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The living Rainforest is our planet's highest concentration of life energy.

Wild Foods
--- cures for common diseases, preventative medicine, support for mental and spiritual well-being and building long-lasting health and vitality for the future.

"[Science has made] plants grow bigger and faster, but they can't keep up in the nutrient department," --- Donald R. Davis, PhD. - Head of Study - University of Texas at Austin in his statement about commercially grown foods.

"From man's earliest emergence as a thinking animal, he has turned to the Plant Kingdom for his foods, his medicines and most of his other necessities." --- Richard E. Schultes, Ph.D. - Director of Harvard Botanical Museum and Rainforest Explorer.


by Paula Peterson

The evidence is clear that wild foods grown on uncontaminated, virgin soils are the most nutrient dense and contain the most complete forms of health-building nourishment for body and mind.

NOTE: When the body and mind are nourished with high quality, nutrient-dense foods and herbs then common ailments - like depression, arthritis, heart-disease, diabetes, PMS, hormonal-imbalances, age spots, intestinal distress, emotional and mental disturbances along with a host of other diseases - are hugely improved and even completely eliminated. Why? Because the body has what it needs to do its natural job of repairing and regeneration.

Once the body is in balance and harmony, then emotional and spiritual peace, strength and inner contentment are far more easily reached and longer lasting.

The Wild Food Advantage

Nutrients we need for a healthy body and mind are seriously lacking in commercially grown crops which are mass cultivated on over-used and depleted soils.

Christian Drapeau, M.Sc. holds an advanced degree in Neurophysiology from the prestigious McGill University and has studied both the effects of commercially grown foods and the medicinal properties of wild foods since 1994. His findings - in collaboration with other universities - have been published in numerous scientific journals. He is a well loved lecturer on this topic.

Most people don't know ...
... that the foods we purchase in the produce department of our local grocery store (lettuce, tomatoes, squash, apples, carrots, etc) are hybrid varieties originally developed from wild species of plants, flowers and herbs that grew naturally in the forests, meadows, along river banks and grassland plains.

These wild foods eventually became commercially domesticated by way of modern technologies and forced to grow larger, faster and more uniform with the sole purpose of producing the results that would gain the most profit and meet the growing demands of increasing populations.

However, the down side of mass produced, hybridized crops is that the hybrids are not as nutrient dense, not as disease-resistant and not as rich in bio-energetic qualities as the original wild varieties. Add over-used and depleted soils to the equation and the quality of commercially produced fruits and vegetables drops even further.

Since the beginning of time, our bodies have preferred plant-based foods as their primary source of nourishment. This is only common-sense! However, most people truly do not realize that when they choose nutrient-poor, modern day foods - along with pharmaceutical medications and drugs - to satisfy their needs that they are seriously compromising their body's immune system and degrading their ability to achieve and sustain good health and clear mind well into their elder years.

Wild foods provide the all-important elements required for optimum health.

Of all the wild places on planet earth, the Rainforests contain all the nutrient-rich and uncontaminated plants and herbs that enable us to meet our requirement for concentrated whole foods that are easily absorbed by the body. The Amazon Rainforest has the greatest variety of these foods than any other location in the world.

Further below you will meet Dwight Bartlett of Portland, Oregon - a Pharmacist of nearly 40-years - and see what a medical professional has to say about modern day health and wild foods.

Its interesting that a conventionally trained medical pharmacist no longer relies on medications or drugs to cope with ailments - and instead goes around recommending wild foods and herbs! What does he know that the rest of us may benefit from?

He traveled to the Amazon Rainforest to see what the Amazon Herb and wild food project was all about (see the great photo below with Dwight and the local tribal medicine man).

Recently, Dwight (retired from 40 years as a Pharmacist [photo below] ) has brought these herbs and plants back into my life again and THIS   time I'm paying attention (I didn't before this because I was too busy. Whoa ... was that a major goof or what?)

To date, this group - which came to form an eco-friendly company (and award-winning, too) - has already helped save over 300,000 acres of Rainforest land, as well as assisting the Amazon tribal peoples in giving them a bright future.

