceive a child that was both inwardly and outwardly whole.

It is relevant to note that in the last fifteen or so years, around the globe, there are children being born that have three strands of DNA. These children are highly gifted and have abilities far beyond what is considered normal for most people. The psychic powers of these children enable them to even be aware of and communicate telepathically with other children around the world who are likewise gifted.

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In Paradise time, in every generation, the people came together to re-connect to the Ring of Sounds and knowledge to further their love and understanding. With them they brought their finest art and crafts, much of which was in the form of Gold. Gold was honored because the Fire of the Sun is within and it lasts forever. This was a giving to Ye-hov-a. Lemminkäinen was the name given to Bock, the breeder. Lemminkäinen Temple was created in honour of the Bock in an area known as Tuna inside Uudenmaa. The arts and crafts were for Tuna (for-tune) and were put on display for all to see and were known as the art-i-facts (artifacts).

Lemminkäinen Temple was created within a hill. The domed area at the top was used for ceremonies. Below this was an area 250 kilometres across. Within this area is a golden spiraled stairway, which leads to halls, housing the artifacts. Each hall represented the lifetime of a Lemminkäinen (Bock). In front of each hall stands a life-size golden statue representing the Bock at the age of twenty-seven. The Temple became the Mu-see-them (museum). The Museum is said to contain artifacts dating back to the beginning of human knowledge.

Lemminkäinen Temple was closed in 987 AD due to the future invading Christian armies. It was then that permission was given to the last remaining Bock to re-open the Temple 1,000 years later in 1987.


Proof of the Bock Sa-Ga is to be found in Lemminkäinen Temple and the Bock family treasure chambers. The entrance lies deep beneath the earth, 30 kilometres east of Helsinki (HEL) in Finland.

Prior to 1987, a group of people came together and formed a partnership known as the "Positive Foundation" and began excavations to reach the Temple. In the Foundation booklet they report that "we had information that the entrance was sealed with big stone blocks. Indeed we found three perfectly cut stone plates piled one on the other. The plates were about 5 meters long, 4 meters wide and 1.5 meters thick. After removal, at the bottom of the monolith we found two more stones of about 4 meters x 2, 5 meters x 1 meter. These stones fit the former entrance exactly. Behind these stones, we expected to find a big room, the so-called water lock. However, this room was filled with cement-like mass."

The excavation team had achieved a tunnel of over 40 meters deep, 6 meters wide and 3 meters high, descending in a gradient of about 15 degrees. According to information provided by Ior Bock, the hall should end in a room from which three corridors are accessed with the middle corridor leading to the upper dome of the Temple. The cost of further excavation exceeded the Foundation's budget. The Finnish Government and Board of Antiquities were unwilling to step forward with funding, help or support.

In 1991, the Foundation's last sponsor stopped supporting the project. Later that same year, a geophysical analysis of the location was conducted using a Sub-surface Radar System (S.I.R.). Twenty-five meters below the ground, at a coordinate designated by Ior Bock, the radar system picked up a dome shaped hollow space with a roof potentially made of metal. A picture of the ground condition at the excavation site indicated that there were only a few meters of excavation needed before a break through could be achieved. At this time, February 2002, this breakthrough has not yet been achieved.

The Golden Bocks

According to Ior Bock, there are other artifacts of the Heathen culture buried in various locations across Finland. Specifically, there are three Golden Bock statues. The Bock family is symbolized by a goat. In addition to the statues, there are three Crystal Balls and the Regalia of the last King of the Aser. According to Ior Bock two Golden Bocks and Crystal Balls are buried in Snappertuna, about 70 kilometers west of Helsinki. This land is now the property of the Church and is also a Nature Reserve.

The third Golden Bock along with the Regalia is buried in the courtyards of Kajaani Castle, about 600 kilometres north of Helsinki. Ior explains that Kajaani Castle served as an old breeding centre thousands of years ago. It is the oldest and most northern Royal castle known in the world today.

On October 12th 2000 the S.I.R. device was used in the courtyard at Kajaani Castle. Five meters below the ground, at the exact spot where Ior Bock had indicated, the radar system detected a large metal box fitting Ior's description and size.

Kajanni Castle is now the property of the Finnish State. The Finnish Government, the Museum of Antiquities and the Church have refused permission to excavate any one of these sites.

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In the last couple of years there have been a number of findings that support the Bock Sa-Ga and Väinämöinen Mythology. Archaeologists have recently found 40,000-year-old settlements north east of Finland in the White Sea region. Known as the "Pechora Project" and reported in the August issue of the British Nature Magazine.

In addition, there is the discovery of the Susihuola (wolf cave) outside the city of Kristinestadf located on the south west coast of Finland. By the summer of 2001 the Finnish board of antiquities (Museovirasto) has proved that communities lived there for at least 300,000 years.

The head of Museovirasto in Finland had made a prior public statement that no one lived in Finland prior to 10,050 years ago. However, the head of Museovirasto in Finland is now revealing evidence that people did, indeed, live in Finland long before any other known civilization on the planet.

Renowned archaeologist and researcher, Thor Heyerdahl, has been involved with excavations around the Black Sea. This city was known as AS-Hov. As (as in Aser) and Hov (as in Court), the Court of Aser. In Heyerdahl's new book, The Search for Oden, a number of references to the Aser and Vaner people are made. Heyerdahl's book is soon to be released in English.

In the past, many so-called scientific experts in Finland and other places denied that the Aser and Vaner people even existed. Nowadays, this knowledge is becoming more and more indisputable. These findings also place a considerable degree of doubt on the theories that Africa was the cradle of humanity.


We are now moving toward the later end of the twenty-year period since this information was first released in 1984. Much has been revealed, yet much is yet to be revealed. According to Ior Bock, the Rot/Van languages are the basis of all languages on our planet. Today the Finnish language is very complex. Each word can be used in one of at least 165,252 forms, cases or tenses. The English language is close to the original Rot sound system. However, the unique capacity of the Rot / Van languages to contain so much variety is in stark contrast to the English language which only use relatively few tenses such as past, present, future and possibility.

Further, each sound (letter) within the Rot/Van language has unique meaning and each word can be assimilated from front to back, back to front and from the middle out.

The Kela of Sound is made up of 29 sounds and combinations there of, the Alphabet, the Ring. There are 23 sounds in one Ring and 7 outside of the Ring. There are 10 clear vocals (vowels) with the remainder being combination sounds. The sound “i” (pronounced EE) is repeated twice so altogether 29 different sounds. Within the Alphabet,”i” represent the Bock. The stem of the “i” represents the penis of the Bock and the dot represents the sperm. The second “i” represents the Allfather and is also pronounced EE as in the I-Ching, pronounced EE-Ching.

Ta is to give (germinate the seed knowledge) and Rot is the sounds. Therefore, to Ta-Rot (Tarot) is to create the knowledge of sounds. The ancient learning system of Tarot appears to have changed and now only contains the 23 main sounds, which are represented in the Major Arcana of Tarot cards. The Major Arcana has 22 cards however the first card designated 0 (The Fool) is represented at the beginning and at the end, making 23 paths.

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In 1050 AD, a Papal Army surrounded Uudenmaa and slaughtered most of remaining Aser. All things associated with heathen times were either destroyed or removed. This was known as the Third Ragnarök, or the Third Destruction.

Two families escaped this slaughter; Bockström (Bock) and Raström (Ra). The extermination of the bloodlines was in fact the Crusades and search for the Holy Grail. The Holy Grail was the King and Queen's bloodlines and all Heathen people. The Crusades conducted by the ruling churches continued on for hundreds of years. Part of this extermination was the War of the Roses and the removal of the Roset family lines. In 1248 AD, an agreement was made between the Bock family and the Christian king of Sweden, Biger Jarl. The Bockström family was then allowed to return to Uudenmaa in exchange for their silence and absolute non-involvement in politics.

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