Once at the website, look around at all the info so you can get a really good idea of what this eco-friendly company is about including its humanitarian and visionary philosophies.

You may particularly enjoy the story about "Amazon John" and how he built a 27 year relationship with the tribal peoples. He eventually developed a system of harvesting and producing supplements in which the tribal peoples get paid well for their efforts which allows them to sustain their culture and protect the rainforest.

After you've examined the educational material and background of these efforts, you may find yourself impressed with the high quality, integrity and generosity - and that all items come with a money back guarantee - no questions asked - for up to a full year after purchase That's how good these foods are. They will meet and exceed your highest expectations. Its guaranteed!

Below is Dwight's important, professional viewpoint. If you decide to become involved or to simply try one or two items, you will receive an e-mail from Dwight with some helpful recommendations.

A Message from Dwight Bartlett - Pharmacist for nearly 40 years (ret.)

Welcome! I'm pictured here in 1999 with a true 'medicine man' from one of about 14 Amazon Basin tribes who are Indigenous Partners with us. The culture of these tribes is sustained by the support coming from Amazon Herb products: they wild-harvest "bio-energetic" plants which are then sent to this side of the globe for use in optimizing our health.

After having been on the "front line" of public health for almost 40 years as a Pharmacist (now retired), I state with complete confidence that this line of herbal nutrition is above and beyond anything else I have ever researched.

At the heart of Amazon Herb Co. products are God-Given herbs and plants from Mother Nature's most vibrant "laboratory" - the Amazon Rainforest herbs and wild foods - which are never touched by chemicals, nor manipulated or fractionated; they are sustainably harvested and undergo an ancient "plant alchemical" preparation procedure (spagyric processing) that preserves the total essence of the plant. Thus, these vibrant and nutrient-dense products are then delivered to your door.

As environmental awareness continues to grow globally and as increasing efforts are put forth to protect the Rainforest (the "Lungs of the Planet") - as well as preserve the cultures of indigenous peoples - you may be drawn to participate in one of two ways:

First - like many of my clients - you may take these uniquely effective herbs on a daily basis, knowing that your purchases contribute both directly and indirectly to the preservation of the Amazon Rainforest.

Second - you may choose to join me as an Eco-Enterpreneur. The "Ecology Business" developer takes this message to others which results in: [1] overall positive health experiences; [2] the protection of even more Amazon Basin acreage and its inhabitants; and [3] an additional stream of [residual] income for yourself, so that you too may decide to "give-back."

Having investigated many companies and product lines, I am confident that you, too, will discover the sincerity, integrity and generosity of Amazon Herb Company and its founder - my dear friend - "Amazon John" Easterling. I urge you to click on and read through the website, which reveals the company's global mission. Hopefully you will realize the richness within this involvement: its humanitarian aspect; its environmental aspect (making the Rainforest more valuable alive than dead); its physical health aspect; its financial health aspect.....all in an attractive package that offers you the generosity of 1) no first-order fees 2) free educational material included with initial order 3) bonus coupons available with each order 4) and a liberal and sincere money-back guarantee for up to one year after purchase.

Which products to try first? A good place to start is the "Rainforest Health Pak" which provides a comprehensive basic program and comes with free products (among the options within the "Health Pak" I suggest Mint-Fiberzon powder, Treasure Tea, & capsules for your initial order).

Before your order arrives, expect an email from me, with dosage suggestions. As the retired pharmacist who has nearly seven years experience with Amazon Herb Company and its products, I have seen vast improvements in chronic health conditions as well as many other health benefits as a direct result of these products which are so readily accepted as 'natural' by our bodies.

As your preventative medicine "health insurance", let these "beyond-organic" wild foods - grown in virgin soils from earth's most important Rainforest - serve you well.

Wishing you the best of health ... Dwight Bartlett

NEWS!     Dec 1, 2012 Amazon Herb Company has officially merged with TriVita - owned by Olivia Newton John and John Easterling. Two great companies.

Find them here:    www.TriVita.com

Have a great day!

